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  1. Kawaii

    [GA Draft] Counter Terrorism Funding

    This is the one exception of TWP voting PRO-GA; if any citizen writes a GA bill it should be considered for a regional vote, bonus points if the bill is kind of trolly/funny.
  2. Kawaii

    Ambassador Sign-Up Page

    Nice Resume! Accepted! o/
  3. Kawaii

    Ambassador Sign-Up Page

    Accepted, Please message me through Telegram or DM. Telegram: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=kawaii_schoolgirl DM: Kawaii#2401
  4. Please post your nation in TWP here if it is different from the one you stated in your citizenship application.
  5. Good evening, TWP! Coming up to vote in the Security Council is a proposal to condemn Chan Island. This player has been a well-known and respected soldier of some of the most notorious and successful raider orgs including, but not limited to, DEN, The Black Riders, The Brotherhood of Malice, and the early iteration of The Invaders (before their reputation went down the drain around early 2017.) It should be noted that while Chan was in DEN and The Black Riders, they were not involved in the predator scandal. As a former comrade, having had served alongside Chan in The Invaders back in 2016, I can attest to their skill and character, and as such they have my full endorsement for their badge of honor. As your WA ministry, I highly encourage you to vote FOR this condemnation. Note to those unaware: Condemnations are viewed as badges of honor among the raider community. To get one is one of the highest honors one can receive. You can read the proposal in full here:
  6. ^_^ Good afternoon!

  7. Due to being a repeal and for being written by our friend from Osiris, Lord Dominator, I am recommending a vote FOR this resolution. Click to read in full:
  8. Recommended Vote is for AGAINST. Please feel free to discuss below click to read in full:
  9. After consideration, I am now recommending a vote AGAINST the current SC resolution as the negatives would outweigh the benefits. In the future if the founder has Ceased to Exist and this resolution is re-submitted, the stance will change. However, as it stands, I am herby changing my recommendation to AGAINST. click to see the resolution:
  10. Kawaii

    "Don't Forget. You're Here Forever."

    Hail o/ Hope you'll come back and visit sometime Take care <3 .
  11. The following is a very poorly written condemnation of our friend LD. He wants to preserve this embarrassingly bad SC resolution, and has opted to accept it. My recommendation is a vote FOR this resolution. Please feel free to discuss below. Click to see in full:
  12. Neither It was because we are trying to vote against the induction of all new GA resolutions. I thought that would be fun. This one is going to pass though.
  13. Counter-Terrorism Funding A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets. Category: International Security | Strength: Strong | Proposed by: Kawaii Schoolgirl Proposed by: Kawaii Schoolgirl Declaring the world in a state of emergency against the increasing threat of terrorism, Exclaiming the need for increased funding in the police and militaries of the nations in this international body, Noting the importance of funding for the purposes of increased manpower, weapon production, and other means to fight terror, Mandates that: 1) Invasion of foreign nations may be conducted in the name of counter-terrorism if hard evidence suggests the nation is involved. 2) No people or persons may use this fund for the purposes of expansionism; it may only be used for counter-terrorism efforts. 3) Violent groups seeking to subvert a nation's governing body should be considered terrorists. 4) Any attempts or acts of aggression from foreign nations should be labeled as acts of terrorism. 5) Denizens of nations who are believed to be in cahoots with any terrorist group should be placed into federal custody. 6) Establishment of a task-force within one's nation must be a top priority. 7) Resources allocated from this fund must be related to use in effective counter-terrorism efforts. Hereby grants funding to nations for the purpose of counter-terrorism
  14. Good Afternoon, TWP. My recommendation for the current GA resolution, is to vote AGAINST. Please feel free to discuss below. Click to read the resolution: