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  1. Eli

    NS reminisces

    Sixguns, that's right. Vortex was awesome no doubt. Time is definitely a luxury
  2. Eli

    NS reminisces

    so then after I was consul, lictor, etc at the Merit I created some clones for the North Pacific shenanigans with Great Bight all that mess. One was Soviet Urinals, one was Wickedly evil people, amongst many others; after the successful thing with taking out the TNP people I moved Wep to TWP at Dilber's invitation and endorsed everyone in sight. Though I must say I was inactive on the s8 forum, had too much going on trying to defend the Merit from the Libertarian mess, those guys were fairly annoying, not for being flaming Ayn Randers (though think about that for a minute, how boring) but for being so damned convinced they're right. Anyone that into their kool aid has to be wrong. so hanging around in TWP I ended up, some how, having the second most endorsements. As Westy always said no one can click as fast as Eli, I had some pretty good software helping, courtesy of dilber and our good friends in The Pacific . Then the craziness that was Minineenee leaving the delegacy ensued and I woke up Delegate one day with no plan, what a culture shock was about to ensue. lol *waves at old friends* more another day
  3. Dec 3 2002 I had just got to work, same office I'm in now just three different owners since then. Browsing National Review, Jonah Goldberg's column said check out nationstates.net, I'm still here. That morning as I was getting out of the car, Eli's Coming; Three Dog Night version was playing, so I'm humming Eli's Coming. My first nation was born that day, Eli was and is a libertarian leaning plain spoken type... I had to have been born in the Pacific, since it was the only GCR at the time, I think this actually pre-dated the Rejected Realms *scratches head* Soon I went to the Capitalist Alliance, founded by New Caithness who is still around today as El-Cid, and started building alliances between my nation and others in that UCR. I ran for Delegate, in game only, and got elected. Not too long after this I woke up in some other region, I don't believe there were founders yet, and discovered to my chagrin/pleasure that I'd been ejected from the Capitalist Alliance by some sordid scoundrels going by the name of the Atlantic Alliance. <insert boos and hisses here> It seems that they had discovered they could take over regions with a bit of organization and a bull rush to the endorsement button of their favorite take over figurehead. It was a result that had never crossed my mind. I did a bit of looking around and found out that there were some in the Meritocracy that would help us recover our region. Some treaty organization that Free4All was in, so we in the CA joined it. This eventually resulted in us overtaking the AA's figurehead (or they got bored and went elsewhere) and in Eli becoming interested in the Meritocracy. https://www.nationstates.net/page=news/2003/12/12/index.html. *I'll add to this later this will become a very postzilla type deal before long*
  4. I'm going to vent. It's stupid to think that banning AR 15s could have prevented the recent school shooting. It's stupid to not ban AR 15s, no one can make a coherent argument for a private citizen to own one. But remember it's just symbolism, there are 300,000,000 guns in the USA. It's ridiculous that the FBI didn't do something about the shooter. I bet they get 10k of those warnings a month, humans-mistakes are pretty common. I've never owned a gun legally myself, 35 years ago I illegally owned an Uzi machine pistol with a fully automatic trigger mechanism. I lived in Illinois at the time so they were illegal there. I traded it for a 10 speed bicycle, once I sawed a limb off a sapling with a magazine I couldn't figure out why I'd want to do that again. Very little if any property crime in my area, everyone owns a gun (except me). You walk in someone's back yard without a compelling reason you're putting your personal safety at risk. More likely from their dog, I doubt Mr and Mrs Average could hit a Suburban with their Glock 17 from further than 10-15 feet. Ricochets on the other hand could be a problem. There is a reason the AT+T guy and the Charter guy where those neon vests and it isn't traffic. It's to make sure Mr/Mrs Suburbia don't light them up. Cnn is a fucking joke, so is Fox. Chris Cuomo should be flayed, while tied to Shawn Hannity, being flayed at the same time. Not really but surely neither one is as stupid as the characters they portray on their nightly BS, if they are God help us all. It's too bad that outright lies and propaganda is peddled as news, Reality TV for ratings rather than facts is all it is. more later, time to go pay for this mess...
  5. I can do that, you know of course I copy and pasted your proposed titles (other than the Archives)
  6. ok I'll do that, give me a bit after a few false starts I got this right I do belive.
  7. there is no bogieoone the other two are complete
  8. I don't disagree, but I have yet to find the setting. for now I've disallowed the member mask to create or vote in polls, let's see what all that breaks.
  9. I don't see where to limit polls to certain masks, perhaps I'm missing it. WInni? Westy? Dark? Ideas?
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