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  1. My national anthem is called "Onward, Wayward Son" I'm thinking about making it longer, as it's only two verses. Then again, if it's short and sweet, it'll be catchier, and thus I'll be one step closer to world domination. Lyrics and music ---> http://www.nationstates.net/nation=jac0bania/detail=factbook/id=487350
  2. Well, URA probably knows by now that I'm against him, so I'll probably be banned shortly. If I do get banned, I'll watch the action from 10,000 Islands (I hear they have the best weather)!
  3. If you want people to get excited about the universe, simply find a way to grow coffee in space. Problem solved.

    1. Langburn


      Very true. *praises*

      Words of wisdom

  4. So, what all did I miss? Apparently something important.
  5. This is all so confusing. Who exactly is on TWP's side? Have I been supporting a traitor, URA? Do I need another cup of coffee? I only know the answer to one of these questions
  6. Off exploring new worlds. I'll be back eventually...

  7. TWP could always use more pizza! Mmmmmmmm..... Anyway, welcome to the forums!
  8. Hello TWP. I settled this nation in TWP a few days ago and joined the regional forums yesterday. These two complementary events have led to an inevitable climax: a formal introduction. So, here it is.... Heeyo! My Nation...
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