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  1. Overthinkers

    The Confederacy of Sentristria

    Welcome back.
  2. Overthinkers


    Welcome to NationStates! If you want to know how to get involved, talk to Saint Mark or any other Guardian.
  3. Overthinkers

    Greeting myself

    Welcome to TWP! Liking politics is not a requirement in NS, just a bonus.
  4. Overthinkers

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Could my Speaker masking be removed and replaced with Guardian? Thank you.
  5. Overthinkers

    Hello there!

    Not anymore. All your chocolate belongs to Darkesia.
  6. Overthinkers

    Forgot to introduce myself

    Nice to meet you. Have you looked into our roleplay?
  7. Overthinkers

    [DEFEATED] Condemn Democratic Empire of Romania

    The target of this resolution has been very adamant in various NS servers that this resolution is full of lies.
  8. Overthinkers

    Greetings From Tal Wel Gha

    Welcome to TWP!
  9. Overthinkers

    [PASSED] Convention on Foreign Political Corruption

    I have to actually make an IC voting decision on a GA resolution? What is this nonsense?
  10. Overthinkers

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I'd like to request that Benjabobaria and Laururana be masked as TWPAF officers, if they aren't already. Thank you.
  11. Overthinkers

    [DEFEATED] Condemn Union of Confederate Regions

    Last I checked New Ex Patria was at least a close ally of UCR, if not a citizen. So this is just a publicity stunt. If even it's not, they're not relevant enough to condemn. (:
  12. Overthinkers

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    It's been fixed; thank you!
  13. Overthinkers

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I seem to be unable to access the Officers Lounge section of the Military Affairs board. If someone could correct this, it would be appreciated. xD
  14. Overthinkers

    Greetings from beyond

    Greetings. I am OT, a nerd from down the street. We hope you enjoy your travels in this realm.
  15. You can create issues once your nation reaches 50 million citizens, yes. As with proposals, it's best to draft them on the NS forums before submitting them.