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  1. You've been amazing. Good luck with RL!
  2. We work with Hellenic frequently R/D-wise, so even if this looks quiet, they're friends of TWPAF. ♡ (Join TWPAF guysss )
  3. Arabia Terra, Atlae, Frourraw Gregund, and Dream Killers need military masking! Thanks!
  4. As an addition to the above: Please mask Dream Killers as TWPAF. And yes, remove Prole Confederation's Military masking too.
  5. Hi ^.^ thanks for past masking but I have more new recruits incoming: Please mask Grand Atriach, CrimzonShardz, Jason Wiggin, Greyview, Rigel, Maria Isaraider, Nordic Arbor, and greyghost as Military! ----- Harder and much lower priority:, Quietdad, Aelitia, Karenus, Greyghost, Atlae and Stratarin should get access to Foreign Military barracks. (Yes, the one that's never used. XD)
  6. Colonge, Ghurka, Nordic Arbor, Satya Romefeller, Nyx Romefeller-Lancaster, Benjabobaria, United States of Vietnam, Kade W. Vasentius, Drall, and Moro need Military Masking Give Fujai access too! Forgive the pink, and thanks ^-^
  7. Missed you, pinkins.

  8. you've been missing 


  10. How's Media going? :v

  11. Thanks. Please mask the following as military: New Kerbals, Genovican Kaiser, Knowbody


    1. Willania Imperium

      Willania Imperium

      Especially if you're eating its liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. *puts on face mask*

    2. Big Bad Badger

      Big Bad Badger

      Lambeo oh Lambeo, where for art thou Lambeo?

    3. Bhang Bhang Duc

      Bhang Bhang Duc

      Especially with mint sauce.

  13. Thank you Westwind ♡ Einvolkistan, Karenus, and Zero The Hero need military masking
  14. Please also remove Sarah and Attero from TWP Military ( Attero went to the pacific and then did some dumb stuff like claim he was the only TBR member remaining. He also about never did anything in our military.)
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