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  1. Hi, Hello!

    Hello gang. I have returned. My main nation of QuietDad has returned to TWP, bringing a truckload of Chocolate to keep Darkesia distracted. It's good to be home
  2. What is your ethnicity and nationality?

    Born American of parents born in America, but all the Grandparents are immigrants. Paternal Grandparents born in the Rhine Valley of Germany and actually met at Ellis Island as they immigrated in the mid 1920s. Maternal Grandparents both called themselves Sicilian. Grandfather born in Sicily but Materenal Grandmother born in Belfast and immigrated to the US when she was 16. Her parents where born in Sicily and were on there way to the US but ended up in Belfast for 17yrs making the money to get here. So I've ALWAYS have been told I was half German and half Sicilian (you did NOT call yourself Italian in this house), however Grandma always called herself English/British. As such I grew up speaking fluent English, Italian and German. Still understand Italian and German when I here it, but it's an effort now to speak.