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    My main interests are the US Military, US Law Enforcement, military tactics and strategy, and military history. Video games also are of interest to me, in particular the Battlefield series, astronomy, science in general, economics (a.k.a. money), and recreational shooting. Government and systems are also a strong interest of mine along with things like international relations and sociology. I also enjoy watching anime from time to time or rather re-watching the ones I know I enjoy, and I like going to baseball games and playing baseball. I also try to stay active in my church and I also enjoy doing gardening or really any kind of yardwork to relax. And of course, Nation States.

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  1. After an exhaustive process of trial and error to determine my vehicle of choice, my preference is the UH-60 Black Hawk. Its great for everything from going to the grocery store, drug interdiction, or simply going to church on sunday.

    1. Westwind


      A well rounded choice indeed

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