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Treaty of the Imperium (TWP/The LKE)

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Members and Friends of The West Pacific, I am pleased to be able to announce and ratify this treaty between The West Pacific and our friends in The Land of Kings and Emperors. Our regions can look forwards to a strong and beneficial relationship for both our regions.



Treaty of the Imperium


WHEREAS, The West Pacific ("TWP") and The Land of Kings and Emperors (“The LKE”) have engaged in discussions about the positive and warm relations between the two regions, and how to deepen it; and
NOTING, TWP and The LKE wish to develop closer ties with one another through continued discussions, as well as the treaty undertakings set forth herein;

NOW, THEREFORE, TWP and The LKE agree as follows:

1. Military Undertakings

(a.) The LKE recognises the government and laws of The WP as that form of government initiated by or adhered to by the sitting World Assembly Delegate, and agrees not to undermine them or to assist any other region in doing so. The LKE further agrees to offer assistance in the event that another region or organization outside attempts to overthrow the recognized government of the World Assembly Delegate of TWP.

(b.) Neither TWP nor The LKE will engage in military hostilities against the other. Participation by TWP and The LKE on opposite sides of a military engagement that does not constitute an attack on either region shall not be considered "military hostilities against the other" for this purpose.

(c.) To the extent practicable, TWP and The LKE shall provide the other defensive military assistance in case of an attack.

(d.) TWP and The LKE may aid each other in Delegacy transferrals when requested.

(e.) TWP and The LKE will collaborate militarily for the combined benefit of both regions when practical.

2. Intelligence Undertakings

(a.) Neither TWP nor The LKE will set spies on the other. For this purpose, a “spy” is a person acting under false pretenses in one region, without that region’s knowledge, and at the direction of the other region’s legitimate government.

(b.) TWP and The LKE each shall provide information to the other if such information is pertinent to the other region's security or well-being, or otherwise upon the other’s reasonable request, unless the party in possession of such information reasonably believes that providing that information might violate applicable laws or contravene the terms of service for NationStates or the region’s forum provider.

3. Diplomatic Undertakings

(a.) TWP and The LKE shall establish and maintain in-game embassies (i.e., on the NationStates site) with one another.

(b.) TWP and The LKE shall maintain off-site embassies (i.e., on their regional forums), consistent with facilities provided to other allies.
4. Cultural Undertakings
(a.) TWP and The LKE and their Governments shall undertake events, conferences and festivals and other cultural projects together and host these in their respective regional community forums. 
(b.) As soon as practicable following ratification, TWP and The LKE will collaborate to stage a cultural festival to celebrate this treaty.

5. General Provisions

(a.) This treaty shall take effect when it has been ratified by the duly authorized representatives of both TWPand The LKE.

(b.) Upon ratification, this treaty shall be the sole treaty between TWP and The LKE, superseding any prior written documents describing a relationship between the regions.
(c.) If a signatory region wishes to terminate this agreement they must give 5 days notice on the forum of the other region.

(d.) Termination of this agreement shall not be seen as an act of war or hostility.



Signed, 9th Day of June, 2014
All Good People, Delegate of The West Pacific

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(b.) Neither TWP nor The LKE will engage in military hostilities against the other. Participation by TWP and The LKE on opposite sides of a military engagement that does not constitute an attack on either region shall not be considered "military hostilities against the other" for this purpose


Could we get clarification on whether our Protectorates & Dominions are considered as territory of TWP and are therefore covered by this clause?

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We've got Protectorates and Dominions?  What? Who? Where?


The West Pacific Defense Alliance Refounded

On 7 December, The West Pacific Defense Alliance, a region that has been used as a jump point by various militaries over the past year, but notably not by The West Pacific Armed Forces (WPAF), was refounded by WPAF in a renewed effort to protect WPAF's brand throughout the world.

In other news, Fandom Alliance was secured by WPAF's Reef Hounds a short time later.


Okay, so they've not yet been official designated as such, but it is only a matter of time  ;)

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If you would like to request a re-negotiation of any treaty, it would be best done in a different thread or perhaps send a request to whomever is handling foreign affairs for the community at this time.  I would be happy to take a look at any treaty negotiations that the community feels should be made.

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Its not a complaint Arch its a request for information - if they were declared protectorates of TWP would they be recognised as such by our ally?

No malice, no scheming just clarification


Likewise if LKE laid claim to a region would TWP respect that claim, or does the treaty only relate to the "mother" regions?


I wouldn't want to send TWPAF into a region and unknowingly step on LKE's toes

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