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  1. General Halcones was declared Delete-on-Sight back in 2015 for collaborating with Frak, another DoS user. He also developed the illegal Predator tool, which resulted in several raiders having their nations deleted or puppetswept during the infamous 'April Annihilation' back in 2016. The SC should not reward cheats, especially ones who were declared DoS. I urge the Delegate and the residents of TWP to vote in favour of this repeal.
  2. 'Repeal: Internet Neutrality Act' was passed 9,305 votes to 5,290.
  3. This proposal is now at vote.
  4. 'Condemn Reventus Koth' was passed 12,073 votes to 2,090.
  5. This is already at vote and only two people replied? *sighs*
  6. And your comments on the Auralia authorship question?
  7. Before we go any further, let's acknowledge the elephant in the room: Yes, this proposal's author is Auralia, who has in the past WA multi'd and attempted to self-Commend. My predecessor had a policy of opposing everything that Auralia wrote as a result. However, this is not a policy that I wish to pursue unless the citizens of TWP make it clear that they wish for me to pursue it, so any comments on that front would be appreciated. In the absence of any consensus, I'm just going to go ahead and ditch the policy. In regards to the proposal itself, it's pretty meh. I have no strong feelings towards the target resolution and the repeal is pretty standard, though it has the added bonus of having an alright replacement in the works. Personally, my suggestion would be to vote based on the wishes of the region (provided they respond to my RMB PSA, that is ).
  8. This proposal is now in queue.
  9. 'Repeal: Reproductive Freedoms' was defeated 12,038 votes to 2,578.
  10. Gest originally received his Condemnation as a badge of honour for his raiding skills. Now that he's been exposed as a cheat due to the Predator scandal, it only seems right that said badge of honour should be stripped. Therefore, I'm recommending a 'For' vote.
  11. The proposal is well-written by a respected Gameplayer and Koth has done enough to earn a Condemnation in my view. My personal recommendation would be to vote 'For'.
  12. This affects individuals in nations, not nations in regions. The GA couldn't care less about regions. As far as they're concerned, regions don't exist.
  13. It depends on how Pride and Prejudice goes, I suppose.
  14. Despite all the flamboyant language and various references, the clause that's worth looking at is Clause Three. It basically says that if a government states that a referendum is binding, they must treat the referendum as actually being binding. Now, I know what you're all thinking, but this surprisingly has nothing to do with Brexit. Clause Three wasn't originally part of this draft, but rather it was part of an older pre-Brexit proposal on referenda. However, in order to ensure that this proposal had at least one mandatory clause, the author decided to move the clause in question into this proposal. As far as I'm concerned, Bears Armed is an accomplished author and a respected member of GenSec. That said, the proposal itself is nothing too special apart from all the literary references, though it is mostly harmless as well. Due to this, I will personally be voting in favour, but I'd advise the Delegate to cast his vote based on the consensus that is reached by TWP citizens.
  15. On the contrary, the title is completely accurate.