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All Theme Contest entries and comments regarding them should be posted in this thread.

Rules and Details ...



The new Theme for The West Pacific will be Imperial China!

We now enter the next phase … implementation. 
First, start designing! 

We are inviting all the residents of The West Pacific to enter a Theme Element Contest.
All entries should seek to meld the familiar, laidback TWP vibe with the theme of Imperial China. Also, keep in mind that people will actually want to be able to pronounce any names.
Each entry must include three regional flags, three TWPAF flags, titles of peerage, military ranks and some sort of honorific, commendation or award. In addition to these required elements, participants may also include anything else they think might be a cool element (history, holidays, WFE design, etc.). 
All entries will be displayed in the Forum so our residents can view them and make comments.
You may enter as an individual or a team and all submissions are due (posted in the appropriate thread) by the end of the day on February 3rd and will be judged by the Cabinet on February 4th. Winners will be announced the next day.

Not every element from the winner will necessarily be used in the final implementation, and other elements from applicants that did not win or from the administration may also be used.

Good luck and start designing!



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I thought I was going to get around to creating a full theme entry, but at this point that's not going to happen. Instead, I'll just post what I do have now.

I've attached three flags, all of which use lots of google images I pasted in: 1 for TWPAF and 2 for TWP. The TWPAF flag is alright I thought. (I think there's some untapped potential in putting a space in TWP AF like so.) The TWP flag with the dragon on the sun is pretty shoddy and I think I stole someone's idea even maybe? I forget. I wasn't going to post it if I'd had a complete theme submission, but here you are. The other, with the red stripe, I think looks pretty nice, with the blue meant to represent the pacific ocean and the red meant to represent our tradition (in both aesthetic and meritocracy). But I realize that this flag is a big departure from our look now.

I also thought that maybe April 19 could be our regional holiday, "TWP Day," to celebrate when Max Barry first created the region that is now our home (according to Unibot's best guess in the NS history thread here).


TWP flag.png

TWP flag 2.png

TWPAF flag.png

Edit: spoilered the flags

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The Celestial Empire of The West Pacific


A couple minutes late, but here's the most of it.



I didn't separate out flags for TWP/TWPAF because they can be used for either or.


TWP Dragon 1.png


TWP Dragon 2.png


TWP Dragon 3.png




TWP Shades.png


TWP Side 1.png


TWP Side 2.png






Emblem (Small).png


Emblem (Custom).png






Artboard 12.png


Artboard 13.png


Artboard 14.png


Artboard 15.png


Artboard 16.png



WFE and Dispatch Style:

Here is the Proposed WFE; I've tested it and made sure it fits. The exact wording is hinged on a complete overhaul of our regional dispatches. Most of the ones we use are written by half a dozen different people and can be difficult to find. There's no cohesive look and half of them aren't properly updated. It would fall to the Ministry of Education to create a nation to write TWP dispatches, keep a master dispatch, dispatch index, and all the dispatches a functioning region needs. Please see my earlier post for designs. I didn't have enough time to make new templates, but it would be the same or similar to those ones with the new emblem.




I propose renaming "The West Pacifican" to "The Western Dragon," and revamping it with a new theme.







Government Structure:

Here is the more practical area of changes. The government would be reworked to be similar to the system of Three Departments and Six Ministries used many times in the history of Imperial China. The Delegate would be renamed the Emperor, and would keep executive authority, and the Three Departments would report to them. The Imperial Court would act as the peerage system, with no powers and assorted titles based on merit. The Hall of Nations would be renamed the Secretariat, headed by the Grand Secretary. The Guardians would be renamed the Chancellors, together making up the Chancellery and tentatively headed by a Grand Chancellor. The Ministries would be grouped under the Department of State Affairs, headed by the Grand Minister.

The current ministries would be consolidated into four:

  • Ministry of Interior - Ministries of Internal Affairs and World Assembly Affairs
  • Ministry of Education - Ministries of Education and Recruitment and Citizenry
  • Ministry of Diplomacy - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of War - Ministry of Military Affairs (TWPAF renamed the Imperial Navy or something similar)

This consolidation would help streamline the government and make it easier to organize. Each Ministry's activity would continue as usual, just under a different name.



PS: There's probably a big image of the emblem at the end of this post. I didn't put it there and I can't get it off no matter how many times I delete it, so here we are.


Edited by Fujai
really weird formatting issues

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I am pleased to announce @Fujai as the winner of The West Pacific Theme Contest!
All the entries, those posted in the official channel and those posted elsewhere, were terrific.
Congratulations on your beautiful and thoughtful work!
We will be using elements from several of them to create our new environment. 
This will be done over the next few weeks and has begun with our new regional flag!

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