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  1. The Big Crunch... wouldn't that be nice? An infinite cycle of the universe. But alas, the scientific consensus seems to be that it'll be a heat death. Shame, that.
  2. Twenty-twenty is a much more appealing number to say than twenty-nineteen. We're finally in the twenties, which means we now can stop feeling confused about what to call the current decade. 2019 was kind of meh. Not a great year in my opinion. I'm hopeful for this one.
  3. RSU is the elite RMB.

  4. I did vote for this repeal, as it seems well-reasoned. I haven't been able to find specifics on how (or if?) repeals actually affect nations, though. What I do know is that joining the WA does not affect your stats until a new resolution is passed, which means that if repeals affect national stats, they're bad for nations that weren't part of the WA at the time of the repealed resolution's passage.
  5. RMB? What's that? I only communicate via "Recent Status Updates". The future is now, old man. 

  6. Also, it's kinda weird to see Bran wishing me a happy birthday every time I come to the forums. 

  7. I'd like to mention that Bran is mistaken about the new DMoFA (unless I am extra mistaken); it should be @k1213693
  8. Nation name: Sensorland Discord username: Johnny Turnpike#2597 Interested in: Innovators Typically available: Most days, between noon and, say, 9 PM UTC. But more often than that, really.
  9. There's a channel in the Discord where you can request help with flag designs, and I'm sure several people in the region would be happy to help. As far as programs, GIMP is a good free image manipulator. Pixlr.com is simpler, but it can also work, depending on your needs.
  10. This status update will appear on the "Recent Status Updates" section of the main page of the forum.

  11. Congratulations to future delegate @Bran Astor. I believe you've definitely made the right choice, @Saint Mark. I look forward to the rest of your reign, and the dawn of our new squatchy emperor's term.
  12. Quite boringly, Sensorland uses English as its primary language. Esperanto is also used in some official capacities, such as the national motto.
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