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  1. How "could" this legislation interfere with individual National Healthcare?
  2. What's all this book larning 'bout hanwayz
  3. Sorry, busy weekend. Should be good now.
  4. Sorry, busy weekend. Should be good now.
  5. Hello again friends, Some know me, to others I am new. Since Antiquity I have drifted in and out of NS and looked at many aspects of the game and regions within which to reside. I have always felt comfortably at home here in TWP and am happy to announce that I've moved my WA membership to Cromagnon, my nation here, and that you can expect to see more activity from me here. Some things have changed in NS and I'll be brushing myself up on the new dynamics, but also much is the same so I will be bringing my experience to bear for the West, which IS the best Pacific. Small Huts/Cromagnon
  6. I, Small Huts AKA Cromagnon, swear that I have, to the best of my knowledge, been completely truthful in applying for citizenship in The West Pacific and that I have no other NationStates identity that has not been made known in this application. I swear my allegiance to The West Pacific and its citizens, and I swear not to engage in hostilities against The West Pacific or to violate The Manners of Governance, the constitution of The West Pacific, or any laws made pursuant to that constitution.
  7. I agree with Drachmaland. The argument is weak. If nations can determine what constitutes safe pesticide use, the can disseminate between when to control runoff and when to protect sapient lives.
  8. Nice to make your acquaintance, Rigel. I'd be interested to know what your thoughts are on the impending JLA and Wonder Woman movies. Also, have you been reading Saga? I was but stopped recently. I'll probably catch back up again soon.
  9. Well, I've sure heard of them and I do think the resolution at least deserves consideration.
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