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  1. Indeed! Lots of interesting stuff going on!
  2. I'm still hunting my condemnation. I'm tied for most authorships, and have actually done real things in GP, but no love. Still, this is a sad end to Auralia's career, no doubt.
  3. Yeah. I just founded the religion of The Holy Thirteen in Osiris myself. So this may be a conflict of sorts.
  4. The current date is January 11th. The West Pacific contains 3,838 nations. Or 5th most in the world. Of those nations, 391 have a World Assembly Nation(10% of the total population). Of those, 291 currently endorse the delegate(representing a 74% endorsement rate).
  5. Treize_Dreizehn


    From my point of view, they are sometimes taking days to sticky At Vote Threads. That makes it much harder to find them, and therefore much harder to have a real discussion on their merits while they're at vote. The system they have for selecting moderators is archaic. Beyond that it is simply not sufficient to meet the demand, and while most of the time they do a very good job, they only need to drop the ball once or twice a year to look terrible.
  6. Yeah, I'm even less able NOW, since I'm a cit again in Osiris. Most of the diplomatic issues have melted away, but I've got even more on my plate otherwise. Sorry you haven't had more interest.
  7. Not a problem, and updated. I assume the rest was correct? I guessed on a couple of them.
  8. The current date is December 10th. So, it's difficult to pick a start date for reporting data on this topic, I'm going to settle on a month. This will only cover details on GA resolutions. A new report, listing new information and comparing old stats to new will be posted monthly. So, let's cover the period between November 1st and now. A list of all resolutions passed in that time are as follows: Format: Resolution Name (Percentage of entire assembly voting Aye) [Delegate's vote, if record was taken] A total of 8 resolutions passed. 5 of these resolutions were authored or co-authored by TWP citizens, representing 63% of all resolutions passed during this period. As for the region: The West Pacific contains 4,183 nations. Or 5th most in the world. Of those nations, 420 have a World Assembly Nation(10% of the total population). Of those, 297 currently endorse the delegate(representing a 71% endorsement rate).
  9. I understand the need for us to be angry about this. I can't justify it to myself outside of knowing that I should be angry about it. That said, I believe it can be very difficult to control members when there is essentially nothing to stop them from striking out on their own. If anything, we should be happy these fuckers aren't recruiting for their own independent regions where they could reap the fruits of.their indiscriminate efforts. They'd have no incentive to stop, were that the case, and I imagine that would be more difficult to tolerate. Still, and regardless of my less than caring attitude towards the initial efforts, a clear signal must be sent, as the community has already begun to do. Indiscriminate recruitment is not something with which we can abide, and if we are to oppose it, we ought to look towards a more... permanent solution to the quandary. Would not a international treaty or an agreement to certain recruitment standards under the new telegrams rules be a good start in this regard? Something that outlines clear and definite repercussions? A choice of expulsion of the offending member, or severance of diplomatic relations, ingame or otherwise, with the offending region by all signatories? If given leave, I could begin preliminary drafting of such a treaty. I imagine, at the very least, that would give these motherfuckers pause in their endeavors. It would also negate any benefit they could hope to attain from their work. Though, it may cost Max Barry some coin.
  10. I believe that I may be of some use as a deputy in foreign affairs. I have extensive experience in nationstates diplomacy(I helped head off a war between GV and TSP just after Milo's coup, for example), and an eye for treaty drafting/negotiation(a side effect of my work in the WA). I apply as a deputy because I believe that my past may preclude my working as a full minister of FA(due to numerous conflicts I imagine arising), and I am not certain I should take on such a workload given my recent activity and focus on the GA. However, if no other qualified applicants are available(and only if), consider my name submitted.
  11. When was this last approved? The date on the post is 18th of November 2012. If the last update was then, it'll be a year in 4 days(and therefore it'll need to be extended). Though for the record, when you renegotiate, you really oughta take the year long thing out. Since either side can just drop it at any time, the year long time limit serves little purpose(other than additional bureaucratic headaches). Perhaps replace it with something along the lines of: "Each region reserves the right to organize a diplomatic summit between the two regions for the purpose of renegotiating this treaty, or to resolve differences on topics outside the scope of this treaty,". Something like that anyway.
  12. I believe it may let you know who has views similar to your own(just because they answered similarly), don't get me wrong, but the test is not accurate. There's far too much bias in the questions. There's very little room for "I don't give a flying frak", which it interprets as "Cosmopolitan raider" apparently. But I honestly don't want to give that dang thing anymore thought.
  13. No, but someone else mentioning how similar my views were to y'alls made me remember who all was here. Even if I don't know y'all very well, I know about you enough to know I'd probably get a decent welcome here. Besides, I've already built up my street cred enough by getting rejected by TRR(IRONY) and TNP. I could probably get rejected in a couple more regions, or just settle down. Since my work in the GA is keeping me damn busy, I decided to settle down.
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