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  1. Kawaii

    Ask me anything

    That sounds like him haha. It is a shame really, he did have talent, but as you said, his attention span was terrible. I can't forgive him, but he does have some of my admiration and my thanks for guiding me here. Funny thing is, ever since reading about his history, I always had a fascination with this place, it seemed so mysterious to me, it's been a long journey, but I'm glad I made my way here and met you, dark.
  2. Kawaii

    Ask me anything

    I once read something about an infiltration into the region of Brotherhood, was that true? Did you know Roma Qochasiva (or whatever name he was using at the time?)
  3. Kawaii

    [PASSED] Commend Wintony

    Hey thank you! Wintony is retiring, pretty much permanently and I felt this would be the best going away gift I could give him. This isn't the only inspiration of course, everything in this resolution is true, and so he's been well overdue for this recognition. I'm infinitely grateful for all he's done. He went out of his way to ensure that a handful of us from Illuminati were able to find the good in this site, even after we were purged from our home, and he continued to make sure we had a place to call our own, but also that justice could be served for the founder's bullshitery, (please excuse the language). After all that though, he's felt as though NS has nothing left for him, and while I sympathize with his reasons, it does sadden me he will be greatly absent from the game. So I think it is imperative that this resolution passes in order to honor the hard work and stress he endured for the benefit of us.
  4. Kawaii

    [DRAFT] Condemn Wintony

    This resolution is to celebrate my NS husbands long history and achievements in Nationstates. I understand much of this isn't going to read great, and am prepared to heavily edit it.
  5. Observing the nation of [nation]Wintony[/nation]'s humble beginnings in the region of [region]The Council of Noteworthy Nations[/region]; a region founded by Wintony who has gone on to say that CONN, "prides itself on being one of the coolest regions in Nationstates with a highly active populace and a thriving regional government." Noting that when CONN was raided by [region]The Black Riders[/region] on December 16th, 2013, it took days for Wintony to notice, leaving CONN in the ruin of The Black RIders. Understanding that this had been Wintony's first encounter with any invader military, and would later inspire the nation to join the notorious region of [region]DEN[/region] where Wintony would participate in the invasion of [region]Anarchy[/region] among many other regions. Appalled that Wintony's military experience had been used to train citizens of [region]Illuminati[/region] in 2016 with the intention of creating chaos across the world; a characteristic that the region of Illuminati had long been notorious for. Shocked that following the regional purge of 2016, Wintony led the population of Illuminati to the region of Exodus, a region which had played a key role in Illuminati's destruction. However, such a mission had come at a price: a nation of Exodus, [nation]Kawaii Village[/nation], had to become involved in Illuminati and convince its founder, [nation]Rhyphix[/nation], their intentions were pure. Aware that the mission had no known end date, and that it would take as long as it needed to in order to end the tyrannical rule of Rhyphix over the region. In other words, Kawaii could have been stuck in Illuminati for days, months, or even years had the nation and its allies not been successful within the few months it had took. Calling attention to the fact that following the deletion of Rhyphix, Kawaii had attributed their success largely in part to Wintony. Further Noting that once Illuminati had become founderless and the region's activity died down, Kawaii had became inspired by Wintony's military career, and as a result decided to ensue a career in raiderdom, leading Kawaii to have raided over a hundred of regions; a despicable feat which Kawaii to this day attributes to Wintony. Convinced that Wintony should be condemned for their world changing actions. Hereby Condemns the nation of [nation]Wintony[/nation]
  6. Kawaii

    Hai. I is Chron.

    Welcome Aboard!