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  1. Greetings, fellow West Pacificans. I've decided to take an extended break from NationStates. (I will make this post as short but informative as I can due to the Inverse Law of Retirement Posts.) As most of you know, I am a student (my grades are doing well this time around so far ) and that takes up a lot of my time, with homework and extracurriculars. The rest of my free time for a long time was put into NationStates. It's been an honor to serve among you all in government, in Discord conversation, and in TWPAF. There are a few reasons why I decided to leave. One and obviously the most important is my time. As goes the old saying, "RL >>>>>>>>>>> NS." Furthermore, my interest in NS has been steadily decaying for a while. It certainly doesn't help with all the toxicity that is to be expected from an online community masquerading as a political simulator (though perhaps the toxicity was always there). If you want more details, feel free to DM me (although I will not respond as quickly as I used to). I hope the TWPAF pirates will sail on to new seas! It's been a pleasure with you all.
  2. Apparently I cannot either, and as an officer, and as Kawaii posted there the other day, the unread notification is driving me crazy!
  3. I agree with the other statements, but I am really proud of the language you put into it. I think the best thing you can do with it is probably turn it into an issue, as someone who's published two issues. Go to the "Got Issues" forum and post your idea in "The Writing Block" to get the go-ahead.
  4. Noooooo! Make Legislation Funny Again! For!
  5. Most of the points here are countered by the repeal.
  6. Given that both Lazarus's and the Pacific's delegates both voted for this, I don't think they are voting based on Feux authoring it.
  7. Now that the finals are over, I will be back more often.
  8. This is at vote, and it appears as Dave has voted against.
  9. Draft 3 is out! I've added more policy achievements from Yuno, feel free to add some I've missed.
  10. Thanks! I have to admit, that was a hard part to replace. Now to address Arotania's thing about plotting, I have now added the new "CAUTIONS" clause. Hope it works!
  11. Hi guys, I'm supposed to be on LOA right now, but with school wrapping up for the year, I think I can squeeze just a tiny bit of time for this pet project. I don't foresee myself doing anything NS-related besides this, although I am excited for it. This is meant to be somewhat satirical, but I do want it submitted. Constructive criticism is much appreciated. Without further ado, here it is! P.S.: Replies in IC or OOC are fine by me.
  12. Hello. I know you’re all happy and stuff over the coming holidays, but I have some grave news to report. As you all know, it’s been a while since I joined TWP. It gave me great experiences, some of which I spent a lot of my time on. It is that which I have bad news on. It turns out all that time I spent in NS was really starting to detract from school and other stuff that was in hindsight more important than my work on NS. In fact, in hindsight, I probably spent way too much time on this post, too. Anyway, keeping it simple from now on. I hereby resign from TWPAF, DMoFA, and Deputy Speaker. I'm sorry, OT, for resigning less than 48(?) hours after I assumed my position, but c'est la vie. I do hope that my absence won’t take away much of the momentum in FA or TWPAF, and I totally understand if Bran wishes to erase my country or something since I won’t be RPing for the next few months. Hopefully, I can earn back my RP stuff. I loved working in TWPAF with you: Altino, OT, Laur, Strat, among others. I'm sorry that I have to stop raiding, but my schedule won't allow that for the time being. An ETA for my return should be probably sometime next year. Best case scenario is February-Marchish, if it comes to the worst, see you in June. Bye. And hail TWP. (Which assumes, of course, that I won’t be going back on my word and coming back early. If I do, do me a favor and tell me I have work to do. I’ll understand.)
  13. It's in queue now, expect it to be at vote this major.
  14. I wasn’t here for the show, but as a member of the Issues community, I would wholeheartedly support this.
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