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GA Presentations from UTWP

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World Assembly (WA)

  • NationStates' governing body
  • Established 6 April 2008
  • 2 branches
    • General Assembly (GA)
      • Pass and repeal legislation
    • Security Council (SC)
      • Commendations and condemnations
      • Liberations
  • Voluntary membership
  • You can only have one nation in the WA at a time
  • Nation with the most endorsements in a region is the delegate

General Assembly

  • Purpose
    • Establish and Enforce International law
      • Laws are passed to (among other things)
        • Improve human rights, civil rights, social justice
        • Establish environmental standards
      • Focuses on "Humanity as a whole" instead of individual nations
    • Promotes political awareness
      • Both in NS and in real life
        • Forums and RP community to draft and debate legislation

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Steps to Create a Proposal:
1. Think of a subject that hasn't been yet made into law for proposals. If you override a current resolution, yours will be deemed illegal. For repeals, check previous resolutions that don't clearly fix the addressed problem and/or have other errors.
2. Before writing, keep in mind all GA rules. If in doubt, ask on the forums. Illegal proposals will be deemed as so by the Secretariat and won't be voted.
3. After you are ready, post it in the GA forum so other players will give you an advice on grammar and other things to fix, if there are any. Have patience, usually up to a month is a good amount of time to wait.
4. Submit your proposal, and get the support of delegates. A proposal must get support of 6% of all delegates: currently it is around 60, since there are ~1000 delegates. Telegrams asking for delegate approvals are important here.
5. Wait for your proposal to go on the voting floor after it reaches quorum. You may have to wait previously submitted ones to be voted first.
6. Your proposal goes on to the voting floor, and must get more than half of the votes (50%, simple majority). Getting support of delegates again, especially of ones running larger regions, is also important here, as their endorsements are translated into votes and can be often be the decising force. 

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1 hour ago, Teralyon said:

Hey GA crew!

I was wondering if you could tell me how General Assembly resolutions affect the stats of my nation?

Great question! Stats can either increase or decrease, and there are a few tips to know which ones will change. Usually, at the top of a proposal/resolution there are a few items that are worth noting:

Category: defines which set of stats will be affected. Example: Civil Rights, Education, Culture, Environmental, International Security, etc. If a repeal, the category will also be Repeal.

Some categories have further subcategories (Area of Effect), such as Environmental having an 'Affected Industry' one, which defines, obviously, which industry stat(s) will be affected.

Strength: defines by how much the stats will be affected. There are only 3, namely Mild (small change), Significant (medium) and Strong (big).

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1 hour ago, Big Bad Badger said:

What are the GA rules?

The GA rules are a set of rules used by the Secretariat to check if proposals are legal, illegal or should be discarded if they have serious rule violations. Of course, all site rules in the OSRS also apply to proposals. Here is a summary of the most important parts written by me (with some help of the forum post containing the full set of rules), so feel free to correct grammar or other errors if there are any:

  • Proposals are written as laws and have an operative clause;
  • They can create a committee, but it must interact with WA member nations, instead of just being created for nothing;
  • Proposals cannot:
  1. Contradict or duplicate current resolutions;
  2. Outlaw economic, political, religious, or other ideologies;
  3. Rely on existing resolutions to support it (except for repeals);
  4. Reference anything of the real world; 
  5. Break the 4th wall (meta-gaming), which is to refer to the NS world as part of a game;
  6. Propose things that need a code change in the game;
  7. Affect only a part of WA nations, or non-WA nations; 
  8. Mention the author as 'I', 'me', etc. (branding); 
  9. Plagiarise another player's proposal (the offending player will be ejected from the WA or even worse!)
  • Proposals can't be amended; instead they should be repealed and then written again;
  • Repeals can't do anything else than repeal the target resolution, and must be only submitted by the repeal link in the end of the target resolution;


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