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  1. ] A Personal Notice from the Knight Foreign ~~::~~ Greetings friends, allies, partners, and acquaintances of Albion, I know it has been about a month since I was appointed my role, but I believe a proper and formal introduction is finally needed, and to relay you some important information on the road ahead. My name is Sir Cadmus Delphi Areleous Saxton, current Knight Foreign (KF) of Albion, but these titles don't really matter much so you can call me Cadmus or Caddy. Before I became KF I was Esquire (Deputy) under my predecessor, the lovely Olivia. Due to various RL reasons and general busyness she had no choice but to give the reins to another, and I was the best choice she had in mind. Without her though, we would not have such renewed vigor in our foreign relations, Olivia having been integral in securing some of our most important alliances and being apart of the most intriguing new directions in our foreign policy as to date. Her efforts have been honoured greatly by the Crown and I hope to achieve the same amount of fortitude in foreign affairs as my predecessors before me. That being said, it is important I need to highlight you these very important happenings in my department and what you can expect from us in our embassies moving forward. It has been informed to me sometime ago that our last official update was created January 2016; it has been eight months since the last update. To me, that is unacceptable and I formally apologize to all our embassies for our oversight on this matter. Technically, our little event invites would count as an update of sorts, but it is not our usual official updates that we have compiled together. Of course, no one is truly at fault here. Olivia had been fairly busy with RL business as mentioned previously and as you know unfortunately RL must come first. On top of that, the assent to my position was around the exact time when summer was beginning to die down and people had to return to regular school/work/etc hours, and so I had limited help in my department myself. I had to release a few inactive/unwilling FA staff from my office which made my staff numbers far less than it was before, with more and more embassies becoming devoid of emissaries to fill them, and so the dominoes began to fall where they may... (and now for your scheduled cat gif break) This epiphany finally happened when recently one of our embassies was to be closed due to said inactivity, and coming from a region who had not seen an emissary from us in a very long time, even before I was appointed to be Esquire. I realised this problem had to be rectified immediately; I made way too many promises when I entered into this role as KF and I am not willing to break them now so easily. I personally thank Olivia, 7-5 (my new Esquire), Moly, Chief Knight Bert, Edward Leben, H_I, Christopher Bishop, Seven Deaths, Stefan, and even our own Queen MagentaFairy for stepping up and helping me out as FA staff, although even all their help is still not enough and there are still plenty of empty embassies while I have taken the bulk of the embassy load at the same time. Granted the lack of emissaries is not all that needs to be rectified, that is all in due time. There are still many hiccups during my first month as KF, and there is still the matter of our latest official update, which will be coming very, very soon. it will be a hefty one, but will not be so stuffed that it becomes unnecessarily lengthy, and will be covering at least four months worth of missed Albion content. However, after this last update there will be some renewed changes to the way our content gets delivered. With the support of the Crown, I will be reforming our updates; no more will there be such lengthy updates like these. Under my purview the next updates in the future will appear more often but with less content. They will still at least contain the same quality you expect of all our updates, but there will just be less to see, but you'll be hearing more from us if this proves successful. Of course there will be some hiccups going forward, and I cannot expect that RL won't surprise me with a few struggles of my own, but we will find a way; Albion ALWAYS finds its way. From all of us in Albion, we thank you for hosting us and our embassy. As Knight Foreign of Albion, I personally thank you for reading this. ~~::~~ In regards,
  2. [The Return of the Departure of the King by Seven Deaths] It is with heavy heart that I make this official. Our beloved King Charles Cerebella has decided not to return to NationStates and Albion. Originally he went on a leave to complete his PhD, however now he feels that he shouldn't and can't return. He wants everyone to know that he says hello and thinks about us all. Any announcement of mine wouldn't be complete without a little emotional rollercoaster. Charles Cerebella has been one of my closest friends, greatest mentor and dedicated teachers. He was patient and kind. A true leader who inspired people to discover their strengths and work around their weaknesses. The loyalty and love he felt for Albion has always been genuine. Working tirelessly, he ensured we survived and thrived. With his leaving, I become the sole monarch of Albion. Of course I still have the wonderful support from you all, so I'm not alone in taking care of the region. I've always adored this region and the people in it. I'd like to give a big thank you to SD for writing the wonderful and emotional story. I still tear up reading it. The word 'faith' has a whole new meaning to it. As we mourn his leaving, remember and celebrate his hard work. Let's make Albion thrive, just like Cere did for us.
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