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The New West | A Fauthurian Newspaper

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Welcome to the New West! This is the only, and most trustworthy source of news in Fauthur!

With only the most interesting Articles, weekly editions (If not short staffed), and a cheap price! (5 PT) 

Fine print. State Controlled Media

Reporting to you:

Regional and Jurisdictional Happenings

Weather Forecasts


Job posts

And Much More await!

(Also comes with special crossword puzzle)


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The New West. Edition 1 

20th of August 1422

Price (Discounted: 3,50 PT)



Mass Traffic Jams in the North

With the creation of the last few state roads, the ongoing traffic problems still aren't resolving. We asked the Minister of Transport on his opinion about this. "As long as people still get to their destination, we don't have to worry about traffic jams. We already poured another 5 billion into building these state roads! What the people need is more Law Enforcement and Defense Fonds!"

As for the Minister believes in it being enough, we here at The New West do too. Eventually it will resolve with time. For example, in the evening, the traffic is dying down due to people returning home. Also, we could incentivise more people riding with bikes! Helps the nature, and our earth.



Man killed after walking down the street and looking at a police officer 


Yesterday afternoon on the 19th of August 1422, a man walked down the Nelgard-Esch street, wielding something that looked like an unbenownst weapon. The man then proceeded to look at the police officer where the police officer described his almost stare as "Full of hatred and contempt".

The man then proceeded to walk towards the officer, seemingly wanting to ask a question. The Police Officer then pulled his gun and shot the suspect 3 times in the head and 4 times into the chest and legs. The "Weapon" later revealed as a pen, wasn't a weapon after all. The Police Department reviewed body cam footage and found the Police Officer at threat.




Due to an incident at mutliple weather stations due to storms, we aren't able to provide the weather in this edition. Be wary of thunderstorms and always take your travel permit with you!





Writer: Jaremat-Haihthed Korant

Approved by Minister of Inner Politics:

Gerot Harth

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The New West. Edition 2

28th of August 1422

Price: 5PT



Government passes new law

24th of August 1422. Ministers and advisors gathered in the "Great Hall" of the Leadership building in West Fauthur to discuss a pressing issue and possibly discuss enacting a new law because of it. Which happened. Many ministers brought forth the issue of the ever increasing number of traffic jams and congestions on the roads of Fauthur. Due to this dilemma, many goods aren't reaching companies on time, emergency services have to take alternate routes that take 20 minutes longer to drive, effectively rendering help void, and many more issues present. After a heated talk with the Leader upon solving or atleast trying to improve upon this situation, the Leader decided, along with the ministers, that 1: The Highways and roads of Fauthur, especially in the east and on the checkpoints should be expanded and some more roads be built and finished in approximately 3 years, and 2: A new law is enacted urging citizens to take public transport, if the commute they are willing to take is longer than 150 kilometers.


Agriculture more productive than ever

Studies have shown, that in the last few years the level of agriculture has been improving. There has been a lot more crop yields and a heavy increase in availability of dairy and meat products. This could be due to an increasing amount of farmers and better regulations on how to do certain things. Also, since the incentive on agriculture last year that discounted 20% on a farmers first 10 assets, be it a vehicle, a field or whatever, there has been a lot more activity in and around agriculture.


Employee shortage at IT businesses

Dire situations in the east this week. An increasing number of people quit their jobs at multiple IT companies because of a lack of payment or overall bad work environments. To counter this issue, those IT companies, with a little stern talking from the government, have voluntarily decided to more strictly control the work environment and are making sure that payment is delivered on the day it should be. There has also been a pay rise of 5% on the IT front for several jobs so far. So, if you're interested and have the qualifications, why not take a job!


District West Fauthur: 3 die in car accident

On the morning of the 25th of August at around 4 am, on the Belhave intersection in the city of West Fauthur, there has been a heavy accident. A couple of cars commuting to their early morning jobs stopped at a red light on Belhave intersection just to hear the ever closening horn of a truck. Said truck then struck 3 vehicles at approximately 90 km/h, rendering all 3 cars with total damage and 3 people dead. Bpth drivers of the last, and second to last vehicle were killed as they were the first to encounter the truck. the first car to be struck also happened to have a second passenger, a child of the driver who was pronounced  deceased at the hospital later.

The truck driver has been sentenced to death on 3 counts of premeditated murder and a hefty sum will be given out to the affected families as a sign of hospitality.



(Disclaimer: Weather is listed in weekly intervals and can not be listed on every single day because the newspaper would be too long and it wouldn't pass inspection. Also see National weather forecast on the news everyday 12 at noon for more advanced weather forecasting.)


Warning for West and North Fauthur. Due to heavy thunderstorms and rain on the 31st, suspect a delay or cancellation of train drives due to flooded tracks.

West Fauthur

Be ready for thunderstorms on the 29th and the 31st. Otherwise sunny and warm weather this week!

29th of August-4th of September:

- Up to 28° C in West Fauthur and Jurisdiction Cass

- In the night as low as 14° C in the West

- 16-27°C on the Island of Velz


North Fauthur
Mostly calm in the North (Jurisdiction Berklozt, Brae and Hoita) with a couple of strong winds hitting Saugh and the Jurisdiction Brae on the 3rd of September. Otherwise, the weather is going to range all the way from 9°C in the nights, up to 25°C in the afternoon times. Also be sure to take an umbrella with you on the 31st because a thunderstorm from West Fauthur is rolling over the country from east to north west. Jurisdiction Hoita and city Nom included.

East Fauthur

For East Fauthur (Jurisdiction Ghask and Torght) it is going to be a calm week with no rain or storms and mostly a wind calm weather throughout the week. The weather is going to range from 13°C in the nights up to 25°C in the afternoon times. Have a safe commute!

Warning: Possible Field Fires on the northern parts of Jurisdction Torght and Gelcc on the 2nd of September due to dry weather and high temperatures accumulating.


South Fauthur

In South Fauthur (Jurisdiction gelcc and gar, and islands Mila and Sur) expect mostly the same weather as in the east with a couple of rainy days on the 30th of August and the 3rd of September. Tmperatures range from 13°C in the night, 8°C on Mila and sur, and up to 25°C with exceptions on the lower parts of Gelcc , Mila and Sur, where the highest temperatures will reach 34°C.



Writer: Helo-Frait Nokernt

Approved by Minister of inner Politics:

Gerot Harth

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The New West. Edition 3

4th of September of 1422

Price: 5PT



Analytics after Traffic Jam "Resolution" by the Leader

On the 24th of August 1422, the Traffic jam bill was passed in government to help improve upon the traffic jams in Fauthur. We have analysed the data from the first week of the bill passing. The results: 

- A considerate amount of people started using public transport services. The Government monitored a 20% increase in the use of busses, trains, subways and more

- Even without the need to, many people in Fauthur are willing to take their bike instead of cars

- There has been less emissions overall in the country


But even after all of these improvements and practically no public outcry regarding the bill yet, a new problem has fallen into the eye of the government: Railways and trains. With the increasing number of commuters taking public transport, the Fauthurian Railway Cooperation has shown, that the country is in dire need to expand upon the transport capacity of trains and a modernisation of railways. 


Crime rates in Fauthur hitting all time high

Since the past 5 years, Fauthur has seen a hefty rise in crime. The exact amount is a rise of 30%. This makes Fauthur have a medium of ~1,000,000 crimes per year. Reason for this could be the increasing population, tourists, overall need of workers around the country and non proper raising of children. 

Currently Fauthur is also experiencing a recession in people able to perform jobs. For example: People that are unable to work due to old age and fewer and fewer adults that can take jobs. This problem although should resolve itself within a couple of years as Fauthur is simultaneously experiencing a sort of baby boom one could say. Overall people from ages 3-14 are double as much as people from the ages of 20-48.


Underfunded and unequipped fire departments in south Fauthur

As the last week's weather report told us, there was a significant chance of fires happening on many fields in the south Fauthurian regions. In fact, last week reported around 30 field fires from around the region and also 13 from south-east reagions. Police also suspect that a few of these fires were deliberately started and are investigating. This showed that the response time of firefighters to the scenes were many times insufficient to arrive in time and cut off the fires. As a result, entire fields burned down. Oftentimes, the fire departments didn't bring enough water to the scenes, rendering them unable to fight the fire that was blazing on through the fields. Leader now calls for an improvement on the situation and is diverting funds (Although we don't know how many) to fire departments all across the country. also incentivised to build more fire departments to counter long response times and overwhelming amounts of fires at once. 

Special announcement from the head of "Air Fauthur"



Ethra krospe (Head of Air Fauthur): "Due to an increasing amount of populace using public transport and an increasing demand in flights to neighbouring countries aswell as national flights, we at Air Fauthur have decided to lower the price of flights national, aswell as international. We are also forgoing a reviwe process of our so called "Flightcards". These cards will be introduced to the populace as a nice way to track your flights. Tracking your flights gives you the nukber of flights you have been on with Air Fauthur already, and it helps you also track your current position int the air! This is to further improve safety of flights, aswell as a better chance of rescue incase of accidents. Additional to that, the Flightcard can also be used to get discounts on flights, discounts on different classes and maybe even a couple of free flights at Air Fauthur. To get such a card, simply ask the attending personal at the check out of your next flight, and we'll give you your own Flightcard. To use the Flightcard simply hand it over to the personal at the checkout and they will enter the data of the flight you've just arrived from. You can see the details and track your flight scanning the QR-Code at the back of your card. Don't forget to let the personal at the check-in scan your card to make tracking available for the flight! Have fun with the Flightcard. It should be available on from the 12th of September on all Air Fauthur Flights!"




Weather Forecasts are sadly not available for the next few weeks due to an update of software

(Disclaimer: Weather is listed in weekly intervals and can not be listed on every single day because the newspaper would be too long and it wouldn't pass inspection. Also see National weather forecast on the news everyday 12 at noon for more advanced weather forecasting.)



Writer: Helo-Frait Nokernt

Approved by Minister of inner Politics:

Gerot Harth





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Dear Readers of The New West


It has come to our attention, that many of our readers aren't satisfied with our coverage. Also, in the last few weeks there have only been analogue, and not online versions of The New West. Reason for this is an insufficient amount of people currently working at our headquarters to bring you the online experience. This however should change as we ar currently training new hires and our newspaper should be up and running by sunday again (Many real life issues and stuff to do too. Should be all resolved by sunday)). Now, regarding the coverage problem, we are severely limited in our work by the government, as state controlled media regulations do not allow longer issues. We are sincerely sorry about this, but we will keep at it with our best and take oly the most interesting headlines into account, if possible. Many thanks for reading and purchasing our newspaper, it eans much to us. 



Johann-Loki Renthein

Manager for the online newspaper section of The New West

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