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The Black Hawks


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News From The Nest

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Commander-In-ChiefRed Back

General Jakker, Overseer of Terra Corps

Colonel Miss Bad Life Choices, Overseer of Blade Corps

Major Lady Dominator, Overseer of Talon Corps

Lieutenant Aquilanion, Overseer of Blade Corps


Council Advisory Board

General Ever-Wandering Souls

General Tramiar

General Reventus Koth

Colonel Raionitu


Council Changes


Following years of being on the council, General Ever-Wandering Souls announced his retirement from the council on February 21st, and retired soon in the region officially February 23rd.


On March 5th, the Council presented Souls with two awards, the Star of Achievement and the Soaring Hawk award. The Soaring Hawk award is the only award given to inactive members or retired members, and is an honor given to Hawks who have contributed long term to the Black Hawks's success. This makes Souls one of eight Soaring Hawks in TBHs long history.




On May 24th, the Council announced a new addition!

"For those old enough, there are some classic music hits that always get the heart pumping. Beyoncé's Irreplaceable that declares "To the left, to the left. Everything you own in the box to the left." Or what about the party favorite, Cupid Shuffle, which calls participants "To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left." These subversive messages clearly got to the Council and today we are announcing a new addition.


LTN Aquila first joined TBH in early 2018. He led his first raid on May 12th of that year. He left TBH in July of 2018, but then came in August. In October of 2018, he led an occupation of The Dank Meme Alliance. He retired from TBH again in December of 2018. Came back in February 2019 (there seems to be a theme here). Left again before returning in February of this year. What a journey it has been. However when his dreamy accent is here, he goes all out and that has been the case over these last few months. He has always been a wonderful member of our community.


He has really stepped up and has showcased a lot of leadership in leading raids, training new members, and updating documents. We now hope to see him continue to step up and help TBH progress forward. Aquila will be serving as an Overseer of Blade. There will be some work behind the scenes to finalize his specific roles, but we are excited to see what he brings to trainings and rocking out updates.


Please help me in congratulating and welcoming Aquila to the Council!"


We're super excited to have Aquila on the Council as Overseer of Blade!


Tag Raiding Stats N Things




2020 has been a busy year for the Hawks with tag raiding!


Hit Totals For The Months As Follows~


January - 296

February - 452

March - 404

April - 1,011

May - 582


for a grand total of 2,745 regions raided by the Black Hawks in the year of 2020 so far!


Ebil Raider Op Things


Tagging isn't all the fun there is though. For occupations the Hawks have swung by ASEAN Region, The Commonwealth of Crowns, Asia, & Boston for temporary vacations and passworded Cult of Fire.


January 31st -- The Hawks alongside their friends in the Europeian Republican Navy, the Imperial Army of the Land of Kings and Emperors, Lone Wolves United, the Balder Jomsvikings, and Steve of 3 Guys raided ASEAN Region with Lieutenant Bjourn as point on the op!


April 6th -- Sometimes training raids just get twenty people. And sometimes those training raids turn into ops! After hitting The Commonwealth of Crowns on a training raid, The Black Hawks invited their friends in Karma, Lone Wolves United, & Europeia on a little mischief, though sadly the founder returned shortly after. Raid Report Here!




April 18th -- Mid-April the Hawks noticed that one of their beloved friends of the Nest was missing! A ransom note was found! The Hawks arrived quickly in Asia to save Penny, alongside their friends from the Balder Jomsvikings, The Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army, the Karman Followers of Altron, the Imperial Army from The Land of Kings and Emperors & Lone Wolves United! Their rescue mission of Penny was a bit controversial, and was met with unneeded push back from the The Security Council of Liberating Anything, despite reassurances that The Black Hawks were only looking for Penny multiple times.


The Black Hawks also happily joined their friends in the occupations of Iran by the North Pacific Army, Xedas by the Land of Kings and Emperors, and then Slatos by the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army. Yay for friendship.


Catgirls! Catgirls! Catgirls!


We're here! We're queer! Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls and The Black Hawks participated in the WA Secretary-General election on their mission to have catgirls take over NS, with #catgirl_hq as their base of operations.


Anyone on NS who wanted a catgirl could get a catgirl by posting on this thread! Though the catgirls placed second in the general election, lots of nyaa~ and catgirl fun was had.




Extra thanks to everyone who voted for Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls in the election! Nyaa~!




The Black Hawks do a bit more then just raiding and making people catgirls!


Sergeant Pterodaxtyl and Sergeant Industrialen lead a Meme Contest! From hating cinnamon to random UCRs declaring war on us to privates not understanding what region to prepare their puppets in, there's a lot of goofy happenings around the Nest, which leads to some sweet memes sometimes.


Sergeant Drexlore won the meme contest with the following:



Thanks to Sonindia for the random war declaration! Hope it's going well for you!




The Hawks have had some council changes this year, are being a bunch of taggy peeps, leading some occupations, and having some fun with friends along the way.




The Council of Hawks



The Hawks have had some council changes this year, are being a bunch of taggy peeps, leading some occupations, and having some fun with friends along the way.




The Council of Hawks


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