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  1. Aye, Wrek! Welcome to The West Pacific! (secretly known to only TWPers and the rest of the entire NationStates world as The Best Pacific! ) You may have good ol' Osiris, but TWP is where the party's at and where the bar never closes! Either way, pull up a chair, welcome!
  2. Welcome to The West Pacific, otherwise known as The Best Pacific! Please, do join as we steal ahem I mean, share some of Darkesia's chocolate.
  3. In order to have successfully completed the immediate change of your display name you shall first need to start of by navigating to the top right portion of your screen where you see both your current display name and user profile icon. What you will need to do is click that, and then follow the dropdown menu it presents to you, selecting "Account Settings" under the "Settings" sub-header. After having selected that option, look towards the right of your display to a place that should have the heading of "Other Settings". Looking directly under that it'll be the second option titled "Edit Profile". From that, just edit your display name, typing in your preferred name as "Nordic Arbor". Confirm it, and there you go, you're set! EDIT: Or not?! Apparently that'll only allow you to change your member title.... :/ My bad.
  4. Hey there stranger! What did you say your name was again? Rigel?! Hm, that does indeed sound familiar Oh, and The Kingdom Of Great Britain?! Yeah, I know that place decently well. Does my face ring any bells? I feel as though we may have met... (In all seriousness: Welcome to The West Pacific! ) o/ West Pacific is best Pacific!
  5. Why of course! Anyway that I am able to help in any capacity I will indeed! If you're specifically looking for someone to do RPGs then I may not prove to be that person. Should you wish me as an adviser then I'm sure I'll be pleased to advise you. Didn't you say you needed more decision making opinions? Yeah, that can be me.
  6. 1. How capable are you of understanding other people?: Well, I do spend all day talking to people both in RL and here on NS so I would say I am pretty good at it. 2. Is your understanding of sci-fi and/or modern technology fairly sufficient?: Technology! My precious! 3. If you don't know how something works, are you capable of looking it up on Wikipedia and sorta getting a decent idea of what it is?: If I do not understand how something works than yes I am capable of looking it up on Wikipedia. I am a very quick learner, so I will understand almost instantly. 4. Do you have a Discord? Can you go get one? Will it be on most of the time you are home?: I do indeed have a Discord account @Arthur K. Vasentius#9813, and yes, it is most always on. (Like, to the point where if you DM I shall respond in a matter of seconds) 5. Do you understand Paper and Pen games or RPGs, the community depends on us to make them work and run them or run the people who run them: *Goes to get his "MAGIC: The Gathering" cards* The what now? Yeah..I'm not going to lie but this isn't going to be my cup of tea... 6. Are you at funny or at least angry in a pouting and slightly cute way? If not, can you swear in a way that sounds cool?: How cute is a big, ebil ebil raider dude with an eyepatch on his avatar?! Uhm...you tell me? Yes, I can take a joke. 7. Are you prepared to always improve and help someone who is very triggered, to improve as well, even if they never make any sense or talk endlessly?: Yes, I deal with these people constantly. People in general are creatures who love to feel offended. 8. Did you feel endlessly annoyed by this application or was it mildly funny?: Eh, it was entertaining enough I suppose
  7. NationStates Nation Name: The Constitutional Monarchy Of Saint Draig Discord User Name: Arthur K. Vasentius#9813 Your Local Timezone: The Central Time Zone (United States C.D.T) Regions You Have Active Nations In: Around seven Any Diplomatic Experience: I have extensive experience in the realm of foreign affairs after having served in many positions throughout the past three years of my NationStates existence. Most recently, I have just finished my second consecutive term as The Secretary Of State For The Foreign And Commonwealth Office in The Kingdom Of Great Britain. Though I have also been seen in diplomatic settings in places such as Wintercrest, Rikuchar, Grand Central, my role in CAIN, and as an Assistant Minister in Europeia. If one were to look at my citizenship application post you can see a lot of my previous experience in detail, but basically I know exactly what I'm doing out there.
  8. If you are looking for a quote unquote "warm body bounce ideas off of and help me make decisions" then I am sure that I could be that person should you like me to be. I have a ton of creative ideas and I enjoy letting my imagination run wild when given an assignment that requires a bit of thought. Need some decisions made?! I'm there! Full disclosure, I have never been one to be seen in RolePlay activities or forum festivals, as I mainly deal with the gameplay side of NationStates (being skilled in both foreign affairs and military affairs respectively). But I mean, I would love to get brainstorming with you and help The West Pacific grow and improve any possible way I am able to do so. So if you're still looking around for someone then please do consider speaking with me. I understand that I may be very new to TWP, but that's never stopped me in the past Who knows, maybe it'll even be good for me to branch out and try something new in an environment in which I am still under your direction and serve at your pleasure. But yeah, I'm up!
  9. I, for one, believe that this is an absolutely phenomenal idea! As specified in our current welcome telegram (Which may be subject to change soon?! *Hint hint*) we have newcomers being directed to Badger and Davelands. I think that if we were to establish said "Board Of Questions" newbies and returning players alike would be quickly integrated into the NationStates world in a much more efficient fashion. As I write this message it actually just triggered one of my first memories of being on NationStates in my very early days on the site. I would highly doubt that he remembers me, or even knows who I am and was for that matter, but I just thought back to my second or third day playing when I was telegramming Guardian Mediobogdum with newbie-ish questions and concerns. Sure, it was probably annoying, him being labeled as the grumpy old sage and all, but I learned from what he said to me and I found it helpful. If it was able to help me some three years ago then I'm sure there are many newcomers it could also help and make an impact upon. I shall strongly advocate for the creation of said booth, and I would be more than happy to serve on it when and if the time comes. This s a wonderful suggestion, great work Fujai and Lamb!
  10. I must say, I am rather impressed with this draft for a new welcome telegram! I have always seen welcome telegrams as an excellent way to provide newcomers with all the information and tools they will require in order to be successful in said region. That being said, I enjoy the style and approach when using spoilers in order to organize and categorize information. I myself am one of those players that always looks at other regions' world factbook entities and envision how I believe I could improve upon them if given the chance. It can often times prove to be a difficult and stressful time for newcomers when they first enter a new region for the first time, especially one as large as The West Pacific. What I would do is give them a short brief, just a few sentences on what each topic currently mentioned on the draft is all about. Give them a few things to think about before they decide if The West Pacific Armed Forces is the right place for them, maybe educate them more about the full values of having a say on TWP's government through the Hall Of Nations. I think the whole "DON'T PANIC" thing is a nice touch, and it certainly makes the greeting feel a bit more real and lively. It's rather interesting to me that you would bring this up, but I have an appreciation for your desire to improve upon the current aspects of our region. I think what we have here is a great start, and maybe with a few small revisions and more suggestions made by other individuals we can end up molding this into a true masterpiece!
  11. Nation in The West Pacific: The Constitutional Monarchy Of Saint Draig World Assembly (WA) Nation: The Constitutional Monarchy Of Saint DraigPlease list any other names or aliases you use in NationStates: Arthur K. Vasentius, Arthur, Arty, Ahdeekay, AKV, ADK, ADKV, AK-47, Artillery, and Peaches (Currently, The Kingdom Of Great Britain) Lord Arthur K. Vasentius (Formerly, The Eternal Knights) Comrade Arthur (Currently, Wintercrest) British Reserves (Formerly, The Organization For Regional Cooperation And Advancement "O.R.C.A") Northeast Scotland (Formerly, Grand Central) New Imperial Switzerland (Formerly, The Chaos Brigade) Please list regions or organizations with which you are currently affiliated as a resident, citizen, or member: The Kingdom Of Great Britain (K.G.B) - The Secretary Of State For The Foreign And Commonwealth Office (Formerly, Two-Time), The Secretary Of State For The Home Office (Formerly), The Director-General Of His Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service (Formerly), The Principal Private Secretary To His Imperial Britannic Highness The Prince Of Wales, The Right Honourable Speaker Of The House Of Commons (Formerly), The Right Honourable Deputy Speaker Of The House Of Commons (Formerly), The Honourable Member Of Parliament Representing Northern England (Formerly), The Honourable Member Of Parliament Representing Southern England (Formerly, Two-Time), The Leader Of The Royal Traditionalist Party Of The Kingdom Of Great Britain, The Leader Of The Conservative Party Of The Kingdom Of Great Britain (Formerly), The Leader Of His Majesty's Loyal Opposition In The House Of Commons (Currently, Formerly), Member Of The Regional Offsite Forums Administrative Team (Formerly), Member Of The Regional Discord Server Administrative Team (Formerly), Member Of The Curia Regis/The Privy Council (Formerly), Member Of The Great British Bar Association, Chancellor Of The Order Of Saint Michael And Saint George, Knight Of The Order Of Saint Michael And Saint George, Secretary Of The Order Of Saint Patrick, The Field Trainer And Intelligence Officer Of The Life Guard; Headquarters, His Majesty's Royal Marine Corps, Member Of The General Staff (Formerly), Brigadier General (Formerly), Lieutenant (Formerly), Gunnery Sergeant (Currently), Honoured Citizen, Recipient Of The Best Newcomer Award (2016), Imperial Citizen The Republic Of Europeia - Assistant Minister Of Foreign Affairs, Assistant Minister Of World Assembly Affairs, Senator's Aide, Member Of The Coalition For Responsible Politics, Citizen The Britannian Kingdom - The Commandant General/Supreme Commander Of His Majesty's Imperial Grenadier Guards, The Founder Of The Royal Traditionalist Party (Britannian-Wing), Citizen The Roman Empire - Legionary, Citizen, Ambassador Rikuchar - The Root Administrative Account Holder, Legislative Coordinator, Foreign Relations Coordinator, Government, Default Citizen Wintercrest - Turetsk Leader, Citizen Arda en' Estel - Citizen Please list regions or organizations with which you have in the past been affiliated as a resident, citizen, or member: Grand Central - The Grand Chairman (Two-Time), Grand Councilor (Two-Time), Regent Of Military Affairs (Three-Time), The Attorney General (Two-Time), Regarded Elder, Citizen The Eternal Knights - Lord, Knight Commander, Member Of The Eternal Command, League Of The Dragon, League Of The Centaur, League Of The Wolf, League Of The Lion, League Of The Falcon HYDRA Command - Intelligence/Infiltration Specialist, Enlisted The Chaos Brigade - Founder, The Field Marshal, Member Of The High Chaotic Command The Organization For Regional Cooperation And Advancement (O.R.C.A) - The Prime Minister, The Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, Military Affairs Minister, Defense Personnel The Edge Union - The Vice-Delegate, Guardian, Designated Representative, Citizen Would you like to join (check all that you wish to join)...[X] The West Pacific Armed Forces[X] Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Corp[ ] The West Pacifican Newspaper Staff[X] Ministry of Recruitment and Citizenry Staff [ ] Ministry of Internal Affairs StaffPlease swear the following oath of citizenship:I, Arthur Draig Kirkland Vasentius, swear that I have, to the best of my knowledge, been completely truthful in applying for citizenship in The West Pacific and that I have no other NationStates identity that has not been made known in this application. I swear my allegiance to The West Pacific and its citizens, and I swear not to engage in hostilities against The West Pacific or to violate The Manners of Governance, the constitution of The West Pacific, or any laws made pursuant to that constitution.
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