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  1. [DEFEATED] Commend Christian Democrats

    Screwing up, obviously. Should be fixed now though.
  2. [DEFEATED] Commend Christian Democrats

    Yeah, think I'm going to have to go on the computer to fix it - the iPad's not up to the job.
  3. [DEFEATED] Commend Christian Democrats

    This is now at vote and our Delegate has already stomped against it. My opinion on the proposal is that it is detailed and well written. However CD is one of the most divisive characters in the WA and his ongoing attempts to repeal various pro-choice WA legislation has made him very few friends. Thoroughly agree with the Delegate's stance and I would encourage all other TWP WA members to vote "Against" as well.
  4. [PASSED] Repeal: "Enabling The Disabled In Academia"

    This is now at vote.
  5. [DEFEATED] Limitations on Banishment

    "Limitations on banishment" was defeated 10,836 votes to 2,647. Sorry to see this get hammered - a lot of misinterpretation and misinformation were spread about this proposal.
  6. [DEFEATED] Extrajudicial Punishment Ban

    "Extrajudicial Punishment Ban" was defeated 9,580 votes to 3,985.
  7. [DEFEATED] Limitations on Banishment

    This is States of Glory's proposal, reached quorum and is I think due to go to vote next. Just getting this on the board for people to read as I haven't had a chance to follow the thread in the GA forum yet.
  8. [PASSED] Repeal: "Enabling The Disabled In Academia"

    Not too worried about the language as long as it does what it says on the tin. Very much in favour of voting "For' and getting that glorified bumper sticker off the books. Doesn't your proposal go to vote first though?
  9. [DEFEATED] Extrajudicial Punishment Ban

    Initially thought the author had done a reasonable job, but then went back and read the thread in a bit more detail. As you say can't have Batman being banned. Voted "Against".
  10. [PASSED] Enabling the Disabled in Academia

    This resolution actually crashed minor update today. Anyway at the moment I still have forum mod powers here so iLock.
  11. [PASSED] Enabling the Disabled in Academia

    More holes than a Swiss cheese. Basically a glorified bumper sticker. Against.
  12. The Silence is deafening

    *waves at Ivan* Welcome back.
  13. A Public Apology

    Likewise. Thank you.
  14. The Silence is deafening

    One of the reasons the forum has worked so well up to now is the fact that this game is international in nature. We live across different time zones - in the past we've had TWP governments made up of people living in the USA, UK, and Australia. In my not so humble opinion Discord and Skype are not really tools that can work well for long periods unless everyone using it is relatively close together time-wise.
  15. [FAILED] Condemn Wrektopia

    "Condemn Wrektopia" was defeated 9,872 votes to 4,030.