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  1. Hello the residents of our region, I am officially back from my business in RL, and we have a new resolution currently in consideration of the General Assembly for passage. On this resolution, it would be most advisable that the residents vote AGAINST the resolution as it fundamentally flawed on many levels, especially when considering clauses 1, 5, and 8. While the resolutions tries to accomplish good, it has rather constructed itself to be self-defeating of its own purposes. For example, the proposed clause 5 allows the usage of the WMDs in defensive purposes but without specifying the actions that are permissible when using such defensive measures. The proposed clause 8 would cause unnecessary bureaucracy to be added to the response protocol, and would likely slow down response time from the WA to the affected areas. Finally, the proposed clause 1 has failed to include the threats of bio-weapons and cyber-weapons, which all have the potential to cause mass destruction. As always, you guys should deliberate and voice your opinions below!
  2. Hey guys, we have a new resolution in the SC chamber. My recommendation for this is AGAINST as we have to honor obligations to LKE as allies. I do say that this recommendation is a rather weak one because there aren't a lot of other reasons otherwise to vote Against on this resolution. Therefore, this recommendation should be followed lightly. Feel free to debate your opinions below!
  3. Hey guys, there is a new resolution in the General Assembly chamber. My recommendation for this one is FOR as the resolution clarifies the grey areas that were endemic to its predecessor, provides fair definitions on the powers that are attached to the passage of this resolution, and provides limits to the powers it was to be given over. For example, the resolution proposes that the member country can eliminate its conservation efforts for a species if the species is deemed to be a public health risk, is invasive to its current locality, will pose an immediate risk to the public health, or its protections will cause negative effects to other species. Furthermore, this resolution has the effect of preserving all plants, fungi and other life that is not animal, and further decrees that the all species that are sapient have conservation responsibilities to their non-sapient species that are endangered. As always, feel free to debate and voice your opinions below!
  4. Hey guys, we have a new repeal proposal at-vote in the General Assembly chamber. My recommendation for this one is FOR because the repeal proposal shows clear flaws in the GA#66 such as the vague definitions regarding the powers given to the target committee, a lack of limits to the powers exercised by the target committee, and a lack of coverage for species that are not animals such as plants and fungi. Therefore, I believe in my opinion that a new replacement is urgently needed and the target resolution must be repealed. Feel free to debate and voice your opinions below!
  5. Hey guys, there is a new resolution in the General Assembly chamber. My recommendation for this one is FOR as the repeal raises some major flaws in the target resolution and presents good arguments to why the target must be replaced. Feel free to debate and voice your opinions down below though.
  6. Hey guys, we have a new resolution in the General Assembly chamber. My recommendation for this one is AGAINST as this resolution would conflict with many nations' healthcare policies and judicial ordinances that are currently in effect. Furthermore, this resolution is rather a bit all over the place in terms of the powers it grants to the WA as some clauses are extremely intrusive while others are rather more loose or broad in application. As always, feel free to debate and voice your opinions below!
  7. Hello everyone, sorry for the late post but IRL is getting busy. This new resolution has been proposed to the General Assembly, and my recommendation for this resolution is FOR because the resolution is definitive in terms of its effects and intentions and is designed to establish a new agency to that would assist nations in their quest of studying astronomical sciences. Furthermore, the resolution has included provisions to ensure that the nation's right of ownership over the data. Feel free to debate and voice your opinions down below as always!
  8. Hiya folks, a new resolution just entered the chamber and I think this one is the worst I have seen so far. My recommendation is STRONGLY AGAINST AT ALL COSTS (NO EXCEPTIONS) (sorry for all caps, it's just that this resolution is just horrible), as it is extremely deceptive at best and wasteful drivel that should have not been graced with a vote in the chamber. Most of the resolution does not make the case on why the target region should no longer be condemned, and rather in a joking manner, it goes on into irrelevant matters that do not relate to the business of the council. Why was this given a vote? What even? This resolution is so horrible that I am not gracing a debate nor a poll over it as it does not earn that kind of respect!
  9. Well Dali can be quite a convincing person, but just spam glitter enough at him and you'll be fine. I hope you enjoy TWP though.
  10. My country is considered bilingual between German and English. There is a Hessian mixed with Bavarian dialect to the German language though as the country's German population at the time of the founding of the union was mainly Hessian and Austrians.
  11. Hi there, as your WA Affairs Minister, I suggest that you should join the WA and endorse the delegate and Guardian. Send a telegram if you have any question!
  12. Hello everyone, a new resolution is up in the SC, and I'm sorry to post this late (Quite busy in RL). My recommendation for this one is FOR as it shows that the candidate has done a great many things to prove that he is worthy, and some of these actions include defending a region, serving in regional offices, and exposing unlawful actions. These actions, in my view, merits his commendation. Feel free to debate below though!
  13. I agree, with the clause modified to this, it would avoid the game mechanics quandary completely, allowing us to move away from any rules violation.
  14. @Bhang Bhang Duc @Big Bad Badger @Dewilands What do you guys think?
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