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Random Poll #11


It was a Dark and Stormy Night...  

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  1. 1. Which precipitation do you prefer?

    • Rain
    • Snow

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Hmmm....I better get busy. I'd planned on 12 polls for the year.

When it comes to a 'Dark and Stormy Night', what kind of precipitation do you prefer Rain or Snow.  (Yes, yes, I know, there could also be sleet, or graupel, or hail, or dust, or.......anyway, Westwind's Random Polls of 2020 are only allowed two choices.

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Kids 'round this part of the country won't shovel snow, won't mow lawns. They refuse then complain they have no money. *rollseyes*

My basement was flooded by the snow when I lived in Wichita. Then flooded again when the pipes broke from freezing.  The house was also burgled there after a snowstorm - they left footprints in the snow, the cops refused to investigate.  (Yes, Wichita sucks. They also closed the parks with a permanent 7pm curfew and banned outdoor concerts. You could only buy 3.2% beer, and had to be a 'member' to go to a bar. The radio stations were all Country music except for one with Classical music.) 

Westwind has a difficult time choosing. After a decade in the land of nine months straight of rain, and two decades of nine months straight of snow......ugh. Might be time I moved to the desert.

BUT.....if it's a 'Dark and Stormy Night', wouldn't the snow brighten things up so it wouldn't be dark?

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