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  1. Vinnie is an active defender who has made a really great tool for NS. And has served the above region well.... Doesn't quite make it for me. I recommend against. On a side note, think of all the high level accomplishments good and bad that have been achieved by residents of TWP. We have some deserving peeps. Let's get some writers together!
  2. Commend Duxburian Union A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region. Category: Commendation Nominee: Duxburian Union Proposed by: Kuriko The Security Council, Acknowledging that while the prototypical candidate for a commendation is well-known internationally, despite being of less renown, the nation Duxburian Union is worthy of acclaim, having made immense contributions to both their own region, and to the international community; Lauding the significant role that Duxburian Unionplayed in refounding their founderless home region European Union, freeing its 100-nation population from the fear of raid and destruction by enemy forces; Noting Duxburian Union’s ongoing dedication to protecting European Union from external threats, including raiders and other enemy forces, through frequent region-wide inspections to identify enemy nations, and by training inhabitants in ways to identify such nations; Highlighting the various positions that civil servants of the nation Duxburian Union have held within the government of the European Union, since the nation's inception in 2006: Chief Justice on the European Court of Justice for 4 months between 2011 and 2012, 4 months in 2013, 4 months in 2015, and 4 months between 2016 and 2017. The civil servants of Duxburian Union that served in this capacity are seen as some of the most prolific judges in European Union history. Speaker of the European Council for a total of 36 months, overseeing the largest volume of legislation in European Union history, as well as compiling the most comprehensive record of council proceedings at the time. Commissioner of Internal Affairs for 7 consecutive months in 2012 as well as 4 months between 2013 and 2014. In this capacity the civil servants of Duxburian Union were able to keep the population of nations in European Union at a stable level. Foreign Affairs Commissioner for 4 months between 2016 and 2017, as well as 16 months between 2018 and 2019. In this capacity the civil servants of Duxburian Union advocated for and pursued a more open foreign affairs platform for the region. Cognizant of the notable achievements of the Duxburian Union by virtue of Vincent Drake, a proxy nation and contributor to the aforementioned regional refounding, and not to be confused with the former European Union official of the same name; Appreciating the efforts of the technical engineers of Vincent Drake in the development of defender tools, specifically the advanced piece of defender tech codenamed Breeze++ that allows defender forces to react more quickly to raider threats; Celebrating the many top-level positions held by Vincent Drake within the Defender region The Order of The Grey Wardens, including: Chamberlain, whose duty it is to keep and update records of missions undertaken by Warden operative nations. Constable, whose duty it is to lead defender forces into battle against raider forces as well as to train new defender nations. First Warden, a critical command position, whose duty it is to lead the region to victory. Emphasizing their participation in actions against raider forces throughout NationStates, numbering a staggering 6,556 operations, and including 3,822 defenses, 374 liberations, and 2,076 detags to clean up raider propaganda. Notable among these: The liberations of The Monarchist Entente, St Abbadon, Souls, Boston, Belgium, Japan, Eireann, Philippines, and Anontia when all faced occupations of over 30 raider nations. One of the leading roles in the refounding of Greece, which had lived under the despotic rule of Yauna for almost 10 years before being freed. Greece now sits as a peaceful and open region to all, without the fear of regular purges undertaken by the disgraced founder nation. Believing that all of these actions for the betterment of the international community make Duxburian Union more than worthy of recognition by this Assembly; Hereby commends Duxburian Union. Co-authored by Candensia, Deadeye Jack, and THX1138.
  3. Repeal: “Ban On Secret Treaties” A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#408 Proposed by: Refuge Isle General Assembly Resolution #408 “Ban on Secret Treaties” (Category: Furtherment of Democracy; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. The General Assembly, Recalling how this chamber has previously affirmed that the nature and influence of secret treaties pose an encumbrance on government leadership and their staff when members are excluded from an internal cabal to the detriment of making informed decisions, cloud the realities of a diplomatic situation by presenting whatever conflicting information is necessary to negotiate, establish, and maintain secret treaties, and create or exploit fractures within or between governments where discrepancies in a nation's foreign policy result in an international crisis, Conceding that international agreements, beneficial to their members' stability, security, or economic well-being, can be the products of privately negotiated and established treaties when the challenges of conventional diplomatic exchanges would be politically or culturally insurmountable, Believing the doors should remain open to world leaders and their diplomats who would only be willing to work toward a cessation of hostilities in a private forum, achieving steady progress through secret agreements, without fear of retaliation from their own citizenry or members of their own government, Concerned that member states who are faced with mounting threats from a neighbouring military power are legislated out of the ability to establish defensive alliances in secret as a means of security against the risk of attack or invasion, Lamenting that the resolution, which was sold on the premise of preventing subversive diplomacy, merely establishes a bureaucratic arm of the World Assembly by creating a committee to receive and publish documents indiscriminately, as submitted by member states in compliance with the resolution, Aware that any nation may intentionally lengthen their treaties to include limitless volumes of text in order to obfuscate the agreement's true purpose during publication, or establish absurd quantities of treaties by this process in order to conceal which of the reported treaties are meaningful to parties with a vested interest, Whereas such an alarming technique has already been used within the fourth clause of the resolution to establish an extraordinary redefinition of the words "secret treaty" to reference various felines and military weaponry, The membership of this venerable body, in concluding that such an ineffective branch of its government merely adds paperwork to the desires of bad actors, while placing unfair and arbitrary restrictions on nations that rely on their diplomatic abilities to maintain the peace, Hereby repeals GAR#408 "Ban on Secret Treaties".
  4. This forum should be able to be seen and replied in by all members.
  5. https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=25002020#p25002020 #TheWestRemembers
  6. Liberate Aurelia A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region. Category: Liberation Nominee (region): Aurelia Proposed by: Kuriko The Security Council, Aware that in some instances of use a Security Council Liberation might be used upon a region that has grown inactive in order to save its regional history; Noting that at the time of this resolution being submitted to the Security Council the region Aurelia has been under hostile occupation by forces of the similarly named region Auralia for 238 days; Believing that in the case of Aurelia, a region that grew inactive over time, a Security Council Liberation has become necessary in order to prevent its history from being lost since the hostile occupiers have made their intent to refound the region publicly known; Stating that former native nations and founder nation controllers Sjalhaven and United Provinces of Atlantica have expressed their governments' intent to oppose the forceful refound of Aurelia, supporting a Security Council Liberation in order to prevent it from happening; Concerned once again by the actions of the forces of Auralia within Aurelia under the direction of King Nephmir II, a nation which has previously had its actions condemned by the international community on all sides; Hereby liberates Aurelia.
  7. I would also like to see an updated roster of TWPAF folk so we can mask/unmask as needed.
  8. Congratulations Halo on a job well done. The region has been in good hands. I feel like your selection of Bran, is a wonderful choice. Bran, get ready man. Its going to be a ride. Be brilliant!
  9. I will take care of this list this morning. I have finished! @Kawaii you should send us an updated TWPAF list so we can unmask people too!
  10. Got it! Are our rosters up to date? I haven't seen a purge of citizenship lately.
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