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  1. I have this Qing inspired flag concept ready, and I was thinking about drawing a TWP themed dragon dance parade with a red and purple Chinese palace in the background. I will send sketches when done, but because I am a bit busy it will take some time until I send a complete piece. Sorry for the tease!
  2. NationStates Nation Name: Danlina Discord User Name: RedManlyUnicorn#5649 Your Local Timezone: IST (UTC+2) Regions You Have Active Nations In: The West Pacific, Osiris (I don't use this player anymore but it's still active) Any Diplomatic Experience:  Elementary school debate classes, high school MUN club, currently working on two legislation proposals for general assembly.
  3. Sounds interesting! Where do I sign up to be an ambassador?
  4. So I am here for one reason only, and it is to practice my diplomacy and politics skills for MUN (to whoever doesn't know what Model United Nations is, it's a program in highschool where you learn and practice debate as a UN delegate) so I'll be doing mainly foreign and military, though I'll try out internal too sometimes. Hoping to have fun here in TWP
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