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  1. Due to being a repeal and for being written by our friend from Osiris, Lord Dominator, I am recommending a vote FOR this resolution. Click to read in full:
  2. Recommended Vote is for AGAINST. Please feel free to discuss below click to read in full:
  3. After consideration, I am now recommending a vote AGAINST the current SC resolution as the negatives would outweigh the benefits. In the future if the founder has Ceased to Exist and this resolution is re-submitted, the stance will change. However, as it stands, I am herby changing my recommendation to AGAINST. click to see the resolution:
  4. Kawaii

    "Don't Forget. You're Here Forever."

    Hail o/ Hope you'll come back and visit sometime Take care <3 .
  5. The following is a very poorly written condemnation of our friend LD. He wants to preserve this embarrassingly bad SC resolution, and has opted to accept it. My recommendation is a vote FOR this resolution. Please feel free to discuss below. Click to see in full:
  6. Neither It was because we are trying to vote against the induction of all new GA resolutions. I thought that would be fun. This one is going to pass though.
  7. Repeal: "World Assembly Headquarters" A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation Category: Repeal Proposed by: Kawaii Schoolgirl Content goes here
  8. Good Afternoon, TWP. My recommendation for the current GA resolution, is to vote AGAINST. Please feel free to discuss below. Click to read the resolution:
  9. Kawaii

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Hi! I was wondering if we could get just a couple of things, because these would be really helpful. Can we get a tables button so we can create tables like on other forums, a [hr[ button to create line breaks, and if we could implement Baskerville as a font option all of this would be great. Thank you in advance for any help you can give!
  10. Kawaii

    TWP WA Drafting Center

    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GenSec Rules and Procedures | Rules and Advice of The GA | Passed GA Resolutions | SC Rules | Mod Rulings and SC Advice | Guide to The SC | Passed SC Resolutions __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome! This is the WA Drafting Center and is open to members of The Hall of Nations to propose ideas for resolutions they would like to have written together with the help of fellow members of the hall. This is also where you can find an index of past resolutions we will have had worked on as a region, as well as the official list of topics we would like to write resolutions for in both the Global Assembly and Security Council. If you are not a member of The Hall of Nations,, you have but to sign up here. When the resolution writing process begins for one of the proposed ideas, a new thread will be created in the Resolution Drafts sub-forum, and the hall may begin helping to write and edit their resolution. If you have an idea for a resolution topic, whether it is a GA or SC resolution, please post your idea below. NOTE: The proposed ideas may or may not abide the rules of the GA/SC, these are just ideas that we can explore and tweak as needed. Current List of Proposed Topics: On The Prevention of Marsupial Invasion (GA) Repeal of "World Assembly Headquarters" (GA) Resolutions Written and Passed by TWP's Hall of Nations: N/A
  11. Please vote FOR this resolution which will prevent a fascist region from being able to put up a delegate imposed password once it goes founderless, allowing the region to be targeted for invasion in the future. Feel free to discuss below. Click to see in full:
  12. The following is a GA resolution designed to keep the us down. Vote Against it, my dudes. Feel free to discuss below. Click to see the proposal:
  13. Please vote against! This is essentially the same bill as the previous. Down with the GA!
  14. This being a resolution rather than an appeal, I will be recommending to vote against. However, everyone is welcome to discuss here. Click here to see the resolution in full: