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*Wintermoot stumbles in




Greetings, TWP, and thanks for accepting relations with us! I am Wintermoot, the Monarch of Wintreath, and I will also be serving as our ambassador to you until someone that can be more dedicated to ambassadoring can be found. In the meantime, it's a pleasure to represent our region to TWP. :)

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Oh my, if I'd known there were chocolates I'd been replying much sooner! Fatties like me love chocolates...


But duty calls! It's my pleasure to publish our sixth Orendi...the first to be posted here in The West Pacific!




Wintreath Foreign Update


Government of Wintreath

Monarch: Wintermoot

Jarl of Defense: Vacant

Jarl of Culture: Amalya

Jarl of Foreign Affairs: Wintermoot

Jarl of Information: Stacky

Jarl of Integration: Polaris

Jarl of WA Affairs: Reon

Jarl of Mediations: Daylen Pheonix

Citizen’s Corner


The Citizen's Corner Recording Studio

Citizen's Corner is a regular feature where we in the Department of Information select a Citizen new to Wintreath, and allow them to opine on current affairs and activity within the region. This month, our contributor is Point Breeze! PB has quickly proven himself a worthy Underhusen Skrifa and a great addition to the Wintreath community, and here's what he has to say:

Dear reader,

Thank you for embarking on the adventure that is reading this article. I promise I’ll take you to far away places that, at first, seem like something out of your most pleasant dream. You’ll soon discover, however, that this place is very real, filled with amazing people that are also, very real. This magical land has a name, and it is the Frozen Realm of Wintreath.

While I’m new to this land myself, I’ve already made connections and had experiences that, in my humble opinion, occur just too sparingly in this world we inhabit. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been included (and accepted!) in a community that is so close-knit, but also inviting. Wintreath has the pleasant distinction of an inviting atmosphere and strong supportive relationships between citizens. People of all political ideologies, viewpoints, and opinions are respected and included in numerous discussions. Part of what makes Wintreath so incredible is this inclusive atmosphere that draws you in and keeps hold – much like a massive, tentacled sea monster.

The region is as active as it is accepting. A small core of dedicated players keep the region filled with games, roleplays, and IRC banter, among other activities. Therein lies the group’s biggest weakness, though – we need MOAR. Wintreath is an amazing place, so naturally I want to share the good experiences I’ve had, but we are in need of fun, outgoing, motivated NS players looking for the best region in the world(s).

Alas, the my tale is ended, but don’t distress, the dream lives on in the Frozen Realm of Wintreath. I’ve found a great place to call home, and I’m eager to see it grow into something even greater!

Fifth Underhusen Elected!


Spanish-speaking Wintreans were clearly annoyed at the polls - Article by Polaris

Previously in the UH... "5 Should Be Good... I Guess.."

Now :

Our Glorious Monarch, Wintermoot (Inric Nordim Kestar) I, has announced the new generation of UH Members. All of which have proved their wits to claim the throne... er... seat. I Welcome to You In No Particular Order: Prudii, Point Breeze, Jonewest O_O, Amalya, and Denth Kasten! As you can infer, they are tasked with creating and passing laws, which are key to Wintreath's security. There was also the matter of the ratification of Wintreath Title Amendment Act. It passed 19-1, with 1 additional vote declared invalid, which means that this amendment has successfully passed and will be added to the Fundamental Laws.

We all wish this cast a blessing of productivity and creativity.

The Search for the New Riksrad


Wintermoot searches for job candidates the only way he knows how - Article by Stacky

Wintreath's executive cabinet, known simply as the Riksrad, has always had a history plagued with resignations and short staffing. It's the simple reality. Serving on the Riksrad myself, I'm well aware of the increased commitment, experience, and responsibility needed to hold such a position. And as with all NationStates regions, members come and members go with almost clockwork regularity. These past few months have been no exception.

At the beginning of April, in an attempt to solve this very problem, elections were held not only for the legislative Underhusen, but the Riksrad as well. Normally done by appointment, the decision to elect Riksrad members looked like it would work. Hopes were high as the Riksrad was fully staffed for the first time.

As the NationStates summer lull began to sweep through the region, it became apparent that a new solution would be needed. Only 3 months after the elections, the Riksrad was back in the same situation. Horse, the elected Jarl of Foreign Affairs, was relieved of his position after leaking intelligence and failing to cooperate. He left the region soon afterwards. Several other members failed to meet activity requirements, and Denth Kasten, a long-standing member and Jarl of Defense from the very beginning, resigned his position toward the end of July.

The elections, ultimately, did not succeed, so Wintermoot came up with a new plan to revive his cabinet. A two-week long, rigorous set of trials that would serve as the application for the vacant Riksrad positions: The Contenders! Several citizens were up for the challenge, running contests, sitting for interviews, and proving that they could take on the positions they sought. At the end of the process, it appeared that there was neither success nor failure: Amalya took on her new role as Jarl of Culture, yet the Jarl of Foreign Affairs remained empty, eventually taken up by the Monarch himself. The Hvitt Riddaral, Wintreath's defense force, implemented three temporary positions to run the military in the absence of a Jarl.

Wintrean Culture Explodes!


A recent parade celebrating Harry McClain's latest selfie - Article by Stacky

The conclusion of The Contenders selection process left Wintreath with a brand new Jarl of Culture, and while the process didn't quite fill all the vacancies, it certainly selected the best possible candidate for the job. With relative newcomer Amalya at the helm of the cultural scene in Wintreath, the region is seeing the most exciting, vibrant, and active culture it's had in it's history!

There are countless new events and activities that all citizens can now take part in. What used to be a standard collection of roleplays in a single, modest board has been completely transformed into 4 separate cultural hotspots, each highlighting a specific aspect of culture. The Merriment Quarter houses all event planning and discussions, along with competitions in everything from programming to poetry. A newly-designed RP section streamlines the game-playing process, both in and out of character. The third new addition, the Howling Wind Tavern, has been repurposed to hold all general discussions along with the popular AMA sub-forum. The final section, The Hall of Great Discussions, is for serious debating and discussion over all manner of issues from solar roadways to political debates to Wal-mart.

And probably most exciting, Wintreath now has a brand new radio station! Broadcasting live 24/7, listeners enjoy quite a tasteful music selection, and talk show programs are on the horizon. It's safe to say that the culture in WIntreath has never been better. One can only dream about what's in store for the region's fast approaching first anniversary!

Manual Recruitment Program Underway


We didn't seem to have any color photographs of our telegram rooms - Article by Applebania

In the current Nationstates environment, Script and Stamp-based recruitment reign supreme over regions that put in the work to grow their regions by hand and recruit manually. However, Wintreath has stepped up to challenge the domination of scripts and stamps and has now begun recruiting manually. The difficulty of this task should not be understated: maintenance of a dedicated recruitment team is not an easy task, and this has led to population drops. However, the persistence of Wintreath’s community also should not be understated: Wintreath can and will prove that manual recruitment can and will work in Nationstates, even after the introduction of stamps. The region hopes to reduce its monthly expenditure while continuing to grow in the future.

News In Briefs


No, we are not apologizing for our puns

- Mentorship Program: All new citizens to Wintreath will now receive an experienced player as their mentor to the region. The Department of Integration is excited to see what it will bring in the future.

- Avatar Contests: Themed avatar contests led by Wintermoot and Amalya have been reintroduced to the region, as multiple Batmans and RPG characters have been spotted throughout the forums.

- 20,000+ Posts: Wintreath has crossed another milestone, as the young region reaches the 20k post mark. Congratulations to all Wintreans!

- 500+ Members: And yet another milestone - Wintreath now boasts over 500 members on its forums.

- New Publications: Several newspapers have sprung up in the past months, including everything from Stark's privately-run Wintreath Guardian paper to Wintermoot's new 'My Piece' column.

Thank you for reading!

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Greetings and Happy Holidays from your friends in Wintreath!
Inside entrance to Sovereign Hall, Frostlake Castle

We are in the midst of what I feel is one of the most magical times of the year...the holidays: that time when there's a bit more magic in the air, when landscapes are a touch more festive, and we think back to the things and the people we care about most. With that sentiment in mind I wanted to take a moment to wish The West Pacific and everyone within it a very happy holiday season and just express how appreciative I am of our diplomatic partnership. It has always been my view that relations between regions are investments made with each other for the mutual benefit of both parties, and I truly believe that your friendship has brought Wintreath and myself a great many good things throughout the past year.
Although each relationship has enriched Wintreath in its own unique way, I apologize that given time constraints I can not craft a more personalized message for each of our partner regions. Please know that we do not undertake or maintain diplomatic relations casually, and you are truly considered a friend and partner of our region. From the bottom of my heart I wish The West Pacific and everyone in it happy holidays and all the best in 2015. I look forward to continuing our relations in the new year.
Most sincerely yours,

Inric Nordrim Kestar (Wintermoot I of Wintreath)
Monarch and Founder of Wintreath

The holidays are upon us once again, and I want to wish The West Pacific a very happy holiday filled with warmth and joy.

Speaker of the Underhusen

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It started out very well...in our experience, per telegram we got much better response sending them out manually. However, various real-life issues have come up for most of our active members which has severely limited our abilities to recruit. I have some ideas in mind to make manual recruitment less tedious and more rewarding so we're not dependent on just dedicated members, and I hope to implement them in the new year...that's all I'll say for now. :P

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You're Invited!

The stage is set! Well, kinda...we're getting there...

Greetings, friends! We are beginning to overhaul our regional culture, and as part of the kickoff we are happy to invite you to our region for a friendly game of Werewolf that will start on Sunday, January 11th. You probably know the basics to the usual games of Werewolf or Mafia, but the theme for our game will take place on a talent show, of all places! To better explain, here is a message from Pengu, the organizer and mastermind of this particular game.

Hey there potential contestants from our ally regions, this is Pengu speaking to you today from my lovely ocean-side home (well, more surrounded by ocean) in Penguin Dicators.

Not too long ago, the popular game known as Werewolf came to Wintreath. I'm here to let you know today that the 2nd Werewolf game, known as Wintreath's Got Talent, will be making its way to Wintreath on January 10th of this year. If you've never heard of the show America's/Britain's/etc.. 's Got Talent, then don't worry!

In this game, players play the role of contestants. During each day phase, you'll vote as a group who you want to perform in front of the judges next, and let's be honest, nobody wants to perform in front of the judges this game...they'll most likely boot you from the show! There is also a group of Saboteurs that will stop at nothing to make sure that you'll be booted next. Defeat all of them, and your victory is assured. Whoever the last contestant is will become the winner of Wintreath's Got Talent! And just to make it fair, we've enlisted some very special roles to help you out. We've got a fabulous Magician to help you seek out the wolves, some lovely wall makers to help protect you, and a more unusual role that you'll just have to see for yourself!

And get this! The winner, or winners of Wintreath's Got Talent will get to choose a prize in the form of a key for one of Wintermoot's many games on Steam! Titles include: Airline Tycoon, Age of Empires II: HD Edition, Risen, and even Terraria!

So if you want to become a contestant on Wintreath's Got Talent, then come on down to Wintreath and sign up before the deadline and get ready to play a game that is guaranteed to be exciting to say the least.

Warning: By signing up for Wintreath's Got Talent, you agree to sign over your first born child to the Lord High Emperor of Penguins of Penguinis Isle. If you do not have a child to forfeit, then you will instead work off your debt in the Diamond Mines. The staff of Wintreath's Got Talent is not liable for any injuries or death caused in the show or in the diamond mines, and by agreeing to be a contestant, you sign away your rights to a trial by jury and your ability to sue the staff of Wintreath's Got Talent for any damages. Thank you.

Oh yeah, did we mention there's prizes, too? :P To sign up for the game, simply register an account on our forums and sign up for the game here. There are no special access requirements, and you can sign up and participate as soon as you register. At the conclusion of the game, we plan on sending out another dispatch with news of who won the game and which regions they harked from. In the process I hope we will also learn lessons that we can use toward hosting even larger events such as festivals for us to mingle together and have fun with. Hope to see you in the game, and as always I am most appreciative of our friends in The West Pacific.

Most sincerely yours,

Inric Nordrim Kestar (Wintermoot I of Wintreath)
Monarch and Founder of Wintreath

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It's a nice play when you have a few minutes and want to kill some time, and the new MMO Simulator does a great job of parodying World of Warcraft and Diablo, but I wouldn't pay $10 for it lol.

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Beginning of Year Review! Your Help is Requested!

The current saying around the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

With the beginning of the new year, we are in the process of refreshing our information on our partner regions, such as ambassadors sent to us, R/D alignment, etc, and we would appreciate your help in keeping our information current for The West Pacific. The link below will take you to our Status of Information page, which contains all of our data...we would just like to know if the information is correct or if there are changes that are needed, and you can let us know by either posting in this topic or by informing our ambassador to you. If your ambassador to us is out of date, then it may be that you need to send us a new one, as the person listed is the last person to apply from your region to apply for ambassador masking.

Link to Status of Diplomatic Relations: http://wintreath.com/forums/index.php?topic=1850.0

Thanks for your help in keeping our information current! We look forward to working with you through the new year!

Most sincerely yours,

Inric Nordrim Kestar (Wintermoot I of Wintreath)
Monarch and Founder of Wintreath

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Diplomatic sabotage! *gasp*

In any case, I come with news!


Wintreath's Got Talent (Werewolf II) Concludes, Contestants Win!


A saboteur's stunt has people running from the stage...

Greetings! The Werewolf game we sent invitations out for last month has concluded, and as promised this is a play-by-play of how it went and who had not broken a leg when all was said and done, given by Pengu, the showrunner of the game! This was Wintreath's first attempt at hosting an inter-regional event and overall I believe we can call it a success that we can build future events on. I'm glad so many people came to our region and had a good time, and as Monarch I would like to think our partner regions for allowing us to post an invitation, the players that joined for helping make the game as fun as it was, and especially to our Acting Jarl of Culture, Pengu, without whom this would not have been possible.


Hello everyone, Pengu here!

It was on Christmas Eve when sign ups for Wintreath's Got Talent began, and I'm here to tell you today that the show has at last concluded.

It was a tough game for both sides all around. It almost seemed doomed at the start for the good guys, as they lost Fabulous Frannie (aka the Seer) during the very first Commercial break and one of the Wall Sons (aka one of the defenders) during the second. But with the death of a Saboteur on the second Showtime, the contestants were determined.

As round 3 came and went and innocents continued to be either voted off or sabotaged. The most amusing news was the tie in round 3 between Ater Nox and The Candy Lane. TCL had won the coin toss, and thus Ater Nox was booted. Things looked grim once more to the contestants, as they dwindled down to a 4-2 advantage with only one Wall son protecting them. Even Frankie G was a wild card, since he could take his win with either team...thus making it so he could choose to help either side.

But much to the contestants' surprise, Frankie G decided to help them instead of the Saboteurs, and it was during the 4th showtime that their victory was assured. When all had voted to off Hugsim, one of the Wall sons, Colberius X (playing the role of Frankie G) decided to take a shot and shift all of the votes to Aersoldorf. Little did he know that by making that switch, he had saved a wall son in exchange for the second Saboteur!

To add further insult to injury to the bad guys, Colberius X used his one-shot negate power during the following commercial break, keeping the field at a 4-1 advantage for the good guys. And with a bit of luck (since none of them knew who each other were), the remaining 3 (with the 4th being in active) voted against The Candy Lane...who just happened to be the final Saboteur!

And thus the good guys: Barry, Hugsim, Aragonn, and Colberius X stole the win. And with a bit of randomizer action, Barry's remarkable act had stolen away the hearts of the judges and earned him the spot of Top Talent for a second time (Barry was a returning winner from Taco Island's Got Talent)!

Now, I've only explained the bare-bones results of the game. But I encourage anyone reading this to check out the thread on Wintreath for the full game and results, complete with fully fleshed out scripts/scenarios for every time that a contestant went up on stage. You can check out the thread here.

This game wouldn't have been possible without all of the support of Wintreath's ambassadors spreading the word, as well as the continued support of our Monarch, Wintermoot. But most importantly, this game wouldn't have been possible without the awesome players that participated within it. So to everyone who helped make this game possible, thank you very much and I hope to see you again in the future games.

If you have an interest in Werewolf and didn't get to participate in this game, fear not! As I said, there will be future games, and I strongly encourage anyone interested to take part.

And this goes for other games that Wintreath may host as well: If you have a desire to participate or simply wish to know more, simply check out Wintreath and send either myself or the game's host a PM, or you can send your local ambassador a PM and they can gather the details for you and see if the game is something you'd be interested in.

I hope I get the pleasure of either hosting a game with many of you taking part, or playing alongside you in future games!


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Invitation from Wintreath to Werewolf III

I know nothing of Yu-Gi-Oh, so you get this generic image from Google! -Wintermoot


On behalf of the Frozen Realm, I'm happy to be able to extend this invitation from our region to yours for our next Werewolf event, which will be Yu-Gi-Oh! themed! We're hoping to build on the success of the last game so that this one is even more fun and active, so it should be an absolute blast! Please check out the invitation below, written by our Acting Jarl of Culture, Pengu, for more information on the event, including the sign-up link.


It's time to duel in Wintreath's 3rd game of Werewolf!

If you're getting this message, it means that you've been chosen as a finalist in the Battle City Tournament, sponsored by Kaiba Corp. By this time you should have already obtained your 6 locator cards used to find the location of the finals, as well as the rare cards you've gotten from every duelist that you've beaten so far. If you put the locator cards on your DUEL DISK SYSTEM! (trademark), it will show you the location of the battle city finals. Strong opponents are recommended, while weak duelists (like Joey Wheeler) are required to stay out of the way and stay at home. All contestants are asked to follow the rules, unless you're me...since I have money, so screw the rules. And if anyone can tell me if they've seen Mokuba, that'd be great. He gets himself kidnapped at least once a day to where I've practically lost count. And if you're a certain person claiming to be a Pharaoh, then don't get too comfortable with Sleifer the Executive Producer – It'll be mine soon enough.

I'd wish you all luck in the finals, but I'll be the one to win this and become the #1 duelist in the world, so watch out.


Hey everyone, Pengu here!

If you haven't guessed, Werewolf 3 will be centered around the events of the 2nd season of Yu Gi Oh! But it gets better: It's not centered around the 2nd season of the actual show...but the 2nd season of the Abridged series created by Littlekuriboh, and found here. If you've ever watched the original anime, I'd highly recommend this amusing abidged series that continues to be updated today. If you've never seen the cartoon, fear not! This game does not require any type of knowledge of the anime, but only the knowledge of a typical game of Werewolf. Like the previous Werewolf, this one is promised to be full of suspsense, tension, and lots of humor to help defuse the tension, and I strongly recommend people who are considering it to give it a shot – you won't be disappointed. Signups can be found in the link provided in the opening paragraph (where it says location), and they'll close on Sunday, February 22nd. I look forward to seeing new faces as well as hopefully some returning faces from previous games.



Most sincerely yours,

Inric Nordrim Kestar (Wintermoot I of Wintreath)
Monarch and Founder of Wintreath
Ambassador to The West Pacific

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