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Found 7 results

  1. Akachi the Unfaithful Part 1 The birth of Akachi The city of Afihadume ruled over the surrounding hills, which bore the same name. In this city stood a large statue standing seventy cubits, who acted as the god of the people of the city. Made of polished onyx stone and beset with precious gems, its head was that of an ox, and its body was that of a mighty man in a seated position with its legs crossed. A 14-cubit obelisk inlaid with gold was located between the statue's legs, which the women offered flowers to daily. At daybreak, the sun would rise between the horns on top of its head, and the people would worship the statue for bringing forth the day, and at sunset, a chosen maiden would sleep beneath the obelisk all through the night to entice the god to return the day. The name of this god was Fames, ruler of the sun and sky, and the people swore by Fames; when they went to war, they fought and died in the name of Fames; and when two youths joined in marriage, they were blessed by Fames. There were thirteen other gods that could be found in the night sky in the appropriate season; they also served the people of the city, but Fames was above them all. And a law was passed that every house was to have an idol of Fames before they would be allowed to place any other god, idol, or shrine in their house, and if one broke this law, the entire household would be locked within, and the house would be set ablaze. One of the Priests of Fames was a man named Yobanna who had six sons: the oldest was Mazzi, born of Amara, a princess from the north; the second was Yelani, born to Edele, the daughter of a merchant; the third was Akachi, born to Nkiru, a captive harlot who served Yobanna for a year before being sold; the fourth and fifth were Diyi and Izuchukwu, the brothers of Mazzi, all sharing the same mother; and the youngest was Akumjyeli, the brother of Yelani. Yobanna also had three daughters, the oldest being Chidi, the sister of Yelani and Akumjyeli, born of Edele, and twin girls named Chinaza and Chineze, sisters to Mazzi, Diyi, and Izuchukwu, born of Amara. All the children of Yobanna were educated by the priest to know the seasons and the stars, history, and herbalism. Whenever one of his children showed interest in something, Yobanna would seek out a teacher for his children to learn from. All of them but Akachi. On the night of Akachi's birth, stars fell from heaven, terrifying the people. One such star fell and struck the head of Fame, destroying it and causing the head to crush the obelisk. When the star struck the head, it broke in two, one piece destroying a portion of the king's house and the other landing harmlessly on the door step of Yobanna; at that exact moment, the child crowned and broke free of his mother. Fearing the people would attach meaning to this, Yobanna quickly hid the piece under his home. Upon entering the house and looking upon his son with great joy, he named him Akachi, meaning "the hand of God." He then beckoned the mother and child to leave for a safe place as flames began to spread across the city. The next morning, after the fires had been put out, the King of the city, Uwaezuoke, called all his advisors, all the wise men of the city, and all the priests together. Uwaezuoke was a mighty warrior, undefeated in battle. He and his army conquered the hills of Afihadume and all the land surrounding it, making his name known far and wide. As the men gathered into the remains of the king's home, Uwaezuoke spoke to them, saying, "It is no small thing that has befallen us. If we have angered the gods, one of you must know, and if it is a sign to warn, you would also know this. Tell me of this thing so that we may deal with it accordingly." After this, one of the wise men stepped forward and said, "My king, you are wise in knowing it to be a sign, for we all saw the heavens move in the night before. I tell you this is a sign of destructive change to come to us in the future." The Wiseman continues, "Your home being struck means an end to your rule, and the heads of Fames being destroyed marks an end to our city; we must find the cause and root it out. This will appease Fames and the other gods of heaven so that they may spare your rule and our city." At the very end of the wise man's speech, the king's advisor, Ndidi, saw Yobanna standing in the back of the room and spoke up, "My king, is it known that the star broke in two? One piece struck your home, but where did the other go?" Ndidi points toward Yobanna and says, "I tell you, my king, I saw the other piece land harmlessly at the door of Yobanna and seen him hide it under his house." At these words, the king became furious, standing up and calling Yobanna forward. "Is this true, Yobanna? Did you hide this from us?" Yobanna knew this could be the end of his house if he misspoke, so he chose his word carefully: "My king, it is true I hide the piece that befell onto my house; I wished to keep it, for in the moment I believed it to be of worth, but this was done without knowing of the god's intentions, for I knew nothing of the wise man's insight." At this, Ndidi interjected, "A son was born to Yobanna last night. As soon as the piece stopped at his door, I heard the cry of the child come forth; maybe it is not Yobanna who has grieved the gods, but his son." At this, all the men agreed, Yobanna was innocent; devote just as them, and advised the king to judge the child instead to spare the city. Surprisingly, the piece did land at Yobanna's door. So they began to make wild stories about the child not being a child of man but an evil servant of the gods who had to escape the judgment of Fames and heaven. The king, after hearing their stories, looked at Yobanna with kindness and said, "Bring me the child that I may judge him, for I am wise and will know if he is guilty, or if we have mistaken in our insights, do this, and I will gift to you the piece that fell onto my house." With these words, Yobanna knew the king would kill the child, but held it within himself and left to retrieve his son, for it was better that his son die than for his entire household to be locked in and put to flame. As Yobanna walked, waxing heavily in grief to the place Nkiru went with his son, he saw a servant girl bathing with her child close by, sleeping in a basket. The child was a boy no more than a few days old, and surely the king would not know the difference. Without thought, Yobanna stole the child and quietly escaped, making sure to take his time to get back to the king, as he wanted them to believe he walked the whole distance to the place his child was. Upon entering the room, the king's guards seized Yobanna, and the king took the child. As the king uncovered the young child to look at him, at this moment the baby cried forth, and for a moment the king kneeled on the ground near the fire pit, staring at it. "Guilty!" he exclaimed as he took the child by the foot and dashed it onto the ground until it was dead. At this, Yobanna wept, as he knew the child was innocent, and as a fact, he was guilty. The king rose up and tossed the body into the pit before sitting upon his throne. "I know you grieve the child, but he was not a man-child, but an evil bringing destruction to us. You have other sons. Take the piece that fell upon my house and be calm, for your house is now safe from judgment." Ndidi handed the piece to Yobanna, saying, "Take it and leave, or your sorrow may anger the king." With these words, Yobanna left again to the place where his son was still hidden. When Yobanna arrived, he picked up his son with great fear and mourning. He then told Nkiru the mother all that happened, called his kinsmen Ozioma, and told him of the matter, for though he was Yobanna's kinsmen, he was not raised in the city and cared not of Fames nor the king. Yobanna gave Ozioma silver and gold, and against the wishes of Nkiru, she also gave Akachi the child, to be taken far from the hills of Afihadume, so that he would be safe from the king. Ozioma's wife Mayowa had given birth months before to a daughter; she was her first and could feed the child. At this, Nkiru wept as her son would not know her. The morning of the next day, Ozioma and his wife escaped the city with just a donkey packed with some grain and food to hide the gold and silver, and the two young children before morning light. Nkiru, over time, became embittered with Yobanna, no longer wishing to be his concubine, and was sold to return as a harlot shortly after. She never spoke of what Yobanna had done, for she feared the king greatly and believed he would seek after her son. She also held out hope that one day her son would return, and so she kept the secret within herself. Nkiru never had any more children. This story is heavily inspired by canon and non-canon biblical stories.
  2. This Page is intended to outline in summary or detail all aspects of the nation of Nalibia. With time I hope to include facts, histories, mythology, holidays, culture, cuisine, religion, etcetera. I hope you enjoy the read, and feel free to DM ideas for collaborating histories (sounds like a horrible idea, but I hope it can work lol). Thank you. (Names of Cities and Provinces are still TBD)
  3. Author Note This one is just a quick story I've made up early in the morning but I really want to write something that can properly explain the political crisis that were happening before the 14th General Election. If some of you guys realised some of the grammar mistake than I'm sorry because I'm kinda high at the time (I'm not doing something illegal btw). Sorry if this one is not as fancy as the other forum post, like a bunch of pictures, flag, map and all. This is just a quick one and I'm focusing on school stuff. Long Live Greiya! Mitake Port Crisis After the death of the seat owner, Jow Mei Lee from the Pan-Bukwas Party, the government decided to hold an election to find a replacement. After the people of Mitake Port cast their vote on August 5, 1419, for the first time in Greiya's history, the leading opposition party won the seat of the country's capital. Suresh Pravin from the National Democratic Organization won the seats by a landslide of 96%, defeating his opponent from the Pan-Bukwas Party, Ahmad Hafizi. At first, the government wasn't really minded by this, as they thought having one seat different would not harm their reputation. However, things started to change when Mitake Port was heavily developed, with many buildings rising and new policies being implemented by Suresh. Not only that, Mitake Port also came out on top of the list as the happiest city in Esferos. Even though this was a good thing for the country, many people thanked Suresh for his hard work in developing the cities. Suresh, who was born in Mitake Port, is hoping for the day he can see his beloved city recognized by people worldwide. This, however, worries the government, as they have started to lose support from the people of Greiya. Many people thought that the opposition did a much better job than the government. This of course became a big topic when a foreign space agency took and released a satellite picture of the Mitake Port, and surely enough, it was brighter than the Kurani River, which was the biggest in population at the time. The government is being questioned by netizens online, and many news outlets have started shaming the politician regarding the situation. It will eventually reach its climax when, in the 1420 general election, the United Greiya Front, the new political party on the rise, and the National Democratic Organization almost hold a majority before being narrowly defeated by the Reiwa Nationalist Coalition, which is the ruling government at the time. Suresh Pravin once again won the Mitake Port and served the city for a few months until the government had enough. On September 6, 1421, Suresh Pravin was arrested while walking his children back from school and was falsely accused of corruption and treason. And after 3 months of trial, they were later punished and jailed for 20 years. This news shocked the world, especially the people of Mitake Port, and three days later, the government announced that letting the opposition rule the capital was very dangerous for the country's democracy and political stability. Thus, the Mitake Port capital was granted special territory status, which means that the people can no longer vote to decide their own representatives in parliament. Many political experts announced it as a "move that will kill the government" as Mitake Port currently holds the most populated city in the country. On November 4, 1421, the citizens of Mitake Port came out and held a demonstration to oppose the government decision. It was the largest demonstration ever held in the country's history, with around 4,000 participants and many political figures like Abdul Razak, Sheldon Bruce, and Mitake Ran also joining in the rally. Citizens of Mitake Port officially lose their right to vote as they were officially declared a special territory on November 11, 1421. The official ceremony was only attended by big corporate executives and government politicians after the queen, Queen Yukina, decided to join the people in boycotting the ceremony. This raised many questions among the Greiyans: Did the government's government not ask permission from the Queen regarding the matter? This issue further escalated when the Queen didn't want to officially open the second part of the 13th general election. Another rally gathered on February 2, 1421, but this time in front of Bara no Kyuden (the local name for the Palace of Rose), which has been the humble residence of the Minato family for generations. This time, however, is to demand that Queen Yukina take matters into her own hands. On March 3, 1422, the Queen made a sudden announcement to everyone in the country. After her abdication in 1418, this is the first time she'll be talking to the citizens regarding the current national situation. This is very rarely done before, as everything is managed by the government, just like the "Constitutional Monarchy" system would've worked. The announcement is a sudden dissolution of the government, effective immediately. During the speech, Queen Yukina revealed everything, which included the higher-ups of the Reiwa Nationalist Coalition secretly planned on to fully abolish the power of the monarcy, money laundering, corruption, and so on, and her father is being forced by the military to just follow the flow in exchange for his family lives. After her father's death in 1418, she also had to follow all the orders given. The current crisis eventually became the last straw for the Queen to finally brave herself and reveal to the whole nation what actually happened behind the scenes. The next day, the villain who plotted the whole scheme was revealed. The whole board of the Greiya Action Party, the leading party of the government, and many higher-ups from the military were immediately arrested by the Royal Guards and were later put on trial for treason, corruption, and many others. The former prime minister, Geral Howard, immediately announced on the same day that the Pan-Bukwas Party would be leaving the coalition and that he'd be stepping down as president of that party. All of the key parties of the coalition also announced their departure until, on May 10, 1422, the Reiwa Nationalist Coalition was dissolved. It has been two months since the country didn't have a prime minister, and it was decided that Gerald Howard would be in charge until the next election. Now that the government is gone, the whole country will be in the hands of the Queen for a few days, and one of the many rising issues she needs to take care of is the current status of Mitake Port. The people of the country capital once again came out of their houses in demand of not only their voting rights but also the release of Suresh Pravin. The queen was aware of this and decided to discuss this matter with the parliament. And just like she expected, it's useless. The opposition sides keep getting booed at, and the people from the government side were fighting among themselves because they're no longer on the same page. She instead decided to ask the opinion of her people directly, and she traveled around the country to ask for their views regarding the matter. After one month of planning, meetings, and negotiations, the Queen decided that the seats for Mitake Port, the main city, and the town around it would be divided into different seats. Mitake Port will now have 5 seats instead of 1, which includes the seats of Mitake Port, Kuala Kris, Seki Square, Nik Zaki Street, and Clay Temple Town. However, the imprisonment of Suresh Pravin will remain as the court is still investigating his cases. However, now that the ruling coalition is gone, that means that the government is ruled by non-existent political parties, not to mention that the people on the government's side are fighting among themselves. After many negotiations with the Queen, meetings with the High Election Commission of Greiya, and a nationwide survey, it was decided that the next general election would be done earlier than usual, which is in 1423. Queen Yukina revealed the election date to the public, which is March 14, 1423, alongside many other important dates. This is so that all the important things can be done and will not interrupt the election flow when it's happened. The United Greiya Front decided to form a coalition alongside the National Democratic Organization and the Union Labour Party. The Pan-Bukwas Party also decided to form a coalition with the Conservative Greiya Party. And later on, in the early morning of March 15, 1423, the coalition led by the United Greiya Front shocked the world after they officially won the majority alongside other parties in the coalition. Abdul Razak, the president of the party, was named as the new Prime Minister. One week later, Suresh Pravin was granted full release by the court after they were determined that there wasn't enough evidence for further investigation, plus the Queen herself decided to grant the Royal Apology. His release was celebrated by the people of Greiya, with Mitake Ran, the MP of Mitake Port, and the people of Mitake Port waiting for his arrival at his house. He immediately hugged his daughter, whom he last saw during his arrest. Suresh decided to take a hiatus from the political arena so that he could focus his time on his family, and he believed that Mitake Ran could lead the city during the country's recovery time.
  4. The Tsardom of Hertfordshire and Jammbo/Hertfordia - Herts101 Hertfordshire and Jammbo is a mid-sized nation in South-East Andolia. The Tsardom borders the Great Pacific Ocean to the south and east, has no borders to the north and west. Disregarding bordering nations, Hertfordshire and Jammbo is to the south of Overthinkers (OT), directly to the east of Larxia, south-east of Nagaraningrad and is north-east of New Velka. It holds one of Andolia's largest lake groups within its borders. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ The Verkhovna Anglia was the Parliament of the nation. It usually held 700 seats, but could fluctuate between 698-702 depending on how the STV went in the elections, which occur every 4 years. Political parties are not a concept in Hertfordshire and Jammbo, and it was voted in 1422 for it to remain that way. In 1423, the nation became a Tsardom and the Verkhovna Anglia was abolished. The nation is currently an elective absolute monarchy. The Government (As of 1423): Tsar: Mecislavs Deben I ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Anthem: ??? ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Codes: HEJ, HF, .hj Calling Code: +3 80 Time Zone: IAT+0, IAT+1 ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Capitals: Great Parndon, Hoddesdon, Maidenhall Denonym (Noun): Hertfordian Denonym (Adjective): Jammbonian Denonym (Plural): Hertfordians/Jammbonians Government: Confederal Elective Absolute Monarchy Monarch: Tsar Mečislavs I of House Deben ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Continent: Andolia Area: 129,181mi^2 (334,577km^2) Population: 3,203,688 Density: 24.8 people/mi^2 (9.6 people/km^2) ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ GDP: Δ100,129,024,637 ($122,108,566,630) GDP/Capita: Δ31,254.30 ($38,115) Currency: Delta Pound (Δ/δ) Rate of Exchange: $1 = Δ0.82 ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Real Life Cultural Inspirations: England (Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk), Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria Languages: Anglian, Jammbonian, Hertmerian, HJ Sign Language, Common Religions: 49% Church of the Countryside, 23% Eastern Orthodox Church of Jammbo, 8% Agnostic, 7% Gensokyan Shinto, 4% Atheist, 3.5% Other, 2% Hertmerian Paganism, 1% Pirate Church, 1% Temple of the Black Sun, 1% Hall of Dreams, 0.5% Cult of Nihilism ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Military/1000 Capita: 51.5 Military (Total): 164,990 Conscription: Yes Spending (% of GDP): 2.9% Spending (Total): Δ2,903,741,714 ($3,541,148,432) ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Flag: National (Lesser) Coat of Arms: National (Greater) Coat of Arms: Anglian Royal Army: Anglian Royal Air Force: Anglian Royal Navy: Pirate Fleet of Hertfordshire and Jammbo: Royal Privateer Fleet of Hertfordshire and Jammbo:
  5. FOLLOWING the signing of a defensive pact between Lanorth and Zoran, in order to improve relations, Mehmed proposed he visited Zoran in a state visit. Zoran accepted, so Mehmed and his girlfriend, Sabriye, who had hardly ever travelled abroad due to the travel restrictions of the military dictatorship, had left Constantinople for the Adanvdo International Airport in Zoradia. The plane, a red and white decorated with the Lanorthan flag and the words "The Sultanate of Lanorth" on each side, had left several hours ago now. It was closer to Zoran now than it was to Lanorth. It was travelling at around five-hundred miles-per-hour. Mehmed, inside was wearing his usual black uniform with his black Bork hat. Though, his hat was on the table in-front of him, as he sat down in a chair with a window view. In-front of him, was Sabriye, dressed in a pretty, blue dress with a tiarra in her neat hair. Mehmed sat on a sofa and so did Sabriye, however, they were small versions of sofas and were facing each-other. "I presume we are nearly there, Sabriye." Said Mehmed, looking at his watch. "I hope so." She said. "Never have liked the idea of an aircraft. A metal box flying in the air." "It's perfectly safe here. You are fine." Said Mehmed, smiling at her. Mehmed placed his hand over her own. Mehmed became slightly agitated, as she was not looking at him. "Look at me, Sabriye." Mehmed said. Sabriye turned her head. "You'll be fine." Said Mehmed reassuringly. "God, I hope so." Said Sabriye. "So." Said Mehmed, sitting back. "Looking forward to this?" He asked. "Yeah." Said Sabriye, looking at Mehmed as he took out a cigarette. Mehmed lit it with his lighter, inhaling and then exhaling. "Well, I know for sure that I am." Said Mehmed. He then turned his head, gesturing for his servant. His servant approached him and bowed. "Yes, my Sultan?" Mehmed handed him his personalised cigarette case. "I would like some more cigarettes in there, please." Said Mehmed. "Of course, my Sultan." Said the servant. He bowed, once again before walking off with them, going to find Mehmed's other cigarettes. Mehmed looked out of the window on his left. He realised the clouds were getting nearer and nearer. As his servant came back with his case and handed it to him, Mehmed inquired about the plane. "Are we coming into land?" Mehmed asked, gesturing to the window. "I believe so, Sultan. I would say, five to ten minutes, maybe and we should be there." "Fantastic." Said Mehmed. "Thank you." He gestured to the servant, who bowed once more, before walking away. Sabriye remained unusually quiet, looking out of the window. "What are you staring at?" Asked Mehmed. "Look out of the window." Said Sabriye. Mehmed turned his head and looked out of the window. "Oh my God." Said Mehmed, in admiration. He had a clear view over the platypus island and the city upon it, as well as parts of the ocean surrounding it. It was beautiful. "That is what I was staring at, Mehmed." Said Sabriye. "Don't blame you." Said Mehmed, clearing his throat, before standing up. Sabriye did the same. Sabriye walked around the table and stood in-front of Mehmed, before hugging him, resting her head on his chest. "We have to be ready." Said Mehmed, hugging her for a few seconds, before stepping back, lifting his hat from the table, before placing it on his head. Mehmed took one last puff from his cigarette, before stubbing it out. He then turned, as he felt the aircraft touch down in the airport. As the aircraft came to a perfect stop, Mehmed gestured to Sabriye, who stepped forward. Mehmed put out his hand and Sabriye took it. They waited. The aircraft doors opened and a series of steps extended out. A man in military uniform stepped out to complete some final touches to the steps, before he gestured to six men in ceremonial military uniform. They stepped out, walking in synchronisation. Mehmed watched as they filed out of the aircraft doors and walked formally down the steps, standing on either side of the red carpet in threes. A few men in black formal clothing, members of the secret service, filed out, before Mehmed and Sabriye stepped forward. They stopped as they reached a small landing which led to the steps. Mehmed waved as they paused. Mehmed smiled, taking in the view. Mehmed looked down at the steps as he and Sabriye moved towards them.
  6. Home | Visitors | Legislation | Territories | State Media Overview Military Culture History Education Commerce Government The Imperial Autocracy of Akai Bara [image goes here] [Brief introduction to nation; Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla consequat eros dui, consequat pulvinar quam tempus maximus. Donec rhoncus ex ut facilisis egestas. Phasellus vitae sollicitudin massa. Nullam lorem metus, eleifend non metus cursus, aliquam vestibulum tortor. Duis pharetra faucibus felis non sagittis. Donec laoreet convallis magna, sit amet vehicula tellus viverra sed. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla consequat eros dui, consequat pulvinar quam tempus maximus. Donec rhoncus ex ut facilisis egestas. Phasellus vitae sollicitudin massa. Nullam lorem metus, eleifend non metus cursus, aliquam vestibulum tortor. Duis pharetra faucibus felis non sagittis.] Overview [Overview of the nation] Military [general information about the nation's military] Culture [information about the nations culture, traditions, and customs] History [information pertaining the nations history] Education [information regarding the nations education system] Commerce [shops, brands, tourist attractions, etc.] Government [information regarding the government structure and the people who help run it.]
  7. Asraelia A nation of tea in a region of Coffee The Asraelian Nation Flag Asraelia is a small nation with rich culture, and diversity. Asraelia can be described as one big community, even the biggest cities still have a small town feel to them where everyone knows everyone, and everyone is friendlyand greets each other on the street. The Cities of Asraelia are styled to represent the people that live in it. Asraela is a melting pot of all its cultures, the cities are build around public areas, that are filled with small restaurants, cafes and bars, and every weekend these areas are filled with live music and dancing. Asraelia has a very retro feel to it, as the people have a retro taste Country, Swing and Sokkie are the dances of the hourand Rhythmy Blues and Old time Rock en Roll can be heard all through the night. Too Be Continued
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