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  1. I have only recently started to be involved in TWP so I'm not sure I feel as strongly toward the current theme as some, but I don't think there would be harm in exploring new themes using the ideas active and contributing members have come up with. I also kind of feel the theme TWP has now is very reminiscent of previous cabinets and region personalities that have long since changed their roles in this region. I think TWP has changed a lot since such members and think it'd be healthy for our theme to adapt and reflect that, showing newer members that they can be involved with the shaping and changing of this region instead of looking on it and feeling a bit disconnected from the culture of those previous cabinets. In the past I have worked alongside The West quite a bit and looked in on TWP as other regions have and I do admit I associate the theme with certain members and kind of freeze framed TWP like that. I'm not sure if other regions or players did that as well but only after joining have I seen how much it has changed since then. I think that is a little alarming and a changed theme might help others on the outside looking in see how much it's changed up in here. I do recognize some people not being thrilled about it, but what if there were a trial period for a theme? After the trial period we could reevaluate to see how everyone likes it overall and determine from there if it's a bust or not.
  2. Glad you decided to pop on over! You're just in time for our Christmas events ^_^
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