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The East Pacific

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A message from the delegate of The East Pacific:

The "Summer Lull" hit TEP especially hard this year. After several months of scraping by on what minimal activity could be found within the East and within its government, the region saw a reemergence of interest in its functions this Fall, mainly from relatively new nations. Shortly after this renewed interest in the region appeared, a puppet nation named "Mintarkilia" made a feeble but opportunistically timed attempt to damage faith in the East Pacific's democratic government. The nation sent telegrams to many WA nations within TEP seeking the unendorsement of the elected Delegate and of the government's Viziers (members of what is essentially The East Pacific's Security Council). Stupidly, this puppet also sent one of these telegrams to me, and I was thus able to react to this assault promptly and extremely effectively.

We suspect this attempt on our stability and security was made by a long-term enemy of the East, though the true identity of this puppet's main nation was never revealed. The pathetic attempt on our unity and productivity was met with a brutal counterattack written by myself (Topdop), which ultimately won my nation more endorsements than it had before the enemy's unendorsement campaign began and which inspired even more local interest in the East's democratic regional organization. Ultimately, the assailant's attempts to destabilize TEP and/or smother its potential to recover from the Summer Lull completely backfired. Local East Pacificans continue to express an interest in joining the government and activity and participation both grow slowly but steadily.

Things have certainly improved since I wrote my last state of the region address in July, when the Summer Lull was at its most horrendously boring and disillusioning low point. The activity level isn't back where it should be, but it's on the rise - and I don't plan to let this opportunity to revive this region and its community slip through my fingers. We've got a great system here and newcomers are noticing this potential - I will do everything I can to keep them in the loop and encourage their involvement in the government and in the culture of this region.

First-off, I think it's very important that TEP-bound WA members join the regional government and, specifically, the Magisterium. Local legislators are important for the natural and healthy development of GCR government and community. I'd also like to see a revived interest in the World Assembly; we participate in it, after all. We should observe and debate its processes. We've got entire forums dedicated to this. Plus it makes my job as World Assembly delegate a bit more meaningful, seeing as I cast my vote based on the votes of approximately 200 loyal TEP-bound nations that give me their endorsements and I like to think that I'm representing an informed and deliberate majority.

For those of you who enjoy roleplaying, such as Rightport and The Oan Isles, you will probably be interested primarily in investigating The General Assembly. This body writes and passes legislation which actually affects your nation in-game.

For those who are interested in gameplay and player-to-player interaction (often on an interregional scale), The Security Council will be more interesting to you. It does often address roleplaying, though, so don't tune it out entirely if you're strictly a roleplayer.

It's possible to write too much and I do it sometimes, so I'm going to cut myself short here. I'd like to thank the number of local nations/players that have shown an interest in the regional government lately (and especially those which acted on that interest and which have joined this government), and I'm glad that The East Pacific is experiencing a steady albeit slightly slow revival.

Hail the Sovereign East!

TOPDOP, Delegate of The East Pacific


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The East Pacific Newspaper
Volume Four, Issue One

Hey, group!

From the Desk of The Delegate, Chairman Todd

Cascading like a stone across a glacier with bits of molasses speckled in between

Brighter days are ahead for The East Pacific. What once was a region heading toward a slow decline has begun to pick up speed and move forward once again, reaching for the stars it was destined to obtain all those years ago when we rose like a phoenix from the ashes, reborn and free, rightfully taking our place as a leading community. The people have spoken: we want our region to thrive.

But it's not a pipe-dream type of a cry. We've accomplished much at the tail-end of A Mean Old Man's delegacy, reaching from our region and bringing new people into the forums. These new people are now leaders in our government. New mixed seamlessly with the old, creating a creole of old values with new and vibrant ideas. A torrent of activity soon followed, requiring new outlets for this whirlwind activity. Over the past month, we've re-established a debate contest, held between TEP, TNP, and Osiris. We're holding a State of the Region IRC chat to discuss novel changes for our region and bring newer individuals up to speed. Our army is being established and will begin training drills shortly. A summit on our roleplay will soon follow, helping to invigorate it further and solve some nagging issues. And we've already converted the forums to zetaboards, supplying the region with three updated skins.

It isn't a faint cry either. We've experienced a growth in good citizens to the region. Many people have joined in and realized The East Pacific is not some region controlled by a few stiffs - it's a community of many, controlled by many in the region, motivated by the care of others in the region. Truly, we're a region on the rise.

So I invite you, check us out. See the growth as we push forward. Get involved in the fun, if you wish. We've just started something great, and we're on the verge of something even greater. 2013: the year of The East Pacific!

-Todd McCloud

Minute for the Magisterium
by Heronlord

The Magisterium of The East Pacific is going through a restructuring period as its active members begin to dig into the business of TEP. The Magisterium recently passed a law on Citizenship requirements which require announcing WA nation status at voting, and allows any citizen to put a hold on a Magister application, forcing an up or down vote on the new legislator. When put to review however, TEP discovered its Conclave (judicial branch) had fallen asleep and Drakk the previous Viceroy could no longer maintain activity due to getting married in RL (congrats Drakk). Thus there is currently a shake down of TEP's judicial branch. This is important as there has been a recent question in regards to the removal of citizenship status and the legal requirements to go to war. These questions have even more weight as interest in a TEP military branch is growing, and possibilities for valid military action as considered. With its new Delegate in Todd, the foreign policy of TEP is currently going through review and associations are being vetted for thier value to the region in general.

Chicken Soup for TEP
by Bachtendekuppen

Serving as a faithful Magister for some months now, I feel I could a share an insight or two about my experiences and hopes for our new newspaper issue. As a fresh and naive new Magistrate I saw TEP evolve fast and learned, as quickly as I could, everything I needed to be able to follow this process(and contribute a little). TEP came back from a long period of inactivity I learned and through renewed and big efforts, life came back to it.

One of the most important changes back then was the reform of the Magisterium which drew in new minds (such as yours truly) and proved to be a success in accelerating activity and new initiatives. Some much needed decisions were taken (MPA withdrawal, new arbiters, new viceroy, new provost and deputy provost) and more reforms were drafted (citizenship and voting), which I won’t discuss in detail since another piece is written about that in this same newspaper.

What does TEP need now and is our government ready for a new phase of ongoing renewal? As nothing more then a humble Magister I am foremost happy with, actually, the new plans for the Conclave. This part of our structure stands, according to Jurisdictions, our newly elected Viceroy (Congratulations) before a new project. Not much is released about it by him now, but it seems that big reforms are on the schedule.

The Magisterium itself has changes coming to it’s Standing Orders once the referendum on the Concordat amendment is held (citizens of TEP, vote on this!). My hope is these changes will be able to capture our new revival and retain the involvement and activity.

TEP needs, as any great region, a competent, active, efficient and decisive government and our 3 powers of state (Conclave, Magisterium and not but not least, Executive) are at the core of this task. Interaction between these powers is important and essential. I would like to thank all the people involved already and encourage all others to join in and give us the kick in nuts that all good idea’s need to spring up and come alive.

Lastly I would like to thank AMOM for his service and commitment to TEP in his delegacy and wish all the best to our new Delegate (another celebrated member of TEP) Todd McCloud. 2013 can and will bring an exciting new time for TEP with lots of projects and changes (not mentioned yet here were the Army, Newspaper, Debate contest, our new role play map, and more).

Bachtendekuppen, Magister of The East Pacific

by Tano

Boom Boom, the veins throb
Patter Patter, the rain falls
Whoosh, the wind blows, the leaves sigh

Green, the leaves say au revoir
Gold, the leaves greet
Red, the leaves turn, the leaves are

Cold, the leaves feel
White, the leaves see
Regret, for a moment, until death


Boom boom, the veins throb……

Debate Contest
by Todd McCloud

Like to debate? Want to impress your friends? Looking for something to do? Well, The East Pacific, Osiris, and The North Pacific are hosting a 2013 Debate Contest. What fun! Go here for more details and sign up!

Wah wah wahhhh
The Pax temporarily take over citizenship duties.


Want an Embassy in TEP?
The East Pacific is looking to get more connected on an NS-worldly spectrum. We currently have 44 active embassies, and would be honored if your region would consider setting up an embassy on our forum. Here's how it works:

Go to the forum here, and post a message with the topic title being your region's name. In that topic, please include your region's name, a link to your forums, approximate number of nations in your region (optional), and a potential ambassador (this may be changed - we understand selecting ambassadors may take time).

We will then review your request shortly. Once the request has been reviewed and passed, a sub-forum will be created for your region's representation and news. The address will be posted as a reply in this thread, and your ambassador may begin posting immediately!

Also, here is the link to TEP's main forum index page.

And Finally...

You know the drill. Read it in his voice, post in this thread.

Until we meet again!

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Greetings, friends! I, A mean old man, have once again been elected Delegate of The East Pacific. I will hereby be serving as the ambassador from The East Pacific to The West Pacific, and look forward to keeping you updated and entertained during the six months to come.


Hail the Sovereign East!


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10 Year Anniversary


From May 31st 2003 to May 31st 2013 marked a very important date in history for The Confederated East Pacific and our forum. 


1 Infinite Loop obtained the Delegacy on May 25th 2003 and founded The Confederation East Pacific with the creation of our forum. Fast forward to 10 years later... both are still going strong and still growing.


This update is dedicated to all the members of The East Pacific. From the ones who are no longer with us to the one who are with us now.



Letter from the Provost

by Bachtendekuppen


By the end of April, the Magisterium had it's latest Provost Elections. The Provost is the one administering the Magisterium and organizing it's votes, among some other tasks. It is a vital function in this body's operations. Heronlord, Devont, Samuel Kudrow and me (Bachtendekuppen) decided to run for the position and the results were as follows: me (50%), Heronlord (25%), Samuel Kudrow (25%) and Devont (0%).


Following the vote, I was installed as the new Provost on May 1, 2013. In recognition of his dedication and the work he has put in to the Magisterium, I decided to appoint Heronlord as Deputy Provost.


I would like to thank Babiana, our previous Provost, for his magnificent work on the job. When he took the position it was as Deputy to Devont and he had to step up when Devont went temporarily inactive. Inheriting a somewhat disorganized Magisterium, he succeeded in pulling us back on the rails and was rewarded with another full term as elected Provost. You have these people who, when they leave a place, leave behind a messy desk or a house in dire need of cleaning and pest control, so to speak. But not with Babiana: he left a nice record of the Magisterium's laws, members and it's terms, after this had all not been updated in some while. It is a luxury to take this office after him and I hugely thank him for the great job he has done. If I can do it as well as he did, I'll be a happy guy.


I'm also a rather happy guy being Provost myself now and I consider it a great honor. I have found myself to be very dedicated to this institution and I'll do my utmost, as I have always done. After some meager months, I'm also happy to say the Magisterium is up in numbers: the Magisterium now counts 11 members. We have done an amazing amount of work since the Provost elections and all members have been contributing well. The Magisterium has voted a resolution on Police Action, authorizing EPSA to take all necessary measures to retaliate against stubborn ad-spamming regions. Furthermore, in only a few weeks time and with thorough deliberations, a Holiday act and a new Education act have both passed. Alongside those deliberations, the Magisterium also approved East Malaysia as new Vizier and Babiana as General of the East Pacific Sovereign Army. It has been a productive month for sure.


After the Delegate election, the Magisterium will resume it's activities. More will be coming!



Scriptum Pacificus Orientalem

by Bachtendekuppen; Edit by East Malaysia


As a Magister and now as Provost, I have plowed through the forum of the Magisterium many times, searching for the laws I needed or wanted to read. They are centralized in the Magisterium's forum, though searching them out isn't always a fun thing to do. So, I bundled them all in several nonofficial publications, organized in sections and with a nice table of contents. This Scriptum contains all laws that are currently enforce, Magisterium resolutions and Standing Orders. Repealed laws or earlier amended versions I have left out, in order to keep a clear and accessible bundle for new and old members and for anyone who is curious about our laws in general.


Available Publications:



The East Pacific Elections Come to an End

by Tano


A Mean Old Man comes out on top to become the newest delegate of TEP


A Mean Old Man, or AMOM, has been declared the new delegate of The East Pacific. The field marshal led a neck and neck race with the other candidates, but ultimately came through in the end for a solid victory. The final results were as follows


AMOM: 14 votes

Old Federalia: 4 votes

Babiana: 3 votes

Samuel Kudrow: none (withdrew)


There were also 5 abstentions, as well as 5 illegal votes from non-citizens.


The new delegate has said that he plans on reviving the Foreign Affairs department, as he did when he was elected delegate before. He also talked about feeder unity and an ultimate goal of trying to unite the feeders again, as recent events have driven some feeders apart. He also has shown that he is vehemently against National Socialists (better known as Nazis) and will utilize the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army for striking back at the menace that is National Socialism.


AMOM has also shown that he believes WA membership should be required for citizenship, and says he will utilize every means he has to try and educate people on the WA, as well as using mass telegrams to create more activity on the forums. He stated that he wished to get the University running again, but was against a newly passed Education Act that created several positions in the University, saying it bulked up the government too much.


We look forward to this new era that AMOM is bringing, and hope that it is as grand as he has said it will be. He has shown that his main concern is Foreign Affairs, but will also work on creating more activity within the region.



Check out the last interview with the fox guy thing, former Delegate Todd McCloud, by the Free Press News Service.



"Left: A fox guy thing. Right: a disgruntled old human"



Q&A: A Slanted Black Stripe

by East Malaysia


What made you decide to come back to NS/TEP?


I have a lot of fond memories about the people here. It's not as much about coming back, as it is the resolution of things in my life that kept me away. Honestly, I hadn't planned to leave so abruptly. Without getting too heavy or too personal, I needed to spend a lot of my time helping several family members with health issues.


It has also been about 5 years since I bought a new computer and as I was transferring files to the new one, I came across some things I had written for TEP. I wondered how all of you were doing.


So after 4 years, I dropped in. For now, I've decided to stay and get involved.


From your prospective, does TEP still feel the same or different?


It's different. And yet ... Todd was the Delegate when I left and Todd is still the Delegate today!


Lots of people have left and lots of new people replaced them. Todd tells me many of them got married. Some now have children. Life happens.


I've been reading lots of old forum posts. I missed a lot of turmoil and drama. Just before I left, we spent a lot of time watching for invasions. It feels like a safer place now. Perhaps too safe. Perhaps this is why there are new discussions about changing the government, recruiting for an army, enhancing the university, and ending the "cosmopolitan" era.


Since you've been gone, you've become a legend and now admired by many people. How does that make you feel?


It's touching and a little awkward. I don't feel like a legend. I suspect most people, in a similar situation, would have done as I did. (Perhaps they would have even acted sooner than I did.)


I think it is important to recognize that liberation required the action of many of the nations of TEP. I helped focus the action. I had tons of help. Everyone who participated should be part of the legend.


Based on the list of Delegates of TEP, you had the shortest tenure as Delegate. With you joining the government again as a Magister... would you ever consider running to be Delegate and serving a full term?


Ever? Maybe. 


In 2008, it was my sense the only way to liberate TEP required that I serve only as a transitional Delegate. We were displacing a dictator and I wanted everyone to understand that there would be elections and a new Delegate selected by the citizens. Many people were suspicious of my intentions. Some thought I was a secret puppet for a big time game player. 


I also don't know if I have enough new ideas to be the Delegate. There are lots of younger players in TEP who are energized and want to try new things. 


(In the meantime, please endorse me. But don't exceed the endo cap!)


Who would you consider the most influential member of TEP (or NS in general)?


Given the length of time he has been involved as Delegate, his prior experiences in NS, and his involvement across several regions, Todd appears to be the most influential.


But what do I know? I've been gone for 4 years.


To follow up with the previous questions. Did you ever have a member of TEP (or NS in general) that you admired?


There are lots of nations I admire and much of it has to do with how I moved from minding my own business, answering issue questions, and eventually getting active in the forum and becoming Delegate.


It starts with Stagnationstan. After the invasion in 2008, Stagnationstan always had mottos like "Free The East Pacific," "Overthrow Lady Phedre," and "Fight the Empire." It was through telegrams to and from Stagnationstan that I began to understand the situation.


Then I joined the forum and I met Loop and all the people who had created and sustained the region. I admired them all.


Eventually, I campaigned together with Dannistaan, asking nations in the region to endorse both of us, so we could replace the dictator.


During this time, Kandarin and Lady Edea (later known as Der Fuhrer Dyszel) asked me a bunch of questions to determine if I was really a naive, slow-to-waken Ent, or some master gamer from the past, masquerading as a simpleton. After I passed the test, they advised and helped me.


Then, after the dictator was gone, I admired all those who worked together to create the new government, which includes all of the above, plus many more that I will list (in no particular order) at the risk of overlooking and offending someone: Free Pacific States, Warre, Morhams, Lazlow, Drakkengard, Packilvania, Nylter, Todd, Bolshikstan, Kelssek, and East Malaysia


Apologies in advance if I overlooked anyone, but it was inspiring to see everyone working together.


Do Slanted Black Stripes have a favorite color? If so... what is it?


Stripes is not plural. There is only one stripe. A Slanted Black Stripe. So the apparent answer is black. Our flag has two other colors. Below the stripe is the lush green of our tropical islands. Above the stripe is clear blue of our skies and water. 


(How's that for the Chamber of Commerce description of ASBS?)


ASBS is a multicultural place, so we have no favorites. We enjoy all colors. Except fuchsia. It hurts our eyes.


Have you heard about Syrup, a film based on Max Barry's book of the same title? What do you think about it? Should Jenifer Government get a feature film?

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It came to the attention of The East Pacific today that Osiris's current delegate, The Dourian Embassy, after pitching a fit due to losing the elections there, defected and handed his nation to Nevadar of Gatesville. Inevitably, Nevadar decided to stage a coup of Osiris and name it a protectorate of Gatesville. Gatesville has since held its position through the suppression of the region's current government as well as of many of its local contributors on the Regional Message Board. The World Factbook Entry and the region's flag have been completely hijacked by the usurper delegate and serve the interests of this foreign foe.


The East Pacific will not condone this activity and will do whatever is within its power to oust these usurpers. Osiris, while it is a relatively new GCR, had established as a community a generally locally-run government that has acted in the interests of its native nations and which has been interregionally accepted as long-term and legitimate. Lest the original be infiltrated, usurped, and corrupted beyond repair, we will accept no other Osiris regime. Gatesville is among the most persistent and reprehensible groups of people who attempt to meddle with the affairs of the Game-Created Regions and their methods, which revolve around "cosmopolitan" activity and hiding behind pseudonyms while they act in their own selfish interests in foreign regions, spewing meaningless but invigorating (to the dim-witted) propaganda about opposing the World Assembly and supporting national and regional sovereignty while their actions blatantly tell otherwise, corrupting formerly committed government officials and turning them on their regions before throwing them away later, and betraying the hospitality of benevolent governments as well as backstabbing many of their own members, are completely unforgivable.


I as delegate of TEP have sent a declaration of war to the Magisterium for ratification. The East Pacific sees no reason to negotiate with such people as Gatesville and will make no attempts to do so. The East Pacific will engage in any efforts to forcibly remove them from Osiris as well as from any regions they inhabit in the future, should our legislature agree to war, and will unite its allies against them as well. We see no need to continue tolerating an entity that has become the embodiment of selfishness, dishonesty, and disloyalty in NS.


~ A mean old man, Delegate of The East Pacific

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speaking strictly as an individual and not representing our Delegate in anyway when I say this




MOM you're daft

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Thank you for sharing TEP's statement on Osiris with us.  TWP watches the situation with concern. 


AGP sees faints within faints within faints......

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