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  1. You will need to reapply for citizenship, as you failed to notify us in a timely manner and were removed for your citizen nation not being in TWP.
  2. Accepted! Since you have Discord, it's probably easiest for me to orient you there. Join the TWP server here and DM me at WeirdoXVII#8247.
  3. I imagine he'll make it into a rocking chair, or maybe add some upholstery...
  4. As Bran has already mastered the art of bullying me into doing stuff, he is definitely qualified to be the next delegate. Self-deprecating snark aside, congrats Bran!
  5. The following have failed to maintain citizenship requirements, and should have their Hall of Nations masking removed:
  6. No, they were banned for the Hitler reference.
  7. The following have failed to meet citizenship requirements as of September 2, and thus their Hall of Nations masking (if any) needs to be revoked. This is a long list but future purges will almost certainly be shorter. <.<
  8. Accepted! I'll get in touch with you shortly to get you oriented.
  9. I personally felt it placed too proscriptive and possibly excessive regulations on the products. Also, we're demanding that nations make detailed, graphic anti-smoking campaigns, while at the same time only encouraging prohibtion of sale to minors.
  10. What do you mean in saying that it deals too much in IRL issues?
  11. Accepted! DM me on Discord next time you're on and I'll help you get started.
  12. Please remove Hall of Nations masking from the following users: Aweland IlLupoBlanco Zevsterland kam The Stormtrooper Corps KrazedHeroX toast Schatten East Islamistan VanguardFed BlackAdder Tunapocalypse Deutschess Kaiserreich Milegiay ozymandias Jyzeria Loregia Timber Storm Bellaterrum She Now Flare tristanhr BoxcarJim
  13. This is the app thread for our own ambassador corps. We don't have a formal application for ambassadors from elsewhere.
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