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    Giovanniland got a reaction from Fuentana in o Canada!   
    Our home and native land
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    Giovanniland got a reaction from HyFy in 100% crab-free!   
    Yay! Crab-free is the way to go!
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    Giovanniland got a reaction from novasamita in If you're reading this, know that you just read this.   
    Hmm... I can't say anything other than that I did indeed read it.
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    Giovanniland reacted to Mia in It's Dilber 's fault I didn't win Spam Points!   
    Darn tooting it is!
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    Giovanniland reacted to Westwind in Help, help, I'm trapped in a forum spam game and I can't get out   
    It is when you're an admin. Just post, and lock the thread.  
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