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  1. Saint Mark

    The Confederacy of Sentristria

    Welcome to TWP! If you would like to become involved in the region, feel free to telegram me!
  2. Saint Mark

    Greeting myself

    Welcome to TWP, Ooey! If you would like to get more involved or have questions, please feel free to tg me. :-)
  3. Saint Mark

    Hey TWP. Was I speeding?

    Welcome to TWP, Brax!
  4. Saint Mark

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Thank you, ma'am!
  5. Saint Mark

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Hi, Dark! Would you please look over this list and delete all those in red from citizenship, please? I know there are some prominent TWPers on here, but I have been telegramming and dming them too for the past few weeks. They can always reapply if they wish. Thank you!
  6. Saint Mark

    Greetings from Europe

  7. Saint Mark

    Hello there!

    Welcome to The West (Best) Pacific! If you wish to become more involved or have any questions, please feel free to telegram me. My nation is THe Holy Principality of Saint Mark and I'm Halo on Discord.
  8. Saint Mark

    Greetings TWP!

    Welcome to TWP!!!
  9. Saint Mark


    prepares a comfy seat on the trebuchet for the golden-blooded newbie
  10. Saint Mark

    [PASSED] Freedom of Religion

    I would generally support this resolution, however, I do have one question. Number 5 would seem to hinder nations whose primary focus is religion. What if they have a state religion? How would they then have a secular approach towards religious practice?
  11. Saint Mark


    One does not smack the hand of the Great Darkesia! All chocolate belongs to Dark!
  12. Saint Mark


    We're glad you're here!
  13. Saint Mark

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Please remove Tesouro, The Rainlands, Saint Brandmair, Civ Heros (Slikk), Wolnos, Petrikov, Verynopia (Trust) and Nyelant from citizenship. Thank you!
  14. Saint Mark

    [WANTED] New Nation Greeting Squad

    This was an excellent idea that I would like to restart. Any takers should tg or dm me. Thanks!!!