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After looking at the lists of all of the people who've voted so far in both votes, I've gathered that:

1. A majority of the people who voted for Japan in the first vote didn't vote in the runoff,

2. The people who voted for Japan in the first vote who did vote in the runoff all voted for China,

3. Almost everyone who voted in the runoff stayed with their original choices (except for the Japan voters, because Japan isn't in the runoff,)

4. A large number of people who voted for Russia in the first vote have not voted in the runoff yet,

5. A majority of people who voted for China in the first vote have already voted in the runoff so far,

6. And most new voters in the runoff (those who didn't vote in the first vote) voted for Russia.

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1. I am ill so try to cut me some slack in the rudeness arena.

2. Are we talking about a flag change for the in-game WFE?  If so, that happens all the time.  What's the big deal?

3. Are we talking about an off site sub forum RP government and another level in the discord channel?  Ok.  More work involved, but not the end of the world.  

4.  Any other possibilities involve...  well, there are no other peacefull possibilities.  

Why is this such a big deal? Choose a theme.  Use it.  If it sucks, toss it.  If it's great, use it until it's not great. Then toss it. The squabbling is harshing the cold med mellow.  Stahp!

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