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TWP Chooses..#6

TWP Chooses..  

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  1. 1. Would you rather find yourself...

    • ...on a deserted island?
    • ...lost in the jungle?

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After a bit of deciding id say on a desert island, i mean its easier to be found on an empty island than a jungle full of trees and animals that wolud really enjoy making you have a bad time.

As long as you know how to fish and get clean water on the desert island i think you wolud be fine, on a jungle there's more dangers and not only the animals, just imagine all of the mosquitoes swarming you to get some of that sweet delicious blood, eugh...

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10 hours ago, Giovanniland said:

Maybe it's just the fact I am Brazilian, the Amazon has some lovely biodiversity that I'd like to see more closely.

i think it depend on which area you mostly live in. if anyone who's living with adjacent to sea or beach, it may lean to the jungle while anyone who barely see the sea may choose deserted island.

however, i may or may not wrong on that theory, lol.

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