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    As the sun rises in a cloudless sky over The West Pacific, slumber ends for most of its residents. This is the day they celebrate the Enthronement of The Second Dragon-Emperor! Preparations that began as soon as Bran Astor was named Heir Apparent come to fruition today. No school or work! Real life is suspended! Everyone who isn’t part of the ceremony will dress in their finest and hurry to claim a prime vantage point for witnessing this historic event. One resident greets the sunrise wide-awake. In a meditation chamber off the throne room, guarded by Sir Fujai, Xia of The Benevolent Order of The Three Perfections, and Dilber, a Guardian and close aide, Bran Astor, Delegate of The West Pacific, has been praying and fasting since the previous dawn, eager to gain The Mandate of Heaven. While The People’s Mandate had, through their endorsements, secured his power as regional Delegate several days prior, and even though he is more comfortable with a casual approach to governing, The Second Dragon-Emperor is happy to play his part in this ritual in order to affirm his allegiance to the principles and traditions of The West Pacific. His most fervent wish is that his Delegacy will serve and honor his people. He has risen to this region’s Delegacy and is now ready to ascend to The Dragon Throne. The Commander of The West Pacific Armed Forces, Kawaii Schoolgirl, Countess of Junshan, reviews her troops stationed in formation outside the palace of Zijin Cheng, The Forbidden City. Soldiers know that emperors blessed with The Mandate of Heaven are assured victory. They sense greatness in the one who will soon be enthroned, and stand a little taller. Inside the ornate gold and red Hall of The Dragon-Emperor, the throne room of the immense palace, priests and acolytes have been at work polishing and lighting incense. All must be perfect. The hour is near. Stately melodies on the erhu, pipa, dizi and suona intermingle with the rustle of the silks of the expectant crowd, and the Past Delegates and Peers process to the palace. Many of these dignitaries, such as Mediobogdum and Big Bad Badger, Royal Dukes of The West Pacific, Darkesia, Duchess of Hainan, and Yy4u, Xia of The Benevolent Order of The Three Perfections, have already assisted the new Delegate in his transition. Others, like Neenee, Royal Princess of The West Pacific, Elegarth, Royal Duke of The west Pacific, Davelands, Wickedly Evil People, All Good People, Bhang Bhang Duc and BIteland, have helped to build the region into the powerful cultural and educational center it is. In a region that venerates its elders, the sight of all these luminaries right before them almost causes several in the crowd to swoon. The procession halts at the carved great doors to the throne room. Bran Astor has arrived and waits with facing the rising sun, attended by Dalimbar, Earl of Zhifu, Arkadia Universalis, Earl of Ping, and Overthinkers, Baron of Lantau. As the hymns reach a crescendo, Saint Mark, Emeritus Emperor of The West Pacific, Chancellor of The Hall of Peers, and Celestial Sage, nods and smiles to his new Dragon-Emperor, and opens the doors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiXgOQ9_-RI The angelic voices of The Imperial Choir of The West Pacific wash over the assembled from the balcony above. Bran Astor is the first to enter, followed by Saint Mark and the others in order of precedence. The ancient hall fills to capacity. When all is ready, The Dragon-Emperor ascends to his rightful place on the throne as the choir’s last triumphant stanzas ring out. In the silence that follows, the Emperor Emeritus unfurls a scroll and calls out the Imperial titles: His Imperial Majesty, Bran Astor, Dragon Emperor of The West Pacific, Delegate, Son of Heaven, Builder of Worlds, Supreme Squatcher, and Duke of Hebao Confident, the newly enthroned Dragon-Emperor then rises to read his ascension edict: http://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/topic/3402-honors-of-the-west-pacific/ At the conclusion, a joyful cry erupts from those present, the epicenter of a thunderous wave of celebration that spreads across The West Pacific. Through the night and into the morning, there are parades and parties, fetes and fireworks. A new Delegate sits on The Dragon Throne. The West Pacific is assured of continued peace and prosperity.
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    Hello from Kurabis!

    Hi everyone! My nation is named Kurabis. I have as of time posting this 648 million people. My capital is Parducze, national animal is blackbird and currency is Kurabisian crown. I am not very active in the region RMB since joining this region , but I will probably start to be more active there.
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    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    The good news is it's done. The bad news is it's been done since March. >.< I'm going to need Jameson to get me through the masking clean up here.
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    Bran Astor

    Honors of the West Pacific

    Honors Of The West Pacific Granted by His Imperial Majesty BRAN ASTOR Dragon Emperor of The West Pacific on the twenty-sixth day of November in the year two-thousand and nineteen. In recognition of those who came before in honorable service to the Sovereign West. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First, it is with the greatest pride that I grant SAINT MARK the titles of Emperor Emeritus of the West Pacific For his dedicated service as our last Delegate, Chancellor of The Hall of Peers So that he may continue to serve the region with his wise counsel, and Celestial Sage As one who appointed the current Delegate. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next, I grant NEENEE, the title of Royal Princess of The West Pacific As one who appointed the previous Delegate. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finally, I grant BIG BAD BADGER, ELEGARTH, and MEDIOBOGDUM the title of Grand Duke of the West As those who provided examples of leadership for those who followed, and For upholding the inviolable bonds of friendship forged with our treaty allies.
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    Hello from Kurabis!

    Welcome to The West Pacific! It's good to see you here. I look forward to seeing more of you on the RMB as well.
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    Happy birthday Sensor! Not to mention in the meantime it was @Reçueçn and @Aelitia's birthdays as well!
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