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Saint Mark

A New Theme for The West Pacific!

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The new Theme for The West Pacific will be Imperial China!

We now enter the next phase … implementation. 
First, start designing! 

We are inviting all the residents of The West Pacific to enter a Theme Element Contest.
All entries should seek to meld the familiar, laidback TWP vibe with the theme of Imperial China. Also, keep in mind that people will actually want to be able to pronounce any names.
Each entry must include three regional flags, three TWPAF flags, titles of peerage, military ranks and some sort of honorific, commendation or award. In addition to these required elements, participants may also include anything else they think might be a cool element (history, holidays, WFE design, etc.). 
All entries will be displayed in the Forum so our residents can view them and make comments.
You may enter as an individual or a team and all submissions are due (posted in the appropriate thread) by the end of the day on February 3rd and will be judged by the Cabinet on February 4th. Winners will be announced the next day.

Not every element from the winner will necessarily be used in the final implementation, and other elements from applicants that did not win or from the administration may also be used.

Good luck and start designing!

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I have this Qing inspired flag concept ready, and I was thinking about drawing a TWP themed dragon dance parade with a red and purple Chinese palace in the background. I will send sketches when done, but because I am a bit busy it will take some time until I send a complete piece. Sorry for the tease!ZSa0Kp5.png

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