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  1. One of the reasons the forum has worked so well up to now is the fact that this game is international in nature. We live across different time zones - in the past we've had TWP governments made up of people living in the USA, UK, and Australia. In my not so humble opinion Discord and Skype are not really tools that can work well for long periods unless everyone using it is relatively close together time-wise.
  2. "Condemn Wrektopia" was defeated 9,872 votes to 4,030.
  3. Incorrect. There have been quite a number of SC proposals passed based on the quality of the nation's roleplay; Condemn Milograd, Commend Todd McCloud, Commend Separatist Peoples, just to name a few.
  4. This has just come to vote. Author didn't have the courtesy to post a draft on the forums, so one strike against. Although reasonably well written I do not think we should give a Condemnation to a nation that's basically a one trick pony when it comes to roleplay. Firmly against and recommend that the Delegate stomps soon and in the same manner. (Apologies to Drach for putting my nose into his territory.)
  5. It's a well written proposal. I had no problems in voting "For".
  6. Burn it with fire, stomp on it, scatter the ashes and then burn it again. Typical dishonest tactics.
  7. Thanks Winni.
  8. Do not support CASMAR or however he is passing himself off as. The guy is DoS from the game for repeated attempts at hacking both mine and Davelands' acvounts.

    1. Willania Imperium

      Willania Imperium

      But, I've managed to help him understand his mistakes! I've taught him his wrongdoings and he is now perfectly fine! I assure you, I've managed to redeem him! Please! You have to listen to me!

    2. Willania Imperium

      Willania Imperium

      Please! I beg you! Let him stay!

    3. Willania Imperium

      Willania Imperium

      Sighs Please. Let him have a chance. If only you saw our conversations. He may have come in here furious and threatening to destroy us, but I let him see what he reused. I taught him his mistakes and he learned from them. He has shown true remorse for what he has done. He's has autism, and didn't know what he was doing, but now, I've managed to calm him down and made him understand. Please. Give him the compassion he deserves.

  9. The member NEW CASMARSTATES - is this guy banned from here? If not then please do so. He is Delete-on-Sight gameside for repeated hacking attemps at mine and Davelands' accounts. Thanks.
  10. I've had no dealings with Dras in Got Issues, but in the SC and GP I've always found him a very positive person. So for me support comes down to whether or not the author has written a convincing proposal and in my mind he has. Ransium is becoming quite adept in the SC and managing to write a Commendation while avoiding the pitfalls around R4 and Issues is no mean feat. So, full support from me. Anyway who wouldn't want to support a nation named from an excellent fantasy series.
  11. I've seen some utter crap come down the drainpipe in the SC, but very rarely have I seen such a poor resolution reach quorum in the GA. Drach has done an excellent job of summarising this pathetic attempt at a repeal. Needless to say I will be voting against it.
  12. Ah been waiting for this one. Liberate Dank Memes has needed removing from the SC for a while and Tim's written a cheekily cheerful one that takes a few pot shots at La Navasse. The phrase "hugely amused" is my little contribution. Recommend a "For" vote. (Hopefully Drach won't mind me getting this up.)
  13. Maybe, but it's a poorly written repeal and I don't think we should support those. Disagree with your Delegate's vote in favour of the repeal. So far the majority of TWP WA members are voting "Against" as well.
  14. Agree with Drach, so will be voting "For". (As I was here I changed the status to "AT VOTE" and pinned)
  15. Voted "For", but it was a bit of a toss-up. In the end it was my real life dislike of smoking etc that swayed me. There are some issues and the author is a bit of a twat (yes, I know that shouldn't make a difference, but it does), but overall gave it the benefit of the doubt.