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United Kingdom


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United Kingdom

Foreign Update – November 2012


18th Premiership of United Kingdom

Monarch: HM Queen Anne II

Prince of Wales: HRH Alexander W. G. Scott


Prime Minister: Edward Cavendish

Deputy Prime Minister: William Cavendish

Minister of the Home Office: George de Clare

Foreign Affairs Minister: Will Harcourt

Minister of Defence: Michael R. E. Scott

Minister of Culture: Henri de Clare

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Edwin de Clare

Attorney General: George de Clare

Director of the MI5: Victor Cavendish

WA Delegate: Marshal G. Holdstock


Chief Justice: Constance St.James

Sr. Associate Justice: Via Vulpes

Jr. Associate Justice: Edwin de Clare


20th Session of Parliament

Speaker of Parliament

Victor Cavendish

Peers of Parliament

Her Grace, Kanade Tachibana, Lady of Glaslow

His Grace, Lewis-Grey Anumia, Lord of Norfolk

Members of Parliament

Vacant in Northern England

Edward Cavendish (BPU)

Will Harcourt of Wales (PB)

Victor Cavendish of Scotland (LPUK)

South Boston Irishmen of Northern Ireland (CB)


Majority: None

Loyal Opposition: None

King George VII Abdicates


After serving 151 days in Buckingham Palace, King George announced on Sunday, 25 November 2012, his intentions to abdicate the throne immediately. After a period of mourning by HM Government, Judiciary, Parliament, and Citizenry, the region is now moving forward once again. His daughter, the now current Queen, stated:

"It's always disheartening to see a Monarch abdicating, even worse when the situation isn't the best, but we must stand together in unity, as we have so done in the past."

King George now goes by Marshall G. Holdstock, will continue to remain in the region and serve as its World Assembly Delegate.

Queen Anne II Coronated


On 25 November 2012, almost immediately after King George announced his abdication, the Archbishop of Canterbury George William de Clare, began preparations for the Coronation of HM Queen Anne II, formerly known as HRH Corinne the Princess of Wales. Within the next two hours, the coronation service began in Westminster Abbey at 2:25 PM. Her Majesty was presented with the crown jewels, said the coronation oath, and was soon enthrowned before her loyal subjects. Queen Anne soon after addressed the people with her first speech and announcing her Prince of Wales, HRH Alexander W. G. Scott, who has has undoubted experience in the workings of our region's monarchy, serving over ten months as Private Secretary to our Sovereign. God Save the Queen! Long may she reign!

New Additions to the Supreme Court


After Chief Justice Jacob Stewart was removed for excessive inactivity, deliberations began for a suitable replacement. Upon much consideration, former King George and Prime Minister Edward Cavendish decided that the best candidate would be Mrs. Constance St.James, who formerly worked on the bench as the longest serving Justice in United Kingdom's history. Her success in the courts is immense and will surely continue as it has before.


With a position being vacant as Jr. Associate Justice, Prime Minister Edward Cavendish also chose Edwin Tiberius de Clare as a suitable candidate for the role. Edwin is a graduate of the University of United Kingdom with Magna cum laude honors, and has had previous judicial experience, serving as Attorney General. Justice de Clare has presided over several cases in his short time on the bench thus far and will continue to on into the future.

Nation Count on the Rise

After a drop in the nation count from 145 to the low 130s, Home Secretary George de Clare, along with the Prime Minister and his cabinet, have led a massive recruitment effort. With much hard work and dedication, the region's nation count has risen to 157. Recruitment will remain a central asset in the Cavendish Premiership, awarding those who do so both honorarily and financially.

By-Election for Northern England

After the Honourable MP for Northern England had fallen inactive, the other members sought to seek his removal successfully. Her Majesty Queen Anne responded by issuing a writ of election to occur on the Second of December. Chief Justice Constance St.James opened registration on Tuesday, November 28th. Candidates will have until Sunday night at midnight to make their registrations. Fmr. Prime Minister Edwin de Clare's Executive Order is still in place, barring any collection of fees to run. The region eagerly awaits as more and more candidates are applying.


This update was brought to you by the

~ Ministry of Foreign Affairs ~

on behalf of Her Majesty, Her government

and Her citizens.


British Diplomatic Service

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United Kingdom

 [Forum icon2yz.pngNS Factbook icon2yz.pngNS Wiki


Foreign Update: 6 September 2013



22nd Premiership of the United Kingdom
    Monarch:HM King-Emperor Edward IX
    Prince of Wales:HRH Prince Michael



    Prime Minister: Chris Mikaelson
 Deputy Prime Minister: Edwin T. C. Astor
 Home Secretary: Alexander I.M. Stewart
 Foreign Secretary: Vaculatestar Telsontair
 Defence Secretary: Edwin T. C. Astor
 Culture Secretary: Richard de Montfort
 Director of MI5: Alastair Goode
    Attorney General: George W. F. Astor
    WA Delegate: HM King Edward IX



    Chief Justice: Jacob M. Stewart
    Sr. Associate Justice: Edwin T. C. Astor
    Jr. Associate Justice: Vacant


 25th Session of Parliament
    Speaker of Parliament
    Lord Cavendish
    Peers of Parliament
    Klaus Mikaelson, the Viscount of Belfast
    Lord Cavendish, the Duke of Worcester
    Members of Parliament
   Chris Mikaelson of Northern England (Lab)
   Daniel Stewart of Southern England (RCP)
   Alexander I. M. Stewart of Wales (RCP)
   Victoria Stewart of Scotland (Lab)
   Richard de Montfort of Northern Ireland (Lab)



    Majority: No Organized Majority

    Loyal Opposition: No Organized Minority




1st Mikaelson Premiership and the 25th Session of Parliament!

After the August 27th General Election and subsequent runoff on August 29th, Chris Mikaelson (Lab) has defeated then current Prime Minister George Astor (RCP) with 58% of the vote in the race for 10 Downing. This followed a trend in the night’s election, with the Labour party defeating the Royalist Constitutionalist Party by gaining a majority of the seats in the commons. 
Only hours after winning the UK’s highest executive office, Prime Minister Mikaelson addressed the region in his first official speech as Prime Minister. In this speech, he laid out his goals his Premiership, including working closely with the Home Office to create new solutions to stop the falling nation count. To help him achieve a successful term as Prime Minister, Prime Minister Mikaelson has filled his cabinet with experienced members of the UK Government, as can be observed above.



Parliamentary News


In the Parliamentary elections of the night, Labour stole the commons, with taking 3 out of the 5 seats, leaving the other two seats for members of the Royalist Constitutionalist Party. While the two members of the RCP won their seats without the need for a runoff, all three Labour candidates were forced into a runoff, in which all of they were successful in.
At the State opening of Parliament, His Majesty, King Edward IX, appointed Lord Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Worcester and Lord Klaus Mikaelson, Viscount of Belfast as his representatives in parliament. After the State Opening, the members and lords got right to work with their first order of business, electing a speaker. After a couple of days of deliberation, the members elected Lord Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Worcester as the Speaker for the 25th session of parliament.
After the post-election hype wore off, the parliamentarians got down to work, but business in the chamber has been rather slow in the days since the election. Although more legislation is being debated in the Stranger’s Gallery, only two pieces of legislation has passed through the chamber so far. The first act being deliberated over is the Citizenship Reform Act Amendment II (2013) which deals with many aspects of the citizenship process and the rights of citizens, but a big point being debated over is the concept of “Honourary” or lifetime citizenship for citizens whom have contributed a considerable amount to the UK. The second is an inter-regional monetary treaty known as MRET. This act has been viewed as extremely unpopular and was motioned to be tabled this morning. 

Foreign Affairs

Vaculatestar Telsontair who was recently re-appointed to the Foreign Secretary is getting right to work as he has immediately put out a call for more ambassadors to fill several new embassies around NationStates. He is also going to be representing United Kingdom alongside Prime Minister Chris Mikaelson at the Treaty of London Summit which is going to be held at the Kingdom of Britain between several British themed regions in the near future. Secretary Telsontair is also preparing to give out awards/commendations to several deserving members of the diplomatic corp.


The newly appointed Culture Secretary Richard de Montford has gotten right to work in planning and announcing events for the enjoyment of the region. For the first week of September there will be a cartoon villain week where citizens of the region have a cartoon villain as there forum avatar and also for the duration of the month there will be a posting contest where citizens of the region can sign up for it at which case there starting post will be noted and from that point on the amount of posts they make will be kept track of and at the end the person who posted the most for the duration of the contest will be declared the winner. 
For staffing Secretary de Montford has appointed former Member of Parliament Bill Dearheart to be his Deputy Secretary of Culture and Lewis Grey-Anumia to be the Director General of the B.B.C. 





This last week the Supreme Court has decided to hear the case STEPS, VULPES v. THE REGIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL, where petitioner Steps asked for an injunction against the Regional Security Council (RSC) from using power authorized to the RSC in the Defence Reform Act and World Assembly Delegate Act on constitutional grounds. HM Government responded by assigning Attorney-General George Astor, JD as the Defence Council. Ms. Steps argued to the court against the legitimacy of the decisions made by the RSC, stating that the council was engaging in acts of legislating and was a clear breach of the separation of powers, as stated in the constitution. 
The petitioner also argued that the membership of the Crown on the RSC is unconstitutional as the council is headed by the Prime Minister in his capacity as Head of the Government, therefore breaching the constitution by allowing the Crown to serve in an executive position. This case lasted four days, and was overseen by the Lord Chief Justice Jacob Stewart and Magistrate Justice Constance St. James. The case ended with the denial of the petitioners request for relief in full and the courts refused to enjoin the Regional Security Council.


This update was brought to you by the
~ Ministry of Foreign Affairs ~

on behalf of His Majesty, His Government and His Citizens.

Respectfully, British Diplomatic Service





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[c]Prime Minister Calls for regional referendum through Executive Order; the region votes 77.3% to move to a new forum. Prime Minister Fraser, asks for patience, as we make this transition. If you Held Citizenship with the UK previous to the forum move, there is a simple form to fill out, ambassadors are asked to re-apply for diplomatic status and request a new embassy to be created.[/table][table=2,]





Foreign Update: May 2014

Monarch: HM Edward IX Prince of Wales: HRH James


[big]His Majesty's Government[/big]

Prime Minister: Andrew B. Fraser
Deputy Prime Minister: Nigel Farage
Home Secretary: Edwin T.C. Astor
Foreign Secretary: Richard North
Defence Secretary: Vac Mikaelson
Culture Secretary: Victoria E. C. North
Director of MI5: Nigel Farage
Attorney General: Edwin T. C. Astor

WA Delegate: Edward IX[/big][c][big]

30th Parliament

Lords of Parliament
Richard, Duke Northumberland Speaker
Edwin Astor, Viscount Sterling

Members of Parliament
Andrew B. Fraser of Northern England (BCP)
Nigel Farge of Southern England (UKIP)
Takanashi of Wales (BCP)
Vac Mikaelson of Scotland (BCP)
Charles Fraser of Northern Ireland (BCP)[/big][/table][table=1,]

[big]Supreme Court of the United Kindom[/big]

[big]Chief Justice: Daniel C.A. North
Sr. Associate Justice: Marshall G. Holdstock
Jr. Associate Justice: Vacant[/big][/table][/table][table=1,][table=2,]


[big][big]From the Desk of The Rt. Honourable Andrew Fraser, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom[/big][/big]




[/table][big]Dear citizens of distant realms,

This term the United Kingdom Government is focusing on activity, expansion and culture. We have recently been plagued with inactivity and little progress, but once everything is full steam ahead, United Kingdom will once again flourish as a well-built and peaceful community. With a diverse membership base and a strong heritage, United Kingdom has always been a stand-out, yet isolated region. But times are changing and NationStates is maturing, which means that as a region we must also develop into something much more - being isolated from the rest of the world can no longer continue. Our Updates will keep you informed on recent improvements and growth within United Kingdom, make sure you keep up!

-Andrew B. Fraser, Prime Minister of United Kingdom.


[big][big][big][big][big]April 2014 General Elections[/big][/big][/big][/big][/big]

[big]saw British Centrist Party(BCP) sweep into power, With Andrew B. Fraser, moving into No. 10 Downing street and 3 out of the five seats up for election being filled with BCP members, with Alastair Montgomery of the Sinn Fein Party being elected to the seat for Wales and after a runoff election and a Parliament intervention, Nigel Farage, Independent being selected to the seat for Southern England by Parliament. Full results are as follows. [/big] [table=2,][big]Prime Minister[/big]
Andrew B. Fraser (BCP)59.1%
Klaus Mikaelson (SF) 27.3%
[big]Northern England[/big]
Andrew B. Fraser (BCP) 57.1%
Klaus Mikaelson (SF) 38.1%
[big]Southern England [/big]
Samuel Alexander (I)4.8%
Nigel Farage (I) 47.6%
Takanashi (BCP) 42.9%


Nigel Farage (I)50%*

Takanashi (BCP) 50%


George Marlborough (BCP)46.7%

Alastair Montgomery (SF)53.3%

Clovis (SIP) 23.8%

Victoria E. C. North (I)19%

Vac Mikaelson (BCP)42.9%

None of the Above14.3%


Vac Mikaelson (BCP) 56.3%

Clovis (SIP) 43.8%

[big]Northern Ireland[/big]

Charles Fraser (BCP) 40%

Richard (I) 50%

None of the Above10%


Charles Fraser (BCP) 64.7%

Richard (I)35.3%[/table]

May By-election provides full Parliament

[big]After the removal of Alastair Montgomery, for inactivity, a by-election was called by the Prime Minister Fraser, the seat for Wales was contested by Takanashi Shirudo (BCP), Klaus Mikaelson (SF), and Cameron M. Romefeller (Ind). Mr. Shirudo, won with 66.7% of the vote with Mr. Mikaelson coming in with the remaining 33.3% of the vote share. Mr. Romefeller didn't place.[/big][/table][table=1,]

[big][big]Parliament of the United Kingdom[/big][/big]


Election Resolved

[big]With neither Takanashi Shirudo(BCP) or Nigel Farage(I), receiving the necessary votes to be seated as a member of parliament. The Chamber was called up on to resolve the election for the seat for Southern England. At which time Mr. Shirudo conceded the race to Mr. Farage which was certified as the Member for Southern England by a unanimous vote in the chamber. [/big]

Speaker Election goes to 3rd Ballot

[big]After finally filling the seat left vacant by run-off, the task to elect a Speaker of Parliament was underway. Initially 3 candidates stood for the position, Vac Mikaelson, Charles Fraser, and Nigel Farage, The first ballot saw Mr. Mikaelson, 3 votes, Mr. Farage, 1 vote, and Mr. Fraser, 2 votes. The second and third ballot saw the candidates tied with 3 votes each, which left the matter up to His Majesty, who delivered the following statement to Parliament:[/big]
In the Interests of unity and consensus, it is clear to me that it would be improper for the Crown to take a specific side in this two-sided election which has so far proven so inconclusive.

A compromise candidate between the two sides is clearly necessary in this case. I therefore appoint
Richard North as the Speaker of Parliament.

The Member from Wales Removed

[big]Alastair Montgomery, MP for Wales, was removed from his seat due to excessive inactivity which dated back to even before the election was held. Bring raise to a legislative Fix as proposed by Constance St. James, that would set a 1 week requirement of activity for members of Parliament, and established a recall process. [/big]

Bills Passed by 30th Parliament

[big]The United Kingdom Education Reform Act [/big]
[big]was amended to provide a process by which a member of the bar may be removed "for disrespect for the process and/or practice of law in a manner unbefitting an attorney."

Since the Supreme Court struck down the a vital part of the
Census Act (2012)
debate has roiled as to whether we need a Census at all, with the new forum creating a new master list, parliament in a act of unanimity voted to repeal the whole act, with the understanding that future Prime Minister's may by executive order hold a census.

Elections Regulation Act Amendment I
Addresses activity requirements of Parliamentarians, and establishes a recall process for removing members of parliament.[/big][/table][/table][table=2,]

[big][big]The British Armed Forces[/big][/big]

The term is still young and yet the Defence Office has been busy. With newly appointed Secretary of Defence Major Vaculatestar Mikaelson, former Chief of the of the Defence Staff putting in place mass departmental reforms. From brand new training programs to a flashy recruitment campaign, and deployments abroad. The most prominent of these deployments was United Kingdoms' British Armed Forces working with the militaries of The East Pacific and The North Pacific with the occupation of Warzone Asia as well as other various solo deployments in order to assist in bringing the up until now, inactive BAF up to par with other military organizations around NationStates.[c]



Monarch: His Majesty Edward IX

Prince of Wales: HRH James[/big][/big]


Prime Minister:
Andrew B. Fraser

Deputy PM:
Nigel Farage

[small][small]Foreign Affairs Secretary: [/small][/small]
[small][small]Richard A. North[/small][/small]

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