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    Editorial: These Damn Dopey Dogs

    It's again.

    No, it's not insurrection in Zoran, or political campaigns in Overthinkers.

    It's another Dilberian doping scandal.

    Coming hot on the heals of a horrendous Rugby World Cup in the country, Dilber asked the world to hold its PED for the 1421 World Cup of Football.

    It's hard to determine if any Dilberian athletes are not implicated in the incessant doping scandals as it was the 1420 national rugby squad showed up on the pitch. Such an odd showing leaves many wondering if the nation has any other athletes or even the ability to properly engage in the wider world.

    The United Kingdom's Office of Sport issued a press release announcing an indefinite ban on Dilberian representation in future Cambrian-hosted international events. The Dilber flag, name and anthem likewise won't be permitted.

    "They've doubled down on their desire to be the world's doping pariah. May the Lady bless them; they can have it." said Vernon Bolber when asked for comment.

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  2. w9lBxBQ.png


    Team Information

    • Style mod: 4.8
    • Formation: 2-3-5
    • Home stadium: Union Arena, cap. 75,000
    • Head Coach: Giovanni Dos Santos
    • Assistant Coaches: Marco Savarese, Bob Schmetzer
    • Goalkeeping Coach: Cory Highsmith


    • Goalkeepers (4): Stefan Keller, Andrew Meredith, Aljaz Sulte, Kasey Attinella
    • Defenders (5): Tony Arreaga, Jalil Ebobisse, Jaroslaw Zuparic, Jorge Alfaro, Waylon McGraw
    • Midfielders (7): Adam King, Dario Cascante, Bill Nyassi, Victor Rosales, Cristian Moffat, Andreas Atencio, Chad Mears
    • Forwards (12): Miguel Montero, Jordan Noonan, Cordell Barrett, Yimmi Nkufo, Diego Ruidiaz, Renzo Valeri, Nate Johnson, Fredy Ochoa, Sammy Ocampo, Nelson Ibarra, Cam White, O'Brian Jones

    Starters are underlined.






    Home (L), Away (C), Alternate (R)


    Style modifier 4.8
    Home stadium  Union Arena 
    (RP) Players may be injured Yes
    (RP) Players may receive yellow cards Yes
    (RP) Players may receive red cards Yes
    No godmodding

  3. @Podium Please create an appropriate RP thread and storyline showing why it matters to your nation, how it goes about annexing the territory, and the cost to your civilization.

    @Marusin The second half of your summary is good. Please note we do not use NS stats in regional roleplay. Be sure to go through the Session 0 worksheet on Discord with one of the Lorekeepers. Your nation will be added to the map in the next update.

    @Sufys Denied at this time for spamming RP admin after being given an answer. Will review in three months (April 2021).

  4. beMAedE.png


    A juiced up Dilber beat Cambria 17-13 at home on Monday in the opening round of the 2nd West Pacific Rugby World Cup.

    Following a last minute cancellation of Sunday's scheduled match, Cambrian coach Kees Gordon was left wondering if and when the team would play. Gordon said Cambria was notified of this match when threatened with forfeiture a mere thirty minutes before the revised kick-off time.

    "I want to say we were outplayed or didn't win the gain line, but I can't. I'm really please with these men. These cheats threw everything they could at us - It should have been an uglier game."

    The Dopin' Dogs got the job done despite sloppy play and obvious lack of basic understanding of the game, scoring a pair of tries through Ruben Dario Garcia and what is thought to be Sergio Chade's mobile womb unit. The other points came through the boots of Rahl Fox.

    Cambria scored a try through Ben Evans, but fell short after the Dilberian team received a fourth round of glowing green injections.

    Gordon later said Cambria would adapt to the circumstances as they aim to take home the Cup.

    "Now we know beyond a reasonable doubt we are viewed as a true threat to winning this tournament. We also know the lengths to which these teams will go to beat us. We are completely focused on tomorrow's event against a Libterrarian team coming off a win against our Basric brethren."

  5. tSToBdk.png          beMAedE.png


    Team Information

    • Style mod: 4.2
    • Home stadium: Ellestede Garden, cap. 18,500
    • Manager: Tam Davies
    • Coaches: Kees Gordon, Tab MacArthur


    Name Position Age
    Elliot Coetzee Hooker 26
    Ryan Shepherd Hooker 26
    David Owain Hooker 21
    Ken Trierweiler Hooker 34
    Olive John Prop 23
    Wyn Metcher Prop 24
    Kellen Brown Prop 28
    Rhys Sears-Duru Prop 28
    Dillon Kilifi Prop 25
    John Lewis Prop 28
    Idris Alan Lock 29
    Jeremy Peters Lock 29
    Adam Pelser Lock 25
    Taylor Beard Lock 24
    Cory Tucker Lock 29
    Trent Hunsaker Lock 22
    Andrew Basham Flanker 30
    Ross Penny Flanker 26
    Harry Moriarty Flanker 21
    Josh Durutalo Flanker 30
    Eric Shingler Number 8 31
    Justin Hattingh Number 8 23
    Scott Williams Scrum-half 30
    Rhys Cina Scrum-half 26
    Ben Evans Fly-half 31
    Jarrod Dean Fly-half 24
    Gareth Jones Fly-half 32
    George Parkes Center 26
    Joey Tompkins Center 24
    Kyle Laughlin Center 23
    Hadleigh Neal Center 26
    Siti Adams Wing 25
    Josh Brennan Wing 23
    George Hassler Wing 30
    Brock Adams Wing 28
    Harry Staller Wing 21
    Liam Turner Fullback 29
    Jonah Halfpenny Fullback 28


    Style modifier 4.2
    Home stadium Ellestede Garden
    (RP) Players may be injured Yes
    (RP) Players may receive yellow cards Yes
    (RP) Players may receive red cards No
    No godmodding

  6. Hello Indusse,

    The downvote is simply the opinion of this community. It isn't the official statement of TWP. I know that you're trying hard to impress others that wouldn't last a day here. Due to this article, many of TWP's nations downvoted the hell out of it. You're not going to receive any meaningful upvote as long as you advance a fundamentally false narrative for attention of lesser regions. Please do better in the future.


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