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The West Pacific Dispatch, June 2015

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The Voice Of The Union Of The West Pacific Foreign Affairs Deputy Advocacy Update

June 2015 Edition

By Recuecn, Deputy Advocate Of Foreign Affairs


Population: 6,517 | Rank: 5th | Forum Posts: 28,331


In-Game Government Of The West Pacific


The Grand Inquisitor Delegate: The Chocolate Loving Paradise Of Darkesia | Endorsements: 350

Delegate Elect:United RussoAsia

Non-WA Delegate: TAO The Watcher



Note: The Guardians are appointed by the delegate, and they serve at her leisure to protect the region and the delegacy from internal and external threats to the security of the region.


The Cardinal Inquisitor: All Good People

The Cardinal Guardian Protector of The West: Wickedly evil people

The Cardinal Guardian Most Evil: Bhang Bhang Duc

The Cardinal Guardian Fang: Ethel Mermania


The New Guardians:

The Reinstated Cardinal Guardian Of The Eternal Dungeons: Yy4u


Invested Powers Of The Delegate:

Legislative Roleplay: That Called The Vlagh

Make Believe: Professor Henn & Terran Borealis

Minister Of Silly Walks:Tunapocalypse


The Voice Of The Union Of The West Pacific


The Advocate Of The Voice: Elegarth


Deputy Advocates Of The Voice:


WA Affairs: Nox

Interior Affairs: Hariko

Foreign Affairs: Recuecn

Military Affairs: PunkDaddy

Intel Affairs: That Called The Vlagh


Table Of Contents


News From TWP

Foreign Policy


News From TWP


Most TWP Dispatches here in the past consisted mainly of news updates: things that have happened in TWP since the last dispath. However, with the creation of a new regional newspaper, Dass Nachrichten, this now falls under the purvue of United RussoAsia, Deputy Advocate of Media. Thus this is probably the last dispatch in this format you'll be seeing. Even future foreign affairs updates may be published in the DN. If, though, you can't wait until the first issue of Dass Nachrichten comes out on the 12th (subscribe on our forums!), here are the latest happenings to tide you over.

  • Darkesia has been continuously reminding everyone that she wishes to step down soon, and has begun transitioning, announcing new guardians,
  • A conventional convention has been held, and a new constitution adopted,
  • New officers have been elected (see above) and many old, abandoned offices brought back to life,
  • And a fan fiction festival is being organized.

Of course, much more detail could be given, and activity has been non-stop on the RMB and the forum, but this is the main, more political news.


Foreign Policy Update

As the new Deputy Advocate of Foreign Affairs, I have taken over TWP's long dormant Foreign Affairs office in our foru government. I recently shoveled out enough dust and cobwebs to be able to sit down at my desk; however, much work remains before the mise-à-jour can be completed. Many embassies in other regions' forums will need to be reopened, old threads in our own forums sorted through, and treaties reinstated. Ambassadors are once again being received in TWP's forums, but it has so far been quiet.


Because it is impossible to deal with every region individually and at once, a broad declaration of our policy will have to do for the moment. However, I believe that this policy, although generalized and not specific to our relations with any one region, is indeed applicable to almost every individual case. This is because TWP is not aligned with any large group in game-play, but is considered unique, independent, isolated, even irrelevant. Whether negative or positive, this "outside looking in" position gives us an exclusive view of the relations of the other regions, both with each other, and with us.


The common groups in game-play are often listed as raider/defender/imperialist/independent. TWP is not a part of any group, and the word "independent" already being taken, we must describe ourselves as "unaligned." While we certainly do have treaties and alliances with other regions, these are made in such a way not to tie us down to the ideals of others. There are those who would construe this negatively, describing or position in relation to the rest of the game as an unfortunate consequence of our internal policies, notably the separation of our in-game government from our forum government. Nonetheless, not only are the effects positive--we have the envied position of being able to control our own affairs without offending anyone--but they are not entirely caused by a manifestation of our internal policy. While internal policy certainly plays a part, any perceived irrelevancy is due to a lack of activity in our foreign affairs ministry for half a year or more.


This inactivity is coming to an end now. TWP's forum government will be reaching out, expressing its goodwill, affirming that of others, and building ties with their governments. As described earlier, our non-alignment will allow us to reach out to a wide variety of regions, regardless of their R/D status, interact with them. We will be able to reach out to all forms of government and perhaps write treaties with them, so long as they recognize our self-determination and unique commitment to an in-game delegacy  unfettered by outside forces, whether that be our forum, or other regions.


Come see us at embassy row! Or just drop by and chat on our RMB!

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