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  1. Dilber

    New Theme Chatter

    I am 100% pro-imperial China.
  2. Dilber

    Regarding TWP and the NPO

    Halo, Thank you for posting this here. I appreciate the work you put in during these troubled times.
  3. Dilber

    I have an idea!

    My main issue with the 1 post per month thing is that as I got older, I really only reply to things that are relevant. I'm active in the discord, and people know I'm around, but there isn't always a "topic of interest" to post on here. I looked at the book thread, but it's only a couple posts long with the last response being in August. We do a lot of stuff on the Regional board, but it might be worth bringing some of those topics here at the same time.
  4. Dilber

    I have an idea!

    I really disagree voting for Delegate. You need stable leadership and protection for the region, else you run into it being really easy to take over the region, which has happened to other feeders before.
  5. Dilber

    NS reminisces

    the best software
  6. Dilber

    Ask me anything

    Honest opinion, it would have happened at some point. I was a PRP governor around that time to, and people were getting bored. I remember CN was expected to be a distraction, but it ended up being more engaging that NS was at the time. There were periods though where people struck out from CN to go into games like lunar wars and whatnot, but they always went back to CN.
  7. Dilber

    Ask me anything

    as a former emperor of the NPO in another realm, nah. :V
  8. Dilber

    Ask me anything

    It started in TWP for sure. It was one of the things we used to talk about to help drown out spam on the RMB.
  9. Dilber

    Hello From the Past

    Old fart's tour 2018 Hop on discord man. We can catch up.
  10. Dilber

    NS reminisces

    owned :V
  11. Dilber

    NS reminisces

    Ironically, everyone sneaking around behind each other's backs was Early nationstate as well. p.s. hi halmont.
  12. Dilber

    NS reminisces

  13. Dilber

    NS reminisces

    I recruited Eli to TWP, so technically i am responsible for this post.