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  1. [PASSED] Protection of Biomedical Research

    I echo the above sentiments--against.
  2. [WANTED] New Nation Greeting Squad

    If the next school semester treats me well, I'll sign up soon.
  3. [DRAFT] Condemn Queen Yuno

    "WA locked" means that, for whatever reason (e.g. being the elected Delegate), a player must keep their WA membership restricted to a specific nation. Thus, they cannot use WA puppets, which are necessary for raiding.
  4. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Completed votes are already moved to the Sacred Archives subforum once completed, though I've been admittedly late in moving the last couple.
  5. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Non-citizens can vote on polls (at least) in the Voting section of the Hall of Nations board. Is there a way to correct this?
  6. Goodbye, NS (hopefully temporary)

    I completely understand. And it's better to acknowledge how NS is interfering with RL now than a few months or years down the road. Good luck with school and such, and I expect you to raid with me once you get back. >.>
  7. [PASSED] Restrictions on Hydraulic Fracturing

    Coming from a state where fracking is prominent, I've never been quite convinced of any negative effects other than intensifying seismic activity. But that may just be because I haven't researched it much at all.
  8. [PASSED] Commend The Macabees

    I think the proposal is well-written enough to get my vote.
  9. [PASSED] Restrictions on Hydraulic Fracturing

    I'm not sure I'm ready to vote for anything United Massachusetts proposes...
  10. [PASSED] Ban on Ritual Sacrifice

    I probably have about 10 nations that would object to this proposal, but none of them will ever be in the WA. For.
  11. [PASSED] Commend Candlewhisper Archive

    Candlewhisper stormed in here and immediately felt the need to question TWP tradition. Also, I find the proposal itself to be somewhat lacking. Stomp.
  12. [DEFEATED] Convention on Domestic Partnerships

    Also a valid point.
  13. Here's A Challenge!

    I will see to it that we reach 7,999--no more, no less--by Christmas.
  14. [DEFEATED] Convention on Domestic Partnerships

    Solid proposal and has the support of whatever nation I have in the WA at the time.