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  1. Insidious yes. Cuddly? Not do much. Oh yes, welcome.
  2. I’m against the repeal, based solely on who the author is. Bitely’s like Jocospor, thinks money and stamps can buy him GA/SC proposal passes.
  3. It’s all moot. The repeal bill was challenged and has been found to be illegal by the Secretariat. If it passes (unlikely at the time of writing) it will be discarded.
  4. It’s well written and researched, which I would expect from Kuriko. I’m going to say that from a personal point of view it does enough for me to vote in favour of it.
  5. An excellent choice. Congratulations Bran. *mutters* Well that’s my coup delayed by another year or so. The roo squad are going to be so unhappy.
  6. It's a well written resolution - I may not like CD's politics, but they do know how to author a good proposal. Full support.
  7. Nice analysis Denieria, agree with it totally. Good to see you back.
  8. My first cat was Ford Prefect, then Grendel and Bonnie (short for Bonnington, after the famous British mountaineer, Chris Bonnington). Then there were the brothers Zinnie and Pip. After them was Seren and now we have Ollie. All my cats have been moggies, apart from Ollie who’s 75% Maine Coon. We’ve never lost a cat - had to give them all away to good homes when we moved country. Seren is still alive though staying with our friends in Brisbane.
  9. Welcome aboard Meow.
  10. Once upon a time a statement regarding the status of a TWP citizen would have been posted here first rather than in NS Gameplay. https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=35703941#p35703941 Now not all TWP members go to the GP forum, nor do they bother with Discord. Would be nice if TWP’s government could remember that.
  11. Looking for a public forum statement on Khanter’s status

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    2. Bhang Bhang Duc

      Bhang Bhang Duc

      Once upon a time such announcements would have been made on the forum, not Discord.

      The fact that there’s an announcement on the TWP thread in NS Gameplay is a little insulting.


    3. Mediobogdum


      Indeed they would have been, and it is insulting.

    4. Big Bad Badger

      Big Bad Badger

      Actually, I don't think it was announced on discord either.  But our forum is the appropriate place for such things.  Even if it is just a cut and paste of what was in the GP forum.


  12. It’s been getting a good old fashioned stomping. However, on the extremely slim chance that it had passed the Mods would discard it for an R3 violation. The nominee is Civil Defence Siren, but the active clause states it is condemning Civil Defense Siren. A small typo not picked up before voting began. Members of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators are somewhat peeved (the author is a member of their region), but it is the author’s resposibility to ensure their submissions are legal.
  13. Which makes having a Minister for WA Affairs somewhat pointless?
  14. Now I knew the name Small Huts, but didn’t realise Cromagnon was you as well. Welcome!
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