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  1. Saint Mark

    [STEP TWO] Citizenship Oath

    Citizenship applications will now be on hold until after the current election cycle.
  2. Saint Mark

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Dark, please add Deutschess Kaiserreich and Aynia Moreaux to the list of citizens. Thank you!
  3. Saint Mark

    [STEP TWO] Citizenship Oath

    Welcome to citizenship in TWP, the best region in NationStates, Deutschess Kaiserreich and Aynia Moreaux!
  4. I'd just dm him on Discord, Ele.
  5. Ele, we do. Wyvern is the current Editor. I'm sure he'd love the help! Thank you!
  6. Saint Mark

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Thank you! Would you also please add Zevsterland and The Monza Isles to the citizens? Thank you!
  7. Saint Mark

    [STEP TWO] Citizenship Oath

    Welcome to citizenship in TWP, the best region in NationStates Zevsterland and The Monza Isles!
  8. Saint Mark

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Hi Dark! Would you please change my title to Delegate? Thanks!
  9. Saint Mark

    New Delegate Announcement!

    Greetings to my fellow TWP citizens, our allies and friends and the regions and nations of NS. I am honored that Neenee has chosen me to succeed her as Delegate of TWP. She, Badger and Davelands have been my mentors and best friends ever since I joined. I have always had their support and am grateful for their promise of continued support in my new role. While I am excited for this opportunity to lead my native region, I am also humbled by the thought of trying to build upon the accomplishments of the legendary Delegates that have preceded me. If Neenee hadn’t been couped by rl, her tenure in TWP would have been magnificent. While not completely without experience, I know that I am an infant compared to many of my peers here. The Holy Principality of Saint Mark was “born” in TWP a mere two and a half years ago. TWP has been my primary region, my home, ever since. During this time, I have represented TWP as an ambassador to several of our allies and was the principle author of The Etiquette of The Hall of Nations while I served as the first Speaker of The Hall. I was Minister of Foreign Affairs and am currently a Guardian and Minister for Recruiting and Citizenship. Maybe because of my early focus as an ambassador, I have been a bit of a cosmopolitan. Even though this may have competed with my TWP duties at times (sorry Badger ), it allowed me to make many friends throughout NS. I serve or have served as a Priest of Osiris, an Arbiter of TEP, Pyo Sage of Karma, a regional officer of The Sasquatch Republic and Archbishop of Albion. TWP is a friendly, active, snarky GCR that believes in the supremacy of the Delegate and awards merit. Neenee is our glittery goddess, all of our chocolate belongs to Dark and a pirate shanty stirs our blood. I have always found TWP to be a good fit for me. I consider myself friendly and imaginative … my snark could use work. NS is a game and games are meant to be entertainment. It is most important then that TWP be fun! I pledge to do my best to always make it so. I also pledge to do my best to make TWP a safe place to play. There are many minors among us and it is our responsibility to protect them. Even adults, though, deserve to be treated with respect. Bullying and intolerance will never be acceptable in TWP. Toxicity is why I rarely hang out in GP (although I guess I’ll be around a lot more now … maybe I can help set a gentler tone? ). I see no point in digging up old grudges or launching the same old personal attacks. I will always try to conduct myself with civility and kindness, and will expect the same behavior from the people of TWP. Finally, it is my opinion that, as a feeder, TWP should strive to educate the new players about the world they have entered. To that end, I will also try to improve the educational opportunities in our region. I have a lot of ideas that will help us achieve these goals, but TWP isn’t just the Delegate. A very strong central government, be it an absolute delegacy or an oligarchy, can lead to stagnation. That is why it is crucial to award innovation and hard work. The region will flourish only if it enjoys the creativity, support and efforts of its residents. TWP has terrific people. I am honored to have been chosen to serve as its Delegate and look forward to working with my fellow citizens to realize our region’s full potential. Long Live Neenee! Long Live The West Pacific!
  10. Saint Mark

    Granducato Toscana

    Welcome to TWP, Loki! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.
  11. Saint Mark

    The Confederacy of Sentristria

    Welcome to TWP! If you would like to become involved in the region, feel free to telegram me!
  12. Saint Mark

    Greeting myself

    Welcome to TWP, Ooey! If you would like to get more involved or have questions, please feel free to tg me. :-)
  13. Saint Mark

    Hey TWP. Was I speeding?

    Welcome to TWP, Brax!
  14. Saint Mark

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Thank you, ma'am!