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  1. No, they were banned for the Hitler reference.
  2. The following have failed to meet citizenship requirements as of September 2, and thus their Hall of Nations masking (if any) needs to be revoked. This is a long list but future purges will almost certainly be shorter. <.<
  3. Accepted! I'll get in touch with you shortly to get you oriented.
  4. I personally felt it placed too proscriptive and possibly excessive regulations on the products. Also, we're demanding that nations make detailed, graphic anti-smoking campaigns, while at the same time only encouraging prohibtion of sale to minors.
  5. What do you mean in saying that it deals too much in IRL issues?
  6. Accepted! DM me on Discord next time you're on and I'll help you get started.
  7. Please remove Hall of Nations masking from the following users: Aweland IlLupoBlanco Zevsterland kam The Stormtrooper Corps KrazedHeroX toast Schatten East Islamistan VanguardFed BlackAdder Tunapocalypse Deutschess Kaiserreich Milegiay ozymandias Jyzeria Loregia Timber Storm Bellaterrum She Now Flare tristanhr BoxcarJim
  8. This is the app thread for our own ambassador corps. We don't have a formal application for ambassadors from elsewhere.
  9. Not to mention that the other thread is citizens-only.
  10. I've always enjoyed the laid-back theme (or lack of such) in TWP as well, and I respect the opinion of those who wish to uphold it. But having the theme change generates some excitement, and having a set theme in general incites interest in newcomers. I'm thinking back to when TWPAF unveiled the new pirate theme. Before Altino took over, we lacked a clear theme there; closest thing we had was the omnipresent anime and pinkness. When the pirate theme was unveiled, even our existing members renewed their interest and got more involved. Alti complimented this with effective recruitment drives, and TWPAF was in better shape than it had been in a while, with new stars rising through the ranks. By embracing a new theme, any theme, we would have a clearer direction and a way to engage newcomers. Have to remember that most new NS players come from my generation, and we're famously bad at staying interested for long. We need to give them a reason to be interested. </rambling>
  11. My biggest thing with this is that it is purely an RP proposal, and I don't know what to do with that. I voted against, mainly because I didn't see anything badgeworthy here, but the detail and effort that must have gone into the proposal (not to mention the years of RP and worldbuild that seem to have led to this) impress me.
  12. Good morning, TWP! I'm Overthinkers, Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry, and I'm here to talk about what opportunities we have for willing citizens to get involved! As a feeder, we get hundreds of new nations every day. So convincing people to join the region is not a high priority. However, very few of these people will become active, involved citizens. It is the Ministry of R&C's job to change that. Our mission is to show people just how much they're missing out by leaving or not getting involved, and once they show some interest, we seek to make sure they get any support they need to stay involved. The duties and personnel of R&C will be divided into three categories, as follows: Instigators Instigators will keep an eye on the RMB for new nations. When newcomers say "hello", introduce themselves, ask questions, etc., an Instigator should be ready with an appropriate response. They will also telegram these new nations, welcoming them to TWP personally, establishing a relationship, and encouraging them to become citizens. To prevent overwhelming people or having multiple R&C employees recruiting the same person, I will be coordinating to some extent offsite. Integrators When a new resident fills out the form to become a new citizen, they have the option to show their interest in one of TWP's various Ministries or services. Integrators will take this information and will message them through the forum with the info they need to join the services in which they have shown interest—whether it be giving the links to an application form or simply directing them to the appropriate Minister. Integrators have perhaps the most tedious job, but the more people we have doing it, the less work it is for all of us. Innovators Innovators have the most abstract job in R&C. A job for people who are unable to spend a lot of time in game or on the forums, or even for people who are, the Innovators are responsible for inventing and executing new ideas to get people involved. They will keep in touch with the Minister to discuss any ideas they may have, and will also provide feedback on any ideas the Minister, another R&C employee, or any other citizen may have. Innovators' work is not as concrete as the others, but if one joins the Innovators just to join R&C and doesn't contribute, I shall be very put out. To join R&C, simply reply in his thread with the following information: Nation name: Discord username: [username#0000] Interested in: [Instigators, Integrators, Innovators, or some combination thereof] Typically available: [e.g. "weekday evenings" or something similar] Thank you for taking the time to read my text wall and for your interest in R&C. o/
  13. Since I am still masked as Guardian, I request that this masking be removed.
  14. The Stormtrooper Corps is not on the current citizenship roster and will have to fully re-apply.
  15. The following have not met citizenship requirements and need to be removed from the Hall of Nations group. (Some of them may already lack HoN masking, just were never removed from the official citizenship rolls.) Aynia Confederados do Brasil ghostmw3123 Glenden Imkihca Lynxi Rakasyakti Serrus The Confederacy of Senstristria The Lord High Inquisitor Atlae Jevei
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