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  1. Is this just fantasy

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    2. Reçueçn


      For me I just type it in right above the list of recent updates. It looks like a search bar

    3. dithpri


      hello im new and i dont now the forum and i try to use you're advice Mr. rekuekn but it no work plz explain do i type my status here???

    4. Reçueçn


      >Mr. rekuekn
      nOTHING grinds my gears more

  2. Well since literally all the current RSU posts are about spam, one more won't hurt... remember that time I won the spam points game? Wasn't that great?



  3.  ̶D̶o̶b̶b̶y̶ Reçu is Freeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  4. I shed a tear each time someone posts in a thread Hariko started and I see his pfp again

  5. Help, help, I'm trapped in a forum spam game and I can't get out

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    2. Westwind


      Remember, last one to post, wins.

    3. Reçueçn


      If only it was so simple.

    4. Westwind


      It is when you're an admin. Just post, and lock the thread. :P 

  6. Welcome to TWP's RMB 2.0

  7. Well, that worked really well!

  8. Sensor's month-old status is still on this sidebar, we need to get rid of it

  9. researching heraldry

  10. back from the dead

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