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Appointment: Foreign Affairs Minister


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Once more, allow me to thank everyone that shared their interest in serving in TWP Foreign Affairs leadership. Foreign Affairs can be one of the larger tasks for an NS region, and it needs a combination of familiarity with our region, and the regions we associate with, as well as those we may have troubled relations with. It needs an understanding of how our region works, and an ability to express the nature of our community and it's cultures. And....it takes an investment of your time.

Please join me in Congratulating Former Speaker Intelligent Holograms as he takes over as our Foreign Affairs Minister.

IH has served TWP in multiple capacities and has multi-regional experience in NS world affairs. I have every confidence in his abilities to take on this role in TWP. He and I have also discussed Deputy Ministers, and I will leave those announcements to him.

Thank you IH, and Congrats ! *applauds*

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