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  1. Dalimbar

    New Theme Chatter

    Howdy! I want to start by saying both thank you and f--- you to Ark, Kawaii and OT for making this a hard choice. I like all three options and will be weighing each carefully in the next couple of days. But why the theme change at all? Why not stick with tradition? Well, what even is traditional for us? As Westy mentioned above, we have taken plenty of different directions on how we wish to theme our government. We started out as one of the key pillars of the ADN, and proudly were one of the most effective forces in defenderdom, never mind in-game. We experimented with different themes since then, be it a committee-structure when Eli couped that one time to the various themes Westy listed above. We have had a great past couple of years and I don't think anyone wants to tarnish that legacy. Rather, updates and new priorities, such as the theme, peerage, point system, and Ministry of Education, can be made to help make us a better region. What doesn't change are our core values. Delegate supremacy, meritocracy and community do not change. What matters most is that we have a fun time here and allow newer folks the chance to feel welcome and able to learn from those of us who should honestly be NS dead by now. There is a lot of work to be done on both sides, myself included. I like the idea of a new theme. Right now as I mentioned above I'm not sure which way I'll vote, but I like having options. Our Delegate has made it clear that not all presented aspects will be included in the final theme design, which is good because we can talk about what is good about the general idea and what might need to be nixed. I echo the concerns raised about changing the titles of Delegate and Guardian. I certainly don't mind there to be a title made for them and other ranks, but I probably will still use Guardian as my job title We don't need to go hardcore on the titles, but it is nice to have our own regional way of describing who we are. What we get with that is more of a cultural identity. I'm not necessarily saying that we'd get up to such status with a theme change, but I preferred the communist-themed Pacific over the bunny-themed Pacific.
  2. Dalimbar

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Howdy folks, With Ministry of Education (MoE) in the Manners, I'd like to get it up and running on the forum. I figure this will be an ongoing discussion, but I'd like to request the following to start: A "Minister" masking for myself and my successors having mod and access to all MoE areas. "Deputy Minister" masking for Rizorien, allowing Riz mod and access to all MoE areas. A "Teacher" masking for citizens working for MoE. Minister or Deputy Minister will ask for folks to get that masking. Establishment of a "Ministry of Education" forum. "Library of The West Pacific" Sub-Forum. I'd like for Neenee to have a mod masking here as "Librarian". "Minister's Office" Sub-Forum where policy can be announced to the public. A "Planning Office" Sub-Forum available to Minister, Deputy Minister, Librarian and Teacher masks. I may have more requests but that's a good start. Thanks!
  3. Dalimbar

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    May I have Guardian masking please? *leaves a plate of chocolates for Dark*
  4. Dalimbar

    TWP Nation Changes

    As noted in discord, I have switched my TWP nation from Lady Anastasia to Dalimbar. Hail TWP!
  5. Dalimbar

    Ambassador Sign-Up Page

    NationStates Nation Name: Dalimbar Discord User Name: Dali#8054 Your Local Timezone: EST Regions You Have Active Nations In: Osiris, Lazarus Any Diplomatic Experience: Yes
  6. Dalimbar

    Ambassador Sign-Up Page

    NationStates Nation Name: Dalimbar (TWP: Hazaran) Discord User Name: Dali Your Local Timezone: EDT/EST Regions You Have Active Nations In: Osiris, The Beech Beach House. Any Diplomatic Experience: 13 years.
  7. Would you call TWP your home nation region? If not, where? While my main nation is in The Beech Beach House, as I do not hold citizenship in other regions, I can consider TWP to be my new home region. Have you had previous ambassadorial or governmental experience, outside of TWP? What type and for whom? Former Delegate of TNP and Osiris; former Foreign Minister in TNP, TEP, Osiris, ASE; have held government positions in most GCRs at one time or another. Is there a specific region you wish to be sent to? Anywhere except for Osiris. Is your TWP nation your main nation? If not, what is? (Link please.) http://www.nationstates.net/nation=dalimbar .
  8. Dalimbar


    Don't worry, I won't steal *all* your booze and men. I'm not that cruel.
  9. Dalimbar


    Hey TWP, long time! How's things? *Drops off the obligatory chocolate and booze, those delightful little chocolates with booze in them*
  10. Dalimbar

    Embassy Request Forms

    They'll be perfect!
  11. Dalimbar

    Embassy Request Forms

    So, as I'm sure all of you are aware, Osiris has made our unequal agreement with our former occupiers null and void. As such, it is our intention to normalize relations with TWP. I'll throw in free booze, if that sways your decision
  12. Dalimbar

    Embassy Request Forms

    The Kemetic Republic of Osiris (as in, the non-Gatesville backed 'Imperium') would like to re-establish our embassy with The West Pacific. We would like to express our sincere appreciation towards The West Pacific for their stance against Gatesville, which we know was a difficult decision, given the longevity of relations between TWP and GV. We would like to take this opportunity to re-start our relations with the West, even as we fight to regain the Delegacy from those controlling The Dourian Embassy. Dalimbar Vizier of Foreign Affairs of Osiris
  13. Dalimbar


    Hey all, it's been a while since I've visited the West. How are things here?