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  1. You've been amazing. Good luck with RL!
  2. We work with Hellenic frequently R/D-wise, so even if this looks quiet, they're friends of TWPAF. ♡ (Join TWPAF guysss )
  3. Arabia Terra, Atlae, Frourraw Gregund, and Dream Killers need military masking! Thanks!
  4. As an addition to the above: Please mask Dream Killers as TWPAF. And yes, remove Prole Confederation's Military masking too.
  5. Hi ^.^ thanks for past masking but I have more new recruits incoming: Please mask Grand Atriach, CrimzonShardz, Jason Wiggin, Greyview, Rigel, Maria Isaraider, Nordic Arbor, and greyghost as Military! ----- Harder and much lower priority:, Quietdad, Aelitia, Karenus, Greyghost, Atlae and Stratarin should get access to Foreign Military barracks. (Yes, the one that's never used. XD)
  6. Colonge, Ghurka, Nordic Arbor, Satya Romefeller, Nyx Romefeller-Lancaster, Benjabobaria, United States of Vietnam, Kade W. Vasentius, Drall, and Moro need Military Masking Give Fujai access too! Forgive the pink, and thanks ^-^
  7. you've been missing 


  9. How's Media going? :v

  10. Thanks. Please mask the following as military: New Kerbals, Genovican Kaiser, Knowbody


    1. Willania Imperium

      Willania Imperium

      Especially if you're eating its liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. *puts on face mask*

    2. Big Bad Badger

      Big Bad Badger

      Lambeo oh Lambeo, where for art thou Lambeo?

    3. Bhang Bhang Duc

      Bhang Bhang Duc

      Especially with mint sauce.

  12. Thank you Westwind ♡ Einvolkistan, Karenus, and Zero The Hero need military masking
  13. Please also remove Sarah and Attero from TWP Military ( Attero went to the pacific and then did some dumb stuff like claim he was the only TBR member remaining. He also about never did anything in our military.)
  14. Medio is glamorous  v(⌒o⌒)v♪ !


    1. Mediobogdum


      *brushes hair with renewed interest*

    2. Yuno



      war politics are getting interesting....or intense at least 


  15. Yea I later figured that out! Direct contact is the fastest. please mask laururana and DiEtSoDaMAchINe as TWPAF thanks!
  16. Casedia Serrus ArchDukeJohn ^mask those as military thanks
  17. I have conflicted feelings on our Foreign Military forum subsection of the TWPAF. It has no posts, and I don't see myself using it much. But part of me doesn't want to get rid of it, just in case The Pacific, Equilism, or Balder shows up with a mission request for assistance. Or another ally needs help. Like, damn. *rubs temples* (Ofc they can also TG or msg me and/or Badger directly.) We can either keep the Foreign Military HQ and create a new High Command forum section, or rename the Foreign Military HQ to High Command. Reasoning: Our current Officers Lounge, holds a bunch of stuff I want to keep private. Y'know, just between the Guardians+Delegate(+me.) Not something I'd trust falling into "new officers" hands. Like, you can entrust it to Generals but not Lieutenants =P (lol @me thinking things through) Thankchu! And......Happy New Year admins :3
  18. Eptakoria, Sarah, A3TH3R, The House of Cards, Gbendicion, Attero, and ultragamer102 Please mask the above as Military Thanks so much
  20. Please mask The Unknown Army and WirelessPillow as TWP military Thanks
  21. NationStates Nation Name: yuno owl Discord User Name (if available): yuno#7313 Skype User Name (if available): Your Local Timezone: EST Regions You Have Active Nations In: TRR currently, Osiris too Any Diplomatic Experience: I can follow instructions.
  22. High priority: TWPAF Military mask: Killjoy, Thorn1000, and Califorpan, and Roquentin Foreign Military mask: The House of Cards Low Priority: I'd like to find a way to duplicate the mission reports posts I've been making.. If there's a way that I don't have to re-upload all the pics, that'd be great. In other words, I want to "show off" that we do in fact do missions! To allies. But, I don't want anything secure getting leaked out. There might also be times I do not want to show a mission to allies, and would post it exclusively in TWPAF-only Barracks. This is a discretion thing. But my last few mission reports? hell yh I'd show them xD If it's possible for you to duplicate them, that would save me energy XD I'm willing to take this, though. Though I want to show one of my recent mission reports to this Foreign Military friend, but this idea is decent. The reason I requested "Military Ambassador" was so that I can give them this title, so that people don't get offended if I deny them "Foreign Military" (it's a cosmetic title xD) however, this is just me being paranoid so it's not necessary. ----------- I wanted a third subforum (besides the 2 you listed) so that I can post like 10 guides, without appearing to be spamming up the main forum: http://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/forum/49-the-west-pacific-military-affairs/ Trying to keep the front part clean/short simple-- without looking cluttered. At first I thought the Military Affairs Public Archives would do the trick, but they're archives XD hope it's not too much, you can simply make 2 for now if it helps :3 --------------------- ty westwind!
  23. Oh! That's smart. Keep Brightonburg =) I didn't know about that. Allies of TWP are always good people. High priority: Mask http://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/profile/1186-kawaii/ http://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/profile/1195-prole-confederationvadia/ There's also a recent forum member named "Bedebao" (a newbie who saw our Femdom raid and was impressed. He did not make a forum post yet, but I will make him post one for records afterwards) ---------- Low priority (Take your time): Can you create a separate masking called Foreign Military? And another one called Military Ambassador. "Foreign Military" should be able to access our TWP Armed Forces HQ and Barracks . (I will use this permissions extremely sparingly, at my discretion. It might even be a "temporarily" permissions masking. ) Military Ambassador should only be able to access what's already public. <<This is optional since it's just a name. Generally, we need to have a subforum that allows both TWPAF Military and Foreign Military access. For coordination purposes. (Low priority) And a forum that only TWPAF can access. (The TWPAF Officers forum should stay the same. I may ask for soldiers to get masked for access in the future, but not now. ) ------- Thank you
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