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  1. Sending chocolate cake with best wishes, Darkesia <3

  2. Lord Ravenclaw

    Time Out

    I truly am sorry to hear that Eli. My thoughts are with you. ~Raven
  3. Lord Ravenclaw

    A tribute to those lost in 2014

    It's not so much that I'm offended on him betting when I'll retire, only that he bet such a small sum of money on it.
  4. Lord Ravenclaw

    A tribute to those lost in 2014

    Well I suppose I should be glad to see that you aren't publicly betting on when I'll retire (anymore). Like I saw in Gameplay.
  5. Lord Ravenclaw

    The New Galactic Empire

    Also - despite us having an embassy here, I realised that an appropriate embassy wasn't made on TNGE's forum. I have now corrected that. ~Raven
  6. Lord Ravenclaw

    The New Galactic Empire

    = DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS = On behalf of HIS MOST IMPERIAL MAJESTY, the Emperor Darth Radix II of the NEW GALACTIC EMPIRE, I hereby give notice of the pending nuptials due between himself and Her Imperial Highness, Aayla, Duchess of Alderaan and Vicerene of the Imperial State. At the urgings of His Imperial Majesty I extend an invitation to our valued friends, colleagues and acquaintances to join us as we celebrate with wonderful event in Imperial history. We have the immense pleasure of welcoming His Grace, the Most Reverend Richard North, Archbishop of Canterbury of the United Kingdom as the Celebrant. We are pleased to invite you to attend the Mass, which shall be held at: The Imperial Chapel Royal at 9am EST, 27th September 2014 Following the conclusion and final blessing of the Mass, we would also be honoured if you would join us at the Imperial Palace's Ballroom for a reception into Their Imperial Majesty's Good Health, Marriage and Success with members of the Imperial Government, Trusted Allies, friends and honoured dignitaries. We would ask all Guests on the date of the Mass to please sign in to the proceedings with this thread, so you can be appropriately masked. Early sign-ins are allowed to keep the workload light on the Administrators. Please RSVP to this invitation by contacting Lord Ravenclaw (Head of Foreign Affairs) before 25th September 2014. Signed, Sir Joshua Ravenclaw, Knight of the Redguard; Moff of Foreign Affairs
  7. Lord Ravenclaw

    Hail Darkesia, Delegate of TWP!

    Congratulations Dark!
  8. Lord Ravenclaw

    TWP Allies

    I think it's more likely to be in January, it'll give me time to sort everything out, hold the conferences I need to do and try and convince the Sepatarchy to pass the legislation I want it to.
  9. Lord Ravenclaw

    TWP Allies

    Quite right... over the next few weeks I'll be organising the department I've inherited, as I need to implement a few changes to policy - I'll be proposing treaties and alliances to my staff so you should be finding out more once I invite the foreign ambassadors to conference possibly in the next two weeks, or if not, in January.
  10. Lord Ravenclaw

    Embassy Request Forms

    Thank you
  11. Lord Ravenclaw

    TWP Allies

    I daresay we could probably come up with something. Strong and caring allies are a vital part of NS.
  12. Lord Ravenclaw

    TWP Allies

    Slightly disappointed that Osi isn't mentioned, but we'll understand if you don't love us anymore...
  13. Lord Ravenclaw

    Embassy Request Forms

    Lord Ravenclaw, from Osiris here. Sorry we're late, we've had a change in staff over at Foreign Affairs and I've only just become aware that my predecessor didn't pop over here when poked about it by the new Delegate (The Mad Jack took over from Lyanna after an election once she retired). So I've finally arrived - those camels are uncomfortable to ride, I was so grateful to get to the airport. Anyhow, can we have the Osiris Embassy please? Oh and yes, here's a link to the TWP section of Osi for your dedicated Ambassador: http://s13.zetaboard.../forum/3024337/ Thanks, ~LR