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  1. Wyvern

    Hey TWP, Danlina here

    Welcome to TWP! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  2. Wyvern

    [AT VOTE]Commend Paffnia

    I have no reccomendation of how to vote on this resolution. If you do have an opinion, please do share.
  3. Wyvern

    [Passed] Commend Lyras

    My recommendation for this proposal is to vote FOR. Lyras seems to have been a stellar mentor to many players in the RP community of NS. Please, if you have a opinion, do share.
  4. In the SC we have a Repeal of "Commend Solorni". Halo has voted for this resolution and as WA minister I recommend following his example. As always this is just a recommendation, please discuss below what you feel on the topic.
  5. So! I haven't really made up my mind on this one and would really appreciate it if some of you more experienced players who may have been around through the ordeals described in this proposal would share your thoughts.
  6. Seeing as this proposal is a Repeal, and proposes a well reasoned and detailed argument, I would suggest a vote of FOR for this proposal.
  7. Wyvern

    [Passed]Condemn Macedon

    Sorry for taking so long for this but i've been taking time for some dialogue with our Delegate about this one. In the SC we have "Condemn Macedon". This condemnation is a reiteration of the the SC's first resolution but is being put forward as the first was created before there was really standards for detail in the SC. This condemnation adds detail and historical context to the condemnation. We would suggest you to vote FOR this resolution.
  8. Wyvern

    [WANTED] New Nation Greeting Squad

    I'm not on the RMB much but I'd like to help.
  9. Wyvern

    Ambassador Sign-Up Page

    NationStates Nation Name: Nrevyw Discord User Name: Wyvern Your Local Timezone: Central Regions You Have Active Nations In: TWP, TNP, TEP, TSP?, Karma, Caer Sidi, Any Diplomatic Experience: Ambassador from Karma to Exodus & Kawaii