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  1. Author Note This one is just a quick story I've made up early in the morning but I really want to write something that can properly explain the political crisis that were happening before the 14th General Election. If some of you guys realised some of the grammar mistake than I'm sorry because I'm kinda high at the time (I'm not doing something illegal btw). Sorry if this one is not as fancy as the other forum post, like a bunch of pictures, flag, map and all. This is just a quick one and I'm focusing on school stuff. Long Live Greiya! Mitake Port Crisis After the death of the seat owner, Jow Mei Lee from the Pan-Bakwus Party, the government decided to hold an election to find a replacement. After the people of Mitake Port cast their vote on August 5, 1419, for the first time in Greiya's history, the leading opposition party won the seat of the country's capital. Suresh Pravin from the National Democratic Organization won the seats by a landslide of 96%, defeating his opponent from the Pan-Bakwus Party, Ahmad Hafizi. At first, the government wasn't really minded by this, as they thought having one seat different would not harm their reputation. However, things started to change when Mitake Port was heavily developed, with many buildings rising and new policies being implemented by Suresh. Not only that, Mitake Port also came out on top of the list as the happiest city in Esferos. Even though this was a good thing for the country, many people thanked Suresh for his hard work in developing the cities. Suresh, who was born in Mitake Port, is hoping for the day he can see his beloved city recognized by people worldwide. This, however, worries the government, as they have started to lose support from the people of Greiya. Many people thought that the opposition did a much better job than the government. This of course became a big topic when a foreign space agency took and released a satellite picture of the Mitake Port, and surely enough, it was brighter than the Kurani River, which was the biggest in population at the time. The government is being questioned by netizens online, and many news outlets have started shaming the politician regarding the situation. It will eventually reach its climax when, in the 1420 general election, the United Greiya Front, the new political party on the rise, and the National Democratic Organization almost hold a majority before being narrowly defeated by the Reiwa Nationalist Coalition, which is the ruling government at the time. Suresh Pravin once again won the Mitake Port and served the city for a few months until the government had enough. On September 6, 1421, Suresh Pravin was arrested while walking his children back from school and was falsely accused of corruption and treason. And after 3 months of trial, they were later punished and jailed for 20 years. This news shocked the world, especially the people of Mitake Port, and three days later, the government announced that letting the opposition rule the capital was very dangerous for the country's democracy and political stability. Thus, the Mitake Port capital was granted special territory status, which means that the people can no longer vote to decide their own representatives in parliament. Many political experts announced it as a "move that will kill the government" as Mitake Port currently holds the most populated city in the country. On November 4, 1421, the citizens of Mitake Port came out and held a demonstration to oppose the government decision. It was the largest demonstration ever held in the country's history, with around 4,000 participants and many political figures like Abdul Razak, Sheldon Bruce, and Mitake Ran also joining in the rally. Citizens of Mitake Port officially lose their right to vote as they were officially declared a special territory on November 11, 1421. The official ceremony was only attended by big corporate executives and government politicians after the queen, Queen Yukina, decided to join the people in boycotting the ceremony. This raised many questions among the Greiyans: Did the government's government not ask permission from the Queen regarding the matter? This issue further escalated when the Queen didn't want to officially open the second part of the 13th general election. Another rally gathered on February 2, 1421, but this time in front of Bara no Kyuden (the local name for the Palace of Rose), which has been the humble residence of the Minato family for generations. This time, however, is to demand that Queen Yukina take matters into her own hands. On March 3, 1422, the Queen made a sudden announcement to everyone in the country. After her abdication in 1418, this is the first time she'll be talking to the citizens regarding the current national situation. This is very rarely done before, as everything is managed by the government, just like the "Constitutional Monarchy" system would've worked. The announcement is a sudden dissolution of the government, effective immediately. During the speech, Queen Yukina revealed everything, which included the higher-ups of the Reiwa Nationalist Coalition secretly planned on to fully abolish the power of the monarcy, money laundering, corruption, and so on, and her father is being forced by the military to just follow the flow in exchange for his family lives. After her father's death in 1418, she also had to follow all the orders given. The current crisis eventually became the last straw for the Queen to finally brave herself and reveal to the whole nation what actually happened behind the scenes. The next day, the villain who plotted the whole scheme was revealed. The whole board of the Greiya Action Party, the leading party of the government, and many higher-ups from the military were immediately arrested by the Royal Guards and were later put on trial for treason, corruption, and many others. The former prime minister, Geral Howard, immediately announced on the same day that the Pan-Bakwus Party would be leaving the coalition and that he'd be stepping down as president of that party. All of the key parties of the coalition also announced their departure until, on May 10, 1422, the Reiwa Nationalist Coalition was dissolved. It has been two months since the country didn't have a prime minister, and it was decided that Gerald Howard would be in charge until the next election. Now that the government is gone, the whole country will be in the hands of the Queen for a few days, and one of the many rising issues she needs to take care of is the current status of Mitake Port. The people of the country capital once again came out of their houses in demand of not only their voting rights but also the release of Suresh Pravin. The queen was aware of this and decided to discuss this matter with the parliament. And just like she expected, it's useless. The opposition sides keep getting booed at, and the people from the government side were fighting among themselves because they're no longer of the same views. She instead decided to ask the opinion of her people directly, and she traveled around the country to ask for their views regarding the matter. After one month of planning, meetings, and negotiations, the Queen decided that the seats for Mitake Port, the main city, and the town around it would be divided into different seats. Mitake Port will now have 5 seats instead of 1, which includes the seats of Mitake Port, Kuala Kris, Seki Square, Nik Zaki Street, and Clay Temple Town. However, the imprisonment of Suresh Pravin will remain as the court is still investigating his cases. However, now that the ruling coalition is gone, that means that the government is ruled by non-existent political parties, not to mention that the people on the government's side are fighting among themselves. After many negotiations with the Queen, meetings with the High Election Commission of Greiya, and a nationwide survey, it was decided that the next general election would be done early in the year, which is in 1423. Queen Yukina revealed the election date to the public, which is March 14, 1423, alongside many other important dates. This is so that all the important things can be done and will not interrupt the election flow when it's happened. The United Greiya Front decided to form a coalition alongside the National Democratic Organization and the Union Labour Party. The Pan-Bakwus Party also decided to form a coalition with the Conservative Greiya Party. And later on, in the early morning of March 15, 1423, the coalition led by the United Greiya Front shocked the world after they officially won the majority alongside other parties in the coalition. Abdul Razak, the president of the party, was named as the new Prime Minister. One week later, Suresh Pravin was granted full release by the court after they were determined that there wasn't enough evidence for further investigation, plus the Queen herself decided to grant the Royal Apology. His release was celebrated by the people of Greiya, with Mitake Ran, the MP of Mitake Port, and the people of Mitake Port waiting for his arrival at his house. He immediately hugged his daughter, whom he last saw during his arrest. Suresh decided to take a hiatus from the political arena so that he could focus his time on his family, and he believed that Mitake Ran could lead the city during the country's recovery time.
  2. The new cabinet announced, 5 new portfolios added ————————————————————————————————————————————————- Mitake Port - The Prime Minister, His Excellent Honour Muhammad Abdul Razak has announced the line of cabinet for the new government through a press conference made yesterday. The line-up introduces 5 new portfolios which include the Ministry of Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Economy and the merge between Ministry of Labour and Human Resources. The Deputy Prime Minister, Her Excellent Honour Imai Lisa made history to become the first woman to become a deputy prime minister and the first woman to hold more than one portfolio in a single terms. A few of the highlights that have become a hot topic among the citizens of Greiya includes, the new Minister of Defence who is famous for his leadership as a Commander of Greiya Peacekeeping Force and the new Minister or Trade, Investment and Cost of Living who is the granddaughter of “Jirou-sensei”. Many people have a hope that His Excellent Honour Lee Suew Kiew could help bringing back the Royal Greiyan Army back to his glory. Many people however thought that Her Excellent Honour Mitake Ran looks so scary that no one gonna invest in this country. Greiya’s Today will hold a poll to observe how satisfied are the people with the new cabinet announced. Listed below is the full list of the ministers appointed :- Prime Minister : Muhammad Abdul Razak (UGF) Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Woman and Family : Imai Lisa (NDO) Minister of Finance: Sheldon Bruce (ULP) Minister of Defense : Lee Suew Kiew (UGF) Minister of Education : Trisha Selvaramy (NDO) Minister of Home Affairs : Su Ling Ying (UGF) Minister of Rural, and Regional Development : Ahmad Vermanshah (ULP) Minister of Technology and Innovation : Aimoto Karen (ULP) Minister of Plantation and Commodities : Toyama Takeru (I) Minister of Agriculture : Mohammad Amzar Mustapha (UGF) Minister of Law and Institutional Reform : Chandry Ramasamy (UGF) Minister of Transport : Harold D. Jackson (ULP) Minister of Natural Resources, Nature and Environment: Nagaratnam Anbuselvan (I) Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture : Sarah Maimunah Kasim (NDO) Minister of Digital and Communications : Sarah Lebowsky (ULP) Minister of Trade, Investment and Cost of Living : Mitake Ran (NDO) Minister of Foreign Affairs : Muhammad Hazman Shah (UGF) Minister of Youth and Sports : Lee Huang Zhang (UGF) Minister of Economy : Muhammad Yazid Mustafa (UGF) Minister of Labour and Human Resources : Chandran Muthurani (ULP) Minister of Green Energy and Energy Sustainability : Momoyo Kurata (NDO)
  3. Greiya's Blue Tsunami Mitake Port - Last Night, we at Greiya’s Today and many other media outlets gather here at the HEC Headquarters to observe the results of the election. With the first results being Wheat Hill and no doubt that Ahmad Zarif won 59% of the votes. However, starting at 12.00 a.m midnight the result, the blue waves start pouring at the screen with the United Greiya Front winning seats after seats with the president Abdul Razak, winning the Sun Tiger Island seats with the comfortable 93% vote. Lee Suew Kiew won the Kuro Cape seat with 89% vote while Chandry Ramasamy won the Old Navy City with 74% vote. The blue waves also came along with the victorious team of the National Democratic Organisation and Union Labour Party as they too won a lot of those in this election. Imai Lisa, the president of NDO, won the Kurani River seat with 85% votes, defeating the former prime minister, Geral Howard, 15 years reign on the city. NDO also marked a major victory at the Mitake Port as we saw the most heated battle yet as Mitake Ran won the seat with 78% votes. The Union Labour Party marked its first victory with Abdul Halim, winning the Mat Kayu Hill seat with 67% votes, and starting from there, the Union Labour Party started to get victory after victory with the highest number, 71% votes, won by Sheldon Bruce in the New Littleton run. The Pan-Bakwus Party, started to see their downfall as they lost of 40 seats to 98 seats last year. They did, however, win a significant majority in the Minato Streets with an 89% vote win over Tatsumori Kijimoto. Other than that, the PBP marked their first major loss since 1403. Meanwhile, the Conservative Gray Party were able to make their debut in the parliament with them winning their first seat in Shino City with 59% votes. Socialist Greiya Movement won the Nirvana Town seats with 51% votes, thus making their debut in the parliament. This year also marks the most independent candidate win as we saw 5 independent candidates win their run. The highlight of the show highlights Shinomori Tatsuya winning the Kawi Island seats with 67% votes and Sakuramachi Nanami as she won the Bandar Dayang seat with 56% votes. The last seats to be registered on the HEC are the Ichigaya Islands seats at 2.49 am with Hikari Kibashima from United Greiya Front winning the seats with 89% votes, thus closing the 13th Greiya General Election. With that, the coalition of United Greiya Front, National Democratic Party and Union Labour won this year's election by winning 57% of the seats. The press conference regarding the nation's leader will be held tonight and the full list of the new ministers will be released in a few days. Author - Wan D
  4. The new era start tomorrow! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— After a long political crisis, Greiya is up for the general election tomorrow. A huge clash between the United Greiya Front (UGF) and the Pan-Bakwus Party (PBP) will be marked in history as probably the biggest fight the country has yet to be seen. For the past weeks, the National Democratic Organisation (NDO) and Labour Union Party (LUP) have stated their support for the United Greiya Front and their interest in forming the government. The president of NDO, Imai Lisa, stated that “If you want to win the nation's heart, then you have to fine the correct man to do so.” Meanwhile, the spokesperson of LUP, Sheldon Bruce, also released a statement regarding that party support on the government lead by Abdul Razak. On the other hand, the Socialist Greiya Movement (GS) and the Conservative Greiya Party (PCOG) both voiced their support for the Pan-Bakwus Party. Lee Yang Tin, the secretary of GS, expressed the party's support for the government lead by Ahmad Zarif. Unexpectedly, PCOG decided to join the PBP coalition as they think that UGF have betrayed them in the previous election. A few of the focused seats for tomorrow's election are surely the race for the capital city, Mitake Port, which will be a 3-sided battle between Lee Yang Tin (GS), Ahmad Uzayr (Independent) and Mitake Ran (NDO). The seats for the Kurani River will be contested by Imai Lisa (NDO) and Geral Howard (PBP). Not only that, the attention is also focusing on Sun Tiger Island, which will see a battle between Abdul Razak (UGF) and Hiromu Minami (PCOG). Lastly, there is the fight for seats in Wheat Hill between Ahmad Zarif (PBP) and Kumaran Ramasamy (UGF). The High Election Commission of Greiya (HEC) has released a notice to everyone to cast their vote for their desirable parties. Xu Weng Ni, the spokesperson of HEC targets stated that HEC targets for an increase of 30% increase in the population going out and casting their vote. This is due to the decrease in the number of people who voted for the previous election. Author - Wan D We in Greiya’s Today will keep you updated with the results of the 13th Greiya General Election! So stay tuned!
  5. Who’s in for the Head of Government? ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Mitake Port: Last week, Minato Yukina, the Queen of Greiya, announced the dissolution of the 12th Parliament of Greiya. The race for the new head of state is now on with what seems to be a fight between two leading national parties. After the sudden dissolution of the Reiwa Nationalist Coalition a few months ago, the leading party, the Pan-Bakwus Party, is back. Their president, Ahmad Zarif, will contest for the Wheat Hill parliamentary seat. According to him, “The coalition is gone, and that’s a shame, but that doesn’t mean that our fight has ended. We wanted Greiya to give us a second chance to lead the country." On the other side, a newly formed United Greiya Front sent out a strong message that they’re not going to let the Prime Minister title fall into another hand. The United Greiya Front has achieved a lot; they even won 10 seats last year, which is the first year they were formed. Their president, Abdul Razak, stated, “Greiya is a land for all people, and to do that, unity needs to be achieved. What makes a strong country is the sense of unity among all the citizens, no matter what their race is.” Abdul Razak will be contesting for his hometown parliamentary seat, Sun Tiger Island. According to expert political analyst Major E.E.C. Subraningham, many Greiyans thought that what the country needs right now the most is to make a path for a better understanding between people. “We’ve been on independence for such a long time now, but even we can misunderstand what other people really wanted. There wasn’t any unity among the people, so does UGF have a high ground.” However, he added that many people don’t need any change as the current country's situation is fine. The 1423 Greiya General Elections will have the most seats ever contested in history, as 10 new seats were added, thus making it 150 seats in the house. The parliamentary seat of Mitake Port will be contested by Lee Yang Tin, Ahmad Uzayr, and Mitake Ran, who’s the only granddaughter of the Greiya founder, Mitake Jiro. The most heated is probably the parliamentary seat of the Kurani River, which will be contested by the President of the National Democratic Organisation, Imai Lisa, and the former Prime Minister of Greiya, Geral Howard. Author - Wan D
  6. Welcome to Greiya’s Today! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Main sources and loved by everyone, Greiya's Today! will bring you the latest and amazing news from the land of Greiya. We’ll provide you with the latest political sensations, national or international achievements, current event and more! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Glory to Greiya!
  7. I didn’t celebrate halloween but if there’s a costume thing going on around my area than I usually go buy from the store (we didn’t have halloween shop in here so we just buy from an online store).
  8. Hi my name is Wan D, the current king and founder of Greiya. We’re a small port nation…… yeah I think that’s it. Nothing too special. In real life I’m history nerds, space nerds, and a weeb all at the same time. Btw if any of you guys here watch Tokusatsu then consider me as your bro lol
  9. Resident nation: Greiya Discord name: Wan D#6925 Map nation name: Greiya A couple sentences about your nation: Nation heavily involved in trading and become the main gate for traders to the continent. Eco-friendly nation, military is fine and economy is doing well. The people is nice and friendly. We welcome everyone to our nation (sort of) Map request as an image or plot number: A17 and A5. If it’s not possible to choose 2 of then just A17 3-Letter Code: GRI 2-Letter Code: GY Capital City: Mitake Port Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy The population of my nation is: Below average The population density of my nation is: Average The GDP per capita of my nation is: Above average Government Spending - Which statement best describes your nation? My nation provides moderate social programs, or a small selection of social programs. X My nation has an extensive social safety net, or provides multiple programs like universal healthcare, welfare, and free tuition for its citizens My nation does not provide social programs beyond bare necessities and/or high school educations. My nation does not prioritize social spending, but engages in some large-scale government or public spending projects. My nation’s government spending is a vast majority of our GDP, such as having to coordinate our import-dependent economy. (this option is subject to Cartography Board approval) Military Indicator - Which statement best describes your nation? X My nation has made a commitment to security, and maintains a moderately sized modern armed forces within our means. My nation has little incentive or political drive for military spending, but maintains a small-to-moderate modern armed forces. My nation has prioritized military spending at the expense of other key areas and may have been criticized for lack of freedom or human rights issues. My nation does not prioritize military spending due to other priorities, the belief we are safe, or we don’t have enough money left over to fund it. My nation is heavily embattled and we believe we face an existential threat. (this option is subject to Cartography Board approval) Any other inspirations or concepts you want to share: You know Monaco, Singapore or Hong Kong. Yeah we’re like them
  10. I, Greiya, swear that I have, to the best of my knowledge, been completely truthful in applying for citizenship in The West Pacific and that I have no other NationStates identity that has not been made known in this application. I swear my allegiance to The West Pacific and its citizens, and I swear not to engage in hostilities against The West Pacific or to violate The Manners of Governance, or any laws made pursuant to it.
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