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  1. Aye, Wrek! Welcome to The West Pacific! (secretly known to only TWPers and the rest of the entire NationStates world as The Best Pacific! ) You may have good ol' Osiris, but TWP is where the party's at and where the bar never closes! Either way, pull up a chair, welcome!
  2. Welcome to The West Pacific, otherwise known as The Best Pacific! Please, do join as we steal ahem I mean, share some of Darkesia's chocolate.
  3. In order to have successfully completed the immediate change of your display name you shall first need to start of by navigating to the top right portion of your screen where you see both your current display name and user profile icon. What you will need to do is click that, and then follow the dropdown menu it presents to you, selecting "Account Settings" under the "Settings" sub-header. After having selected that option, look towards the right of your display to a place that should have the heading of "Other Settings". Looking directly under that it'll be the second option titled "Edit Profile". From that, just edit your display name, typing in your preferred name as "Nordic Arbor". Confirm it, and there you go, you're set! EDIT: Or not?! Apparently that'll only allow you to change your member title.... :/ My bad.
  4. Hey there stranger! What did you say your name was again? Rigel?! Hm, that does indeed sound familiar Oh, and The Kingdom Of Great Britain?! Yeah, I know that place decently well. Does my face ring any bells? I feel as though we may have met... (In all seriousness: Welcome to The West Pacific! ) o/ West Pacific is best Pacific!
  5. NationStates Nation Name: The Constitutional Monarchy Of Saint Draig Discord User Name: Arthur K. Vasentius#9813 Your Local Timezone: The Central Time Zone (United States C.D.T) Regions You Have Active Nations In: Around seven Any Diplomatic Experience: I have extensive experience in the realm of foreign affairs after having served in many positions throughout the past three years of my NationStates existence. Most recently, I have just finished my second consecutive term as The Secretary Of State For The Foreign And Commonwealth Office in The Kingdom Of Great Britain. Though I have also been seen in diplomatic settings in places such as Wintercrest, Rikuchar, Grand Central, my role in CAIN, and as an Assistant Minister in Europeia. If one were to look at my citizenship application post you can see a lot of my previous experience in detail, but basically I know exactly what I'm doing out there.
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