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  1. [DEFEATED] Commend Northern Redlands

    'Commend Northern Redlands' was defeated 14,611 votes to 1,634. Too tight a margin, personally.
  2. This resolution is functionally the same as GA #351 a.k.a. Nuclear Material Safeguards and GA #391 a.k.a. Securing Nuclear Materials From Dastardly Menaces, both of which were repealed. I don't particularly feel like going through this song-and-dance again, so my recommendation is to vote against.
  3. [DEFEATED] Repeal: "Restrictions on Hydraulic Fracturing"

    Repeal: 'Restrictions on Hydraulic Fracturing' was defeated 10,882 votes to 6,572.
  4. [DEFEATED] Commend Northern Redlands

    I've never heard of this region, and looking at the proposal, I can't see a good reason for commendation. The fact that the author is the region's founder also makes me suspicious. Until further notice, my suggestion is to vote 'against'.
  5. [DEFEATED] Repeal: "Condemn The Black Hawks"

    Repeal: 'Condemn The Black Hawks' was defeated 13,445 votes to 3,395.
  6. [DEFEATED] Repeal: "Restrictions on Hydraulic Fracturing"

    We are now at vote.
  7. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Oh, so that's where the Manners were! I'll be honest, I went on a wild goose chase looking for them. Thanks!
  8. I was meh on the target resolution and I'm meh on this repeal too. As the Delegate voted in favour of the target, it would make logical sense for him to vote against this repeal, but of course, he is free to change his mind after reading the counter-argument if he wishes to do so.
  9. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    It appears as if I don't have permission to post in the 'Hall of Nations' subforum. I'm not entirely sure what the required privileges are, but to my understanding, citizenship of TWP is all that is required. If that is the case, I would like to request that I be granted the proper permissions, if it isn't too much bother. That's assuming that I haven't got this all wrong and made a fool of myself, that is.
  10. SC #52 is one of the most historically significant SC resolutions out there and most of the repeal arguments boil down to 'this one line in the proposal is stupid and SC #212 condemns TBH' (it's worth noting that SC #212 condemns TBH for a different set of actions). My recommendation is to vote against.
  11. [PASSED] Restrictions on Hydraulic Fracturing

    This proposal is now at vote.
  12. [PASSED] Ban on Ritual Sacrifice

    'Ban on Ritual Sacrifice' was passed 11,976 votes to 5,035.
  13. [PASSED] Commend The Macabees

    'Commend The Macabees' was passed 12,966 votes to 2,191.
  14. [PASSED] Ban on Ritual Sacrifice

    This proposal is now at vote.
  15. [PASSED] Restrictions on Hydraulic Fracturing

    That may not seem like much of a negative effect, but try telling that to anyone who lives near a faultline.