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  1. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I can do that, you know of course I copy and pasted your proposed titles (other than the Archives)
  2. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    ok I'll do that, give me a bit after a few false starts I got this right I do belive.
  3. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    We appreciate your help sir.
  4. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    there is no bogieoone the other two are complete
  5. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I don't disagree, but I have yet to find the setting. for now I've disallowed the member mask to create or vote in polls, let's see what all that breaks.
  6. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I don't see where to limit polls to certain masks, perhaps I'm missing it. WInni? Westy? Dark? Ideas?
  7. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    WaRlorder was already masked properly, the others have had their mask updated to fulfill your request.
  8. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    complete, left primary mask as Military for badging purposes on military members, masked all to Hall of Nations
  9. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    done, left his primary as Guardian
  10. Punk Daddy's daddy

    Yes Don I did see the trauma that unfolded with your Father's sudden passing and silently wished you and your family the best as they dealt with the emotional flood all that entails. Westy I had heard via the grapevine of old NS players that you too were enduring/living that end of life experience with your father. Like you all I have lived that lately, in 2014 with my father and 2015 with my mother, it is the emotional gamut from pride in lives well done to anguish that you never get to discuss the mundane happenings of day to day life with those that gave that wonderful gift to you. Lessons learned, love multiplied and passed on. I for one feel lucky to have been the recipient of their wisdom and affection. Life is good, life is sad sometimes, I think I'll call my daughter...