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  1. I find the concept of a thread existing solely for the purpose of maintaining Hall membership hilarious. Btw here's my post for the month
  2. I hadn't seen those, I guess I was looking in the wrong place. Regardless, I'd love to help out with the paper if there's any room for me.
  3. I was just wondering what the current state of the newspaper is, regarding activity. Is it still being worked on, or has it been shelved? I've always wanted to see a TWP newspaper succeed, and we have had some really good issues, but it seems that no iteration of it ever lasts very long. If nobody is currently working on the newspaper, I'd like to throw my hat in the ring and give it a try.
  4. I've been pumped for Ip Man 3, but I'm probably going to have to wait for the DVD release to see it in the US. Other than that Rogue One will probably be good, and I still have to see Revenent, Hail Caesar!, and Deadpool.
  5. Perhaps The Weird Pacific could do with a completely nonsensical holiday that is in no way related to anything, such as Saint Deflurgenbergtoaster Day where we honor the accomplishments of Saint Deflurgenbergtoaster. Saint Deflurgenbergtoaster is known for how he triumphantly rid his birth country of Ktildismibinijimistan of snails and cabbages by pouring tons of salt on them (we do not mention how this led to a great deal of trouble for farmers whose cabbage fields were now completely unfarmable, and the subsequent salt-shortage, and increased cost of snails and cabbages nationwide). He also invented the Two Slice Deflurgenbergtoaster Oven, or Toaster for short. He also invented the process of toasting, before him bread and bagels were either eaten cold or thoroughly burnt (it should also be mentioned that any toaster with a capacity for more than two slices of anything are works of the Devil, who is also Saint Deflurgenbergtoaster's evil twin). Seeing the famine and economic strife that his homeland suffered from (which were in no way a direct result of his own actions), Saint Deflurgenberg Toaster gave all of the profits from his Toaster back to his community, effectively ending homelessness and bringing about world peace for about 30 minutes. However, all the prophets from his Toaster led to a great deal of confusing and conflicting prophecies that the monks of Ktildisimibinijimistan are still trying to properly understand to this day. Saintdeflurgenbergtoaster tragically died in the middle of an outdoor karaoke party when he was ambushed and devoured by a pack of rabid snakes. The proper actions for observing Saint Deflurgenbergtoaster Day (April 16th), otherwise known as The Feast of Saint Deflurgenbergtoaster as it takes place on the anniversary of this one time that Saint Deflurgenbergtoaster ate an entire jar of pickles in one sitting, are as follows: - Eating toasted foods or otherwise using a two slice toaster. -Admonishing those who use/own a toaster with a capacity for greater than two slices of bread. -Pouring vast quantities of salt on things we dislike -Giving alms to the poor -Channeling the spiritual energy of toasters to create more prophecies to keep the monks of Ktildisimibinijimistan employed -The especially devout may also honor Saint Deflurgenbergtoaster by commiting ritual suicide by sacrificing themselves to snakes. This is just a rough idea though.
  6. Nationality is American, born and raised in Connecticut. On my Mother's side I'm equally 50% French and 50% German. (Grandmother was French, Grandfather was German, both were first generation immigrants). My grandfather had a pretty fun childhood, which took place primarily during the rule of the Third Reich. He was relocated by the government a bunch of times (my great grandfather was an officer in charge of making those kinds of decisions so he was normally able to work out some nice arrangements, no we weren't Nazis), once living on a farm just outside of Warsaw. He even got to experience the thrill of fleeing from the advancing Russian forces on a wagon train though Czechoslovakia when he was 17. He genuinely came from a time when men were men, women were men, and children were men. On my Father's side things are hard to get down with 100% accuracy, but it's roughly 50% English from my Grandfather from whom we can trace my family back to the first Mayflower. On my Grandmother's side I'm mostly Irish with a dash of French Canadian. She claims that my irish bits also have a bit of Spanish from when the Armada crashed (We all thought it was complete BS, but after taking one of those genealogy DNA tests it showed similarities to Spanish traits, so who knows. There was also some Turkish that came up, but we have no idea what's up with that.). She also claims that the French Canadian bits also have a bit of Native Canadian, but we can't prove it.
  7. Favorite board game is Diplomacy. It's like Risk but without any reliance on dice rolls, solely inter-player diplomacy. The game gets really intense because of that, I've had people walk out multiple times after being double crossed.One guy actually refuses to play any more because he got so salty the last time he played. Favorite card game is probably Munchkin. Don't really know how to explain it. Its a really good party game where you play as competing adventurers trying to clear a dungeon, easy enough to learn while still allowing for some pretty clever plays. As for D&D, that's easily my favorite tabletop game ever, but I can't really classify it as a board game. My weekly group has had many days where we just play with pen, paper, and dice and don't use maps/miniatures at all. I've only ever played 3.5e, 4e, and 5e (as well as a few adventures from 2e that were slightly modified for 4e and 5e). Can't say I really have a favorite, each version had something that I loved and something that I hated. Probably had the most fun with 4e though. And CAH is fun for a little while, but it's primarily a game about shock value. After a while the cards stop being funny and the game stops being fun, from my experience at least.
  8. Thanks for the help. I didn't know about the Delegate's ability to lock threads, but I guess that makes sense.
  9. Malviet started this thread: Russo then locked it "on request." Shortly afterwards Eli unlocked it, but the thread is now currently locked. Is this an error, or has the thread been locked again for some reason? If the thread is to remain locked, what is the suggested protocol for posting information relevant to the thread? I don't want to cause any trouble by duplicating a locked thread.
  10. But, mein f├╝hrer, who then will I express my fanatical devotion to?
  11. I voted against. I see nothing wrong with the original bill, and if the Alchemic Queendom really cared about sex-selective abortion she could have just written a new bill about that instead of having to completely erradicate the original because it wasn't specific enough.
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