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  1. I'm not one to follow the 'Yes to all repeals' crowd myself (otherwise, we'd get pro-NatSov proposals like NAPA getting repealed, thus opening up the possibility of international interference), but as my position when the target was submitted was that we as a region should vote against, it only makes sense that I should support this repeal effort.
  2. Repeal: 'Promoting Sustainable Timber' was passed 12,645 votes to 6,418. Now I hand over to @Aleister.
  3. This repeal attempts to tackle the target from both an economic standpoint (the 'Discerning' clause) and an environmental standpoint (the 'Realizing' clause). While I don't think that the arguments here are particularly compelling, they seem to hold up fine. Therefore, my recommendation is to vote 'for'.
  4. First off, sincerest apologies for not getting to this one. I can only ask for forgiveness for my major discourtesy; whether that forgiveness is forthcoming is up to you guys, of course. Secondly, 'Promoting Sustainable Timber' was passed 11,707 votes to 6,787.
  5. 'Liberate Westphalia' was defeated 11,859 votes to 5,901.
  6. 'Condemn Wrapper' was passed 13,834 votes to 4,038.
  7. 'Commend Texas' was passed 11,409 votes to 7,011.
  8. Firstly, I'd like to mirror Arotania's comments regarding the format. For a first-time author, you've got it nailed. The proposal is well-written and reads like a law. For that, well done. However, in addition to the aforementioned comments, I question how necessary this proposal is in light of GA #78 a.k.a. Universal Library Coalition and GA #397 a.k.a. World Assembly Central Library Compact. Even if universities engage in questionable textbook practices, a vast repository of bibliography from around the world (and beyond) already exists under WA supervision.
  9. 'Liberate Iran' was passed 16,269 votes to 1,406.
  10. 'The Cloning Conventions' was defeated 14,442 votes to 4,092.
  11. It's been a while since I've seen an SC proposal that has its tongue firmly in its cheek. I'm all for humorous legislation and I'll admit that this made me smile at a couple of points, but it's blatantly obvious that Wrapper doesn't actually deserve a condemnation. The fact that this proposal to condemn Wrapper, a moderator, was itself submitted by a moderator is the icing on the cake, but Ransium is certainly someone who doesn't need the SC authorship badge (he's already got three, for Pete's sake!). i'm going to be known as a spoilsport for this, but my recommendation is to vote 'against'.
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