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I have stuffs to say.  But it is staff meeting day IRL, so I'm going to give it the short version and hope it's not terribly misread.  Any clarification that might be needed, please please ask me anything and I will do my best to speak coherently about it.  I am speaking as a former Guardian and a Former Delegate (x2).

If you have read Ivan's post in the forum, my yammering is the result of my thinking about his post.

First:  Ivan, you did not fail.  Stop saying that.  I get that you are tired.  But that's probably because you drove this game and a few others for several years.  That is not failure, it is success.  But you are correct in observing that some of the old paradigms have returned.  And...

That is precisely what we have all been whining and pining about for years.

Those of us that remember the battle (and the dozens of proxy wars) between the ADN and the NPO, have been longing for the days of politicized use of a region's military.  Ivan and the NPO, won that war.  Partially because of attrition, but mostly because they adapted to the changing world of NS.  But once the war was won, the age of bored military action came.  I have long missed the times when intrigue and intelligence (in both senses of the word) were part of the game.  Things seem to be heading back in that direction.  And frankly, I'm happy about it.  Yes, there are alignments happening in TWP, and in many other GCRs.  They may, or may not be alignments with which we are all happy.  But isn't that just the sort of conflict that existed ten years ago?  Rather than longing for the old days, we can pick a side (or make our own) and join in the new conflicts.  Everything old is new again.  ;)

Finally, to our beloved TWP and her current leaders:

I do not care what alignment the regional leadership chooses, provided the strength, sovereignty and vitality of this region comes first.  ALWAYS.

Time to grab coffee before the meeting.  I will check back later to see if I made any sense at all.  lol


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19 minutes ago, Darkesia said:

No Questions?  Rants? 

Either I did a pretty good job explaining my point of view, or it's complete gibberish and people are off finding me a nice padded room in which to recover my wits.


You did a nice job of explaining!  I think that you are exactly right, the strength, sovereignty, and vitality of TWP is our main concern. I have been long inspired by your statement on developing an independent military as a tool of our political goals:  

While we definitely need more work, however, I feel like we are working to achieve our goals in increasing and utilizing our Foreign Affairs to communicate with the world.  Our military has seen so much improvement since we butchered (while being successful, I might add as I still own the region we refounded) this op 15 months ago.  Intel is on the rise as we have established a decent network of people assisting TWP.  Internally we have been working to engage the population and get more people active.  Our newly established ministries are improving and with the next round of elections an infusion of new ideas and energy will come.

I agree that this is an exciting time for our game and community and I am confident that TWP is equipped to become leaders in the NSverse.

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