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  1. How about a beach on a mountain lake?
  2. We are arrogant enough to think that we have even a small idea about how the universe works. I suspect that we know less than %0.00001 of the answers. Heck, we had to create the concept of Dark Matter just to make our math work right. I'm going with the KISS method. There was an explosion that moved everything out. Gravity will eventually pull everything back together, even if that spot is past where we are right now (which is why we think the universe is expanding forever).
  3. Hi there! My stalker is back. Would you be so kind as to block their IP addresses? Thanks!
  4. I'm sorry @Darkesia but the best I can do for you right now is this eternally spinning jar of glitter.
  5. Congrats on an excellent run as Delegate Halo! If I had one regret it was not making you my direct successor. Bran, well... we've had our differences, but I've watched you grow and learn under Halo. I think you will be an excellent Delegate and will continue to make The West Pacific even better!
  6. I have avoided publicly commenting on these changes because I wanted to let the process play itself out organically. However... I understand Halo's reasons for trying a theme and I'm willing to give it a chance. As Westwind has shown, themes and ways of doing things can change over time. The Ele/Badger/Davelands/Neenee era of TWP was theme-less, maybe Halo will begin a themed era. Or not. If it doesn't work out it can easily be changed or removed. I agree that it is 100% Halo's decision. He could wake up tomorrow and declare that we are now "TWP In Space" ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmI77ZBeJrQ ) and go forward with that theme. But it's a better thing that he is asking for all this input. Maybe, like Dark said, we are close to something really good. Maybe some flexibility is in order by all sides. But, one thing that I am against is the decision to add the Peers based on the whim of the Delegate. This is exactly the type of thing we created the Hall of Nations for. Honestly, if the Delegate proposed a change like this and it was debated and voted on by the Hall, there is almost no chance of it failing, so why not let them do it? It's been almost a year since the Hall did anything of substance besides run elections. If you wanted to spur activity then that would be a great way to start. And I agree with Badger that Westwind's graphics were an amazing look back into the past.
  7. My TWP nation has been switched from Davelands to Dewilands.
  8. I'm guessing that Altino's Military masking is a holdover from when she was running TWPAF. I would assume that there is no need to keep it any more given that she is the Pharaoh of Osiris.
  9. YEA!!! It works now! Clicked on Unread Content and it popped into the list! (of course the irony of this is that I no longer have to monitor the Citizenship Forum) So, where should I send the check?
  10. I'll give you a dollar if you can figure out and fix why Home / The West Pacific Government / Citizenship doesn't show up when you click on Unread Content.
  11. We have 3 new spam games in the Clubhouse.

  12. 54 minutes ago: The Next Nazi Germany was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by The Holy Principality of Saint Mark. 55 minutes ago: Union memetica was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by The Holy Principality of Saint Mark. 7 hours ago: ASDASDSADSADSAPCLKKMPNFAD was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by Mediobogdum. 1 day 7 hours ago: Marxist Furries was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by Davelands. 2 days ago: Skedong was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by Mediobogdum. 2 days 6 hours ago: Qpqpqpqpqpqlqpqpqp was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by Mediobogdum. 2 days 19 hours ago: Afddd was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by Mediobogdum. 2 days 19 hours ago: Dfgdfgdfc was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by Mediobogdum. 3 days ago: Maniggers was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by Mediobogdum. 4 days ago: Nazi Yulin Empire was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by Neenee. 4 days ago: F You You Get No Nation was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by Neenee. 6 days ago: DJ Lil Tay was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by Davelands. 6 days ago: Meme-astan was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by The Holy Principality of Saint Mark. 6 days ago: Ballistikov was ejected and banned from The West Pacific by Overthinkers. This is the complete banjection list from the past week. All were banned for name/data infractions as you can easily see. I think that we have done a really good job in stopping the reflexive banjections for minor RMB infractions that was prevalent when I joined. In fact, I was almost banjected after a couple of months on the RMB because someone felt that I was speaking out of turn. You are right in that the general attitude to noobs asking the basic questions is usually "Here, read it". To be honest, it is easier than saying two paragraphs of boilerplate 5 times a day. But I recognize that some people don't want to read so I made a smaller version of the RMB Rules and added it to the WFE. It should be easier to look at and read. https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1084143
  13. There are a lot of ideas in here so I'm going to try to go through them carefully. TWP has evolved the current Mertiocracy system over years and it has resulted in a very stable region where effort is rewarded. There are plenty of other regions that run on a Parliamentary Democracy and quite frankly the system promotes corruption, and popularity over rewarded effort. Citizens have this right already and even though the people doing the ejecting sit on the jury (along with the Delegate and Speaker of the Hall), the only time an appeal was filed the person was allowed back into the region (and then promptly left on their own accord). Seems to work as is, but I can see the case for a Judicial group (with oversight by the Delegate of course). If they are doing their job correctly you will never hear about it. Already being done and I am all for more voices for this. That's a great idea. Perhaps a contest, although again, the flag is a old tradition so it would have to be in the same basic style. I love this idea too! I played around with this when I was Delegate (and used a Dispatch/Report template when I was MoFA). Bran did a lot of work on it too, but that stuff is mostly lost now. Your layout is nice. I admit that I am very weak when it comes to Role Play. It's just not my wheelhouse. If you want to redo the map, I'm 100% behind you. Just let me know what help you need. Same for the Darkipedia. It's a nice clean format and may be an excellent resource for people. When I became a Guardian under Elegarth there were over 20 banjections every DAY. After Badger took over it went down and it went down even more under my leadership. At the moment we banject less than 20 in a WEEK and most of them are for name/motto/data infractions. The rest are either obvious trolls or people who are given at least 2 or 3 chances to follow the rules. It's not too much to expect people to at least skim over the rules to a game they are playing. The RMB Etiquette dispatch is one screen in length with lots of white space. The WFE has a size limit to it. The one that is up now is literally as large as it is allowed (as in I had to remove some spaces and codes just to make it fit). I think we do a much better job than in the old days of explaining and linking to the rules and giving people chances. I will hunt you down and fight you if you try to do that. Comic Sans is a happy accident that works wonderfully as an off-beat fun font. In fact, if you go to the Regional Forum of Karma you will see that I wrote a spirited defense of Comic Sans as part of my entry into that region.
  14. If it's possible (or needed) I should be sub-masked as Minister of Internal Affairs.
  15. 1. Become a citizen. It's easy and it is a place to start. 2. Reach out to Halo (Saint Mark) on the RMB or Discord. He is in charge of Recruitement and Citizenry and will help you. 3. Think about what interests you. Being a diplomat (Foreign Affairs), creating events (Internal Affairs), writing (Newspaper), raiding and the military (TWPAF), the WA and laws (World Assembly Affairs), or something else that we can help you nurture. 4. Be social on here, the RMB, and Discord. You never know who you might meet who will be able to help you figure out what you want to do.
  16. Discussion thread Repeal: “Crime And Punishment” A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation. Category: Repeal Resolution: GA#375 Proposed by: United Massachusetts General Assembly Resolution #375 “Crime and Punishment” (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. The General Assembly, Lauding the various mandates within "Crime and Punishment" which seek to curb the inhumanities and cruelties associated with the provision of capital punishment in certain, more sinister nations, Concerned, however, by Clause 1 of the target resolution, which effectively prevents a substantive ban on capital punishment across World Assembly member-states, Convinced that such a ban would be desirable for the following reasons: the finality of the death penalty prevents the state from correcting any errors made in the legal and conviction processes, thereby inevitably condemning to death certain innocent individuals, a great many individuals facing the death penalty are unable to afford their own attorneys, and are often forced to rely on overburdened public defense mechanisms, any long legal process associated with the death penalty is bound to extend the pain and frustrations of crime victims, rather than provide the closure they need and desire, the predominantly retributive model of justice employed by the death penalty has failed to deter crime in any provable way, permitting the death penalty represents a rejection of the notion that life has intrinsic worth merely by virtue of its existence, Noting that such a ban has already been drafted and will be proposed in short order following the passage of this repeal, Seeking, therefore, to empower this Assembly once again to ban the morally problematic, unmerciful, and outdated practice of capital punishment, does hereby repeal General Assembly Resolution #375, "Crime and Punishment."
  17. I know I'm not Delegate any more, but could I get access to the Cathedral of the Guardians? (or does someone have something to tell me)
  18. Thanks! We have what will probably be the last 2 citizens of my Delegacy. Please mask Rep. of Wenceworth and Groovy2012 as citizens.
  19. No problem. You might want to mask Neenee as Delegate while you're at it.
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