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  1. [AT VOTE] Commend Europeia

    This proposal is now at vote.
  2. [AT VOTE] Repeal: "Marriage Equality"

    I meant to say 'in queue' here. Now it's at vote.
  3. [DEFEATED] Freedom of Language Act

    'Freedom Of Language Act' was defeated 10,605 votes to 5,553. 'La loi sur la liberté de la langue' a été rejetée 10.605 voix contre 5.553.
  4. [AT VOTE] Repeal: "Marriage Equality"

    This proposal is now at vote.
  5. [AT VOTE] Commend Europeia

    I know little about Europeia other than the fact that it is a major UCR. Souls is a credible author and the proposal is well-written, but unless anyone has any strong objections, my recommendation for the Delegate is to vote according to the will of the region.
  6. [AT VOTE] Repeal: "Marriage Equality"

    But not the one we deserve.
  7. [AT VOTE] Repeal: "Marriage Equality"

    Let's see here. The repeal is well-written, makes compelling arguments, is authored by someone with experience and was actually drafted. Obviously, my recommendation is to vote against. Nah, I'm just kidding. My recommendation is to vote in favour, of course.
  8. [PASSED] Commend Zwangzug

    'Commend Zwangzug' was passed 11,623 votes to 3,087.
  9. [DEFEATED] Freedom of Language Act

    This proposal is now at vote and getting stomped.
  10. [PASSED] Marriage Equality

    'Marriage Equality' was passed 10,476 votes to 6,179.
  11. [DEFEATED] Freedom of Language Act

    The author didn't bother to draft this in the forum, it uses the same annoyingly verbose style that Imperium Anglorum uses and merely 'encouraging' member states to enforce the resolution's mandates is ridiculous as all resolutions are binding on all member states. My personal recommendation is to stomp this.
  12. [PASSED] Marriage Equality

    Obviously, the Delegate has every right to cast his vote however he wishes. I respect that. That doesn't prevent me from expressing my disappointment, however. I can't help but feel as if the proposal wouldn't do as well if Dave didn't stack in favour. That's just me, though.
  13. [PASSED] Ocean Noise Reduction

    'Ocean Noise Reduction' was passed 11,514 votes to 3,587.
  14. [PASSED] Commend Zwangzug

    This proposal is now in queue. The regional consensus seems to support a vote in favour.
  15. [PASSED] Commend Zwangzug

    I'll just say this straight away: I've never heard of Zwangzug before. However, Ransium is a very experienced SC author who has yet to slip up on research (indeed, this proposal goes into a lot of detail). It's a well-written document that makes a convincing case as to why this nation should be commended. Zwangzug's relative obscurity is why I am suggesting that the Delegate votes according to the will of the region, but I think that the proposal is worthy of praise nonetheless.