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  1. Could I have my display name changed to "Cat"? Thank youu!
  2. Just rolling around :3

  3. *bops you on the head* Don't make the cat take your tongue!
  4. Nationality: American Ethnicity: Russian/Ukrainian
  5. Hello! I'm Malvacka, but I'm also known as cat! You may call me either of them. To be honest, I am a strict zetaboards user and oh my lord is this a change. That's besides the point, I like to do a large skew of things! I like to get involved in regions, whether it involves politics, military operations, or just chit chat. I also (shockingly) do have a life outside of nation states. I personally enjoy photography, other video games (minecraft, tycoon games, kerbal space program, ect), space, drawing, writing, quadding, and fishing! It's a pleasure to meet all of you and to get involved in this region!
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