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Minister of FA Wanted


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Ladies and Gentlemen !


With the sad retirement of Punk Daddy, applications for the position of Foreign Affairs Minister are now being accepted.


What are the specifications for such a position ? 


- The Minister will lead TWP Foreign Affairs in coordination with regional policies.

- The Minister will work with and delegate duties to a Deputy Minister

- The Minister will work with the Delegate on treaty negotiations

- The Minister will keep our fellow GCR regions as our foreign affairs priority

- The Minister will ensure an update is prepared and sent to our Embassies at least once a month.

- The Minister will recruit and coordinate Ambassadors to ensure the activity of our Embassies around NationStates.

- The Minister will have moderator authority over the FA forums, and will be in charge or accepting/denying forum embassies.

- The Minister will ensure that we are in compliance with our Treaties, and that our allies are also in compliance.

- The Minister will serve the policies of the Delegate

- The Minister will be available to answer any questions regarding Foreign Affairs to The Concillium.


While I expect Ministers to be self-starters and manage their areas in the manner that works best for them, it is important that the FA Minister work closely with me to ensure our foreign policies and relations are consistent with our regional policies.


And I want to re-emphasis the need for regular updates to be issued through our Embassies.  Our failure to keep up with this is a great disappointment to me.


If you read between the lines there, you'll see that I'm not just looking for a Minister, but also for a Deputy (or two).  So don't hesitate to apply, The West Pacific needs You !


Feel free to ask any questions you may have.  Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.  You may apply by posting in this thread, or by sending me a pm.  In short form, please explain why you are interested in the position, what your vision for the position is, and what experience you bring to the post.


Thank you !


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I believe that I may be of some use as a deputy in foreign affairs. I have extensive experience in nationstates diplomacy(I helped head off a war between GV and TSP just after Milo's coup, for example), and an eye for treaty drafting/negotiation(a side effect of my work in the WA).


I apply as a deputy because I believe that my past may preclude my working as a full minister of FA(due to numerous conflicts I imagine arising), and I am not certain I should take on such a workload given my recent activity and focus on the GA. However, if no other qualified applicants are available(and only if), consider my name submitted.

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Thank you all for your interest, I appreciate it.


I will speak with you individually about your applications...but please be patient, the holiday has my time quite busy at the moment.


For anyone else that may be intersted, please don't hesitate to add your application.  Thank you !

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I was hoping for more interest here, and have been sadly disapointed.  Treiz is quite correct that a deputyship might be appropriate for him, given issues for him in other regions.  And Arch is quite correct, that he has enough on his plate already so a deputyship would be the most to consider for him.  Both already have Minister level posts to maintain as it is.   Benjamin Mark/simple country has no experience and has refused prior ambassador appointments offered, thus is not qualified.


When I asked Ambassadors to post "A TWP Christmas Story" in their embassies, only Arch and IH responded.


Until someone shows me they merit the responsibility, have proven their capability, aren't going to risk being overloaded, and have given service to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, I will retain the Ministership to myself.


Applications will continue to be accepted.

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I would have offered my services, but I have no experience whatsoever with leadership of foreign affairs, and am not sure I'd do a good job of upholding TWP foreign policy (since I'm not even sure what it is). shrug.gif


FYI: I signed up to be an ambassador under punk's watch, but was never assigned embassies. 

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Seeing as I am now unemployed, I will through my hat into the ring for consideration.


I have always considered FA to be the most important facet of a region such as ours, a strong image abroad can bring rewards and benefits back home and, sometimes, increased activity.


I would, of course, be happy to receive the wisdom of both Arch and Trieze if chosen to fulfil this role.

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